Monday, June 14, 2010

Texas Stays Put

Texas has decided not to leave the Big-XII. This should stop the bleeding and limit how much moving, realigning, and expansion happens in the following weeks. It is true that other Texas and Oklahoma schools could jump ship, but, considering the financial behemoth that the 'Horns are, I'd imagine everyone will just stay and enjoy the new money coming their way. I'd like to see TCU get a shot in the league and have them pick up on more team to get back to 12, but it seems more likely that they're staying at 10...for now. Outside of the PAC-10 picking up Utah to reach the magical 12-team mark, the damage is done. No union of 4 or 5 super-conferences to reshape the world of cfb...too bad.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Expansion Updates

The Big Ten and PAC-10 are still hovering around the Big-XII, ready to pick it clean for the sake of their own expansion. Rumors have been flying all week, hell for a month now, but we might be getting closer to what's actually getting closer to someone making a move. The cfb landscape is like Europe on the eve of WWI and all we need is a spark...

Austria (P10) and Russia (B10) claiming chunks
of the Ottoman Empire (B12).

All the expansion rumors are now swirling around the fate of the Big-XII. So, what's happened since the big PAC-10 announcement? Here are a few updates:

  • Them good ol' boy politicians in Texas might not allow the PAC-10 raid unless the conference is also willing to take, who else, but Baylor. Baylor is a thorn in the side of real Texas football, as Ann Richards forced the Big-XII to take the Bears over TCU back in '95 and now the legislature's back at it again. Guess what? Baylor's not good. And, they're going to be anytime soon. But, academically, Baylor's a great school, so that makes the pill easier to swallow.

  • So, who's getting the shaft? Colorado. That's right: the first team the PAC-10 wanted now might get cut in a deal to secure Texas. Jesus, that's fucked up. And here I thought all these history-rewriting, Neanderthal Texans hated "big guv'ment." So, now the Buffs may be looking at the MWC. That is unfortunate. While Colorado is struggling right now, you don't have to go back that far to when they were winning 8, 9, or even 10 games a year. Add int heir own academic prowess and you've got an almost perfect fit for the PAC-10. But, leave it to the Lone-Star state to fuck that up.

  • If this major expansion falls through, the Big-XII still won't be secure. They are willing to carry on without Missouri, but Nebraska is a must for good league play and a good TV contract.

  • Speaking of Nebraska, they've got 2 weeks to make clear what their intentions are. The Big-XII forced the Huskers' hand at league meetings this week. Despite all the hullabaloo about the PAC-10, this decision could be the real spark to mass expansion. The Huskers say they want out, the Big Ten swoops in, the Big-XII is crippled, and then the PAC-10 cleans up the rest.

  • Where do the remnants go? We've still got Kansas, Kansas State, and Iowa State without a home in all these scenarios. Kansas may be primed for the Big East of all places. The Cats and Cyclones however, may need to explore the MWC along with their dejected Buff brethren.

  • Of course, if Nebraska and Mizzou go, the Big-XII could live on as a ten-team league. Or, they could fish for replacements. Rumors indicate interest in Memphis, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Arkansas. Why not TCU? It's a good football program in a great academic setting. But, apparently, the big Texas schools don't want another in-state program poaching recruits.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Glory, Glory Days

Jim Beam was driving me around YouTube tonight, and we stumbled across this gem:


The 2010 Bible Dropped This Week

I bought my new Phil Steele today:

Now we can do some serious summer homework.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The PAC-10 strikes first

The Pacific Ten are primed to take half of the Big-XII in one swoop.

It looks like offers to Texas, A&M, T.Tech, OU, and OK State are in the works, possibly as early as this weekend. I guess the PAC-10 didn't want to wait for the Big 10 to make the first move...and by going first, you have the best options. Seems like we heard that before in regards to the SEC.

No one has outright confirmed the rumor, but Buffs AD, Mike Bohn, has gone on record as expecting the offer to be made soon. I wonder though, will the teams go? A&M has maintained an interest in the SEC since the '92 expansion and Oklahoma seems to lean to the southeast as well. Not to mention, will this force Delaney's hand? Could he come in with a quick counter-offer to lure the 'Horns up north?

Oh yeah, and if this happens, what happens to those poor Kansas schools and Iowa State? Both Kansas and ISU are AAU schools, so they make the academic cut for both the Big Ten and PAC-10, and the Jayhawks would be a nice b-ball pickup.