Monday, January 31, 2011

Isaiah Crowell = Jasper Sanks?

I think we all remember Jasper Sanks...though most of us wish we didn't. Fewer of us probably remember that Georgia passed up on a soon-to-be great player in order to court Sanks during the recruiting season: Jamal Lewis. Ever heard of him? Yeah, I thought so - the All-America Team, the National Title, the great NFL career, etc. Anyway, I'm going to be very honest here - and maybe even burst a few bubbles - Crowell is probably not going to sign with Georgia. Why should he?* And, once that happens, what's our backup plan? We haven't made a push for any other top-5 in-state back:
"The next best backs in the state are generally thought to be Marcus Caffey of Grady and Josh Clemons of Whitewater. Both are currently committed to Kentucky. Many have wondered if one or the other may represent a backup plan for the Dogs."
Pushing for Crowell while ignoring other guys could come back to bite us, much like eschewing Lewis for Sanks did. Said Caffey's coach at Grady, Ronnie Millen:

“As far as I know — and I’ve talked to Georgia and Mark Richt extensively — they haven’t even discussed Caffey. I think they may have talked to  Damian about him a little. But as far as I’m concerned he’s never really been on their radar...I haven’t seen Crowell play but I don’t know how anybody could be much better than my guy. It may be one of those Jasper Sanks-Jamal Lewis things.”
God, I hope not. Insult to injury.
* Reverse psychology here. I hope he sings and I think will...might...maybe...probably not. BTW, did a similar piece on why Crowell should pick UGA.

Time for the Newtons to Grow Up.

Cam Newton has scheduled a media only work out next week - well, I'm sure Cecil Newton actually scheduled it - but to what end? There are combines still to go and technically those combines are the only workouts NFL scouts can attend. It's already been cast off as a simple "publicity stunt" by some front offices across the league, as one scout put it:
"The Newtons would be best to realize they aren't in college anymore. Regardless of how good he looks for [the media], there isn't going to be a bidding war for him. We're not recruiting him. They could wind up turning more people against them than for them with this [workout]."
But, let's be serious. This kid, his jackass dad, and their overplayed shennanigans ought to attract the likes of Jerry Jones or Al Davis. Unless he blows it, struggling in the workout or failing to convince those still concerned about his NFL-readiness. Newton's folks are claiming this stunt is to try and separate Cam from the likes of Vince Young and Jamarcus Russell, but it seems more about attention and vanity. And maybe that's not fair. Hardly anyone begrudged Tim Tebow for working prior to last year's combine (however, Tebow did not go this far)...but reputation's a motherfucker and, fair or not, Cam Newton just doesn't have Tim Tebow's standing.

I hope he fails miserably now. And that's not any type of anti-Auburn, Georgia homer-ism. I just hate this kind of shit. I thought the same thing when David "the Bulldog white people are comfortable loving" Pollack started acting like such a douche when he went to the pros. Of course, I'm not pulling for 'almost-paralyzation'; that was an unfortunate coincidence then and would be now. I just want an ego check...and maybe for Cam to get out from under his sleaze-bag dad and become his own man. It's like Vince and his dad on this season on Friday Night Lights. I'm always pulling for Vince, but if he'd of kept following his pops, then fuck him.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dynasty Update: Glory, Glory!

Georgia Caps Great Season With BCS Win!

Southern Cal built a long, grinding opening drive, but the Dawgs held them on third and short at the 15, forcing a Trojan FG. Georgia responded with a great drive of their own, the running game setting up some key play action, culminating in a Georgia touchdown to go up 7-3. The rest of the first quarter was a defensive affair, with the Trojans moving Georgia farther back with each change of possession. But, early in the 2nd, with the Bulldogs backed up to their own goal line, one of the greatest plays in the history BCS broke the game wide open. Martez Ruffin took an inside hand-off, broke three tackles, hit the outside, and scampered 99 yards to put Georgia up 14-3. The Dawgs would add to that lead later, scoring on a 44-yard play-action pass. Down 21-3, the Trojans snuck in a late FG to end the half, but they certainly looked outmatched. The third quarter would be a sloppy affair for Ace Journeyman, though, as three Bulldog turnovers helped USC get right back into the game, the Trojans cutting the Dawg lead to 28-23 half way through the fourth. Georgia scored on 54-yard post to go up 35-23 and held SC on downs, finally wrestling back control of the contest. Both teams scored late, but by then the outcome was settled, and Georgia won, 42-30. Many commentators are calling this the greatest season in modern football history, more impressive than '95 Nebraska, '01 Miami, or '04 USC. The Dawgs won all their games by an average score of 41-17 and their closest win was 10 points over rival Florida. Ace Journeyman has been crowned the king of college football coaches, and there are rumors that even Alabama is going to try and lure him away from Athens. But, Journeyman is home now, and with two BCS Titles in three season, no one's trying to kick him out just yet.

2026 Schedule (14-0)

Jacksonville State W 59-0

Florida Atlantic W 41-7
at #16 TCU W 34-14
Tennessee W 48-14
at Kentucky W 35-7
Mississippi State W 52-0
Vanderbilt W 45-0
#15 Florida W 31-21
at #22 Auburn W 52-21
at Ole Miss W 56-0
at South Carolina W 51-17
Georgia Tech W 42-14
SEC Championship
#9 Alabama W 26-14
BCS Championship Game:
#2 USC W 42-30

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I don't really know that much - or care - about MMA, but I do know that someone doing it at 48 is amazing. Much less doing it well. Congrats to the goal line stalker, who now has a 2-0 record after tonight's win. Go you Herschel Walker. Fuck, maybe he could come back to the NFL at 50...

Ray Drew: Rallying the "Dream Team"

The recruiting class that Georgia is putting together is being labeled as a "Dream Team" across message boards and newspaper headlines. And, while I think using that term is ridiculous and lame, it seems to be having the true desired effect, luring players. Todd Grantham has made it clear he believes he can build a top-quality defense from in-state, or at least near by, talent and it's shown on the recruiting trail. With the signing of Ray Drew, things have really begun to click for TG, not just because he landed a great replacement for Justin Houston, but because Drew has taken up the Dream Team concept as a rallying cry:

“I just want to say to Jay at the end of his announcement, I heard your call...and now I’ve given an answer. Isaiah Crowell, we’re waiting on you; Antonio Richardson, we’re waiting on you; John Jenkins, we’re waiting on you; and Jeoffrey Pagan, we’re waiting on you. Come join what we’re putting together, the Dream Team. But remember, a dream is only a dream until you make it reality. So I’m calling you out on this one. I hope you’re not afraid to be thrown into the fire. I hope you’re not afraid to be the ones to make the change.”
And, maybe it's paying off. Pagan de-committed from Clemson and it appears he's leaning heavily towards the Dawgs, as is Jenkins.  Crowell has been mum lately, but a canceled trip to Auburn indicates that he's closer to his decision between Alabama and Georgia. While Crowell will be a big boost to the Dawgs' offense, it's the defense that's benefiting the most right now. Drew, nick-named the "Pastor of Disaster" for his combined work as an ordained reverend and abilities on the field, is UGA's 23rd signee, leaving only five openings. Who will fill those spots? I guess we'll have to wait for signing day and see...

Dynasty Update: Traps and Titles

After steamrolling through the first nine games of the season, setting records for offensive success, and reaching the number three spot in the BCS, Georgia was facing the home stretch of the season against three un-ranked, mediocre teams. Coach Journeyman had his work cut out for him, trying to get his guys up and avoid the footfalls of the classic trap game. The struggle for inspiration showed in the first quarter against Ole Miss, as Georgia gained nine net yards and had two turnovers. But, the defense held, keeping the Rebels off the score board, and when the offense finally clicked, it clicked BIG TIME. The Dawgs went on to crush Mississippi, 56-0, and South Carolina and hated in-state rival Tech proved to be no better a match, as Journeyman's boys wrapped a perfect regular season. Two weeks later, in what was by far the toughest game of the season, Georgia fought off a talented 'Bama squad to win the SEC, take over the top spot in the polls, and secure a spot in the BCS Title game.

2026 Schedule (13-0)

Jacksonville State W 59-0
Florida Atlantic W 41-7
at #16 TCU W 34-14
Tennessee W 48-14
at Kentucky W 35-7
Mississippi State W 52-0
Vanderbilt W 45-0
#15 Florida W 31-21
at #22 Auburn W 52-21
at Ole Miss W 56-0
at South Carolina W 51-17
Georgia Tech W 42-14

SEC Championship
#9 Alabama W 26-14

BCS Championship Game:
#2 USC

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Profit or Success, I'll Take the Latter.

Forbes published an article in their Sports Money section today titled "Who's Making Money in SEC Football?". The data was compiled during the 2009 season (July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010), but while it's not up to the moment, it's the most recent, complete picture we have of the situation. Looking at this as a Georgia fan, the data raises some questions. For instance, Georgia is the most profitable football program in the SEC - by far, (almost $8 mil.) - and is second in total revenue produced. However, they rank seventh in terms of spending. Now, I'm no fancy business major, but that tells me we're not investing back into our program at the same rate as some other programs. From the article:

"Georgia isn’t just #1 in the SEC in terms of profits, they’re #2 in the entire country behind Texas. If you do the math, Georgia is only putting 25.8% of their football revenue back into the program. Meanwhile, the 2009 National Champion, Alabama, was putting 43.3% back into their program, and the 2010 National Champion, Auburn, invested 42.2 percent. Is there perhaps a correlation between this and results on the field? Georgia went 7-5 in 2009 and just 6-6 in 2010. Comparing Georgia to Texas, who is the only school with bigger profits from football, the two are spending at about the same rate, with Texas putting 26.7% back into their program.  However, Texas is spending $25,112,331 to Georgia’s $18,308,654."

By the way, we lost to every team we played ranked ahead of us on the spending list (Aub, Fla, SoCar, Ark.). Before anyone else says it, I will: Correlation is not causation. I know, I get it. But we can't keep saying that every time we see something askew in our program. So, hooray profit. But why not at least try to reinvest in a way that shows on the field. Sure, it can be argued that we're doing that; we've re-modeled the facilities, put in an indoor practice area, and built a new weight room*. But could we have done more? Is money more important to the powers that be than on-field success? If you can still earn the highest profit by producing an inferior product, why change things? I won't pretend to know the answers to all these for sure, but they sure are some big question marks.
* BTW, new strength and conditioning coach, Joe Tereshinski, claims the construction of the new digs might be a valid reason for this season's slip.

“Last year’s team was very limited, really because of the facility, of what they could get done," he said. "So we were very weak in our triceps. We were very weak in our upper chests. So what happens is now that we have our full weight room capacities we’re really going to be able to develop our bodies fully...That did affect this team. Because Georgia did not have anything that it was used to having. Now we have an unbelievable weight room, and we have everything we need.” 

Not having any real facilities to work in during the remodel sure could have had a negative effect, but what about 2009? Or 2008, even? As Doc Saturday pointed out:

"By prevailing 21st Century standards, though, is there ever an excuse for anyone associated with an athletic department that brings in a surplus in excess of five million dollars, conservatively speaking, to even have the opportunity to claim the team didn't have everything it needed to compete on the field? Does that fly at all? Or was Tereshinski just looking to raise the expectations for the return to the first-class facility this year that much higher?"
Just more questions to think about in an already unsure off-season.

Dynasty Update: Two Up, Two Down.

Ace Journeyman is having the greatest season of his coaching career. His Georgia Bulldogs have run to 9-0 and a #3 ranking, while putting up top-10 offensive and defensive numbers. Despite the impressive first half run, Journeyman was nervous heading into last week's Cocktail Party - a game that historically just does not go the Dawgs' way. An early turnover put Florida up 14-3 and began a mass shaking of heads and choruses of "here we go again", but Georgia clamped down, taking a 17-14 lead to the half. The second half was close early, with the Gators scoring on a long drive, but the Dawgs owned the fourth and wore Florida down, winning the game 31-21. This week saw Georgia heading to the Plains to take on a re-surging Auburn team in one of the toughest back-to-back stretches that anyone has to play. This time, the game was all Georgia, with Journeyman's Dawgs blasting the Tigers 52-21 to clinch an SEC Title Game spot. The home stretch seems like a downhill run, with all three remaining teams currently sitting at .500. No matter what happens in the next three weeks, #9 Alabama still looms in the SEC Championship. But, a trip to Atlanta won't be enough this season; the Ace has eyes set on one thing, and one thing only, another BCS Title.

2026 Schedule (9-0)

Jacksonville State W 59-0
Florida Atlantic W 41-7
at #16 TCU W 34-14
Tennessee W 48-14
at Kentucky W 35-7
Mississippi State W 52-0
Vanderbilt W 45-0
#15 Florida W 31-21
at #22 Auburn W 52-21

Remaining Games:

at Ole Miss
at South Carolina
Georgia Tech

SEC Championship
#9 Alabama

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don't Make Me Say It...

Before I start, let me say, I LOVE Herschel Walker. Well, as much as one can love someone they don't really know. I met him once and he was extremely nice, and, in college, I went with a couple roommates to an appearance he made downtown. He was nice to everyone there, signed autographs, and generally seemed to understand the proper symbiosis of die-hard fan and program defining superstar athlete. He even once signed the back of my grandmothers checkbook in the East Dublin Piggly Wiggly, despite having a sprained wrist. Great guy.

Why do I care that he's so nice? Why am I happy that he's so humble and genuine? Because he's also my favorite athlete of all time and it's rare that those two things go so well together. And I don't mean he's my favorite like the way some guys say David Pollack's their favorite. I mean Hershel's my favorite, most of the Dawg Nation's favorite, and arguably the greatest college player whoever played the game. He's fucking Superman, dude.

That's why I don't want to say it. But I will: No, Herschel, you couldn't play today. Why am I saying this? Because of what Herschel said yesterday:
"I know I can play. If I continue to stay in the shape I'm in now, I know I can play when I'm 50. Right now, if you asked if I can play today, there's absolutely no doubt in my mind I can play football today, that I can help out a team today. I 100 percent guarantee you I can help a football team out."
Oh, Goal Line Stalker, what are you saying? The game's faster than backs that left the league five years ago could adjust to. much less a guy who is fifteen seasons out. Defenses are bigger, but quicker, hitting with a higher velocity, and your knees aren't 21 anymore.

Of course, he did start his MMA career at 47 and I didn't think that would go well. And, he still does his ridiculous workout regimen. He has the body of a 25 year old linebacker and maybe he hasn't lost to many steps. Plus, he did say "help a football team out." So, you know what, fuck it. "Go you Herschel Walker!" "My God, a Senior...citizen." Ride that nostalgic 3rd string RB spot all the way to glory...and knee surgery.

But, you know, if there is anyone who could do it, it's Herschel. 

UPDATE: Jim Rome just did a spot on this. Apparently, Herschel still has a 4.4-4.35. Damn, that's ridiculous; maybe he could do it. Rome wrapped up, "Tim Tebow might walk on water, but Herschel swims through land. Death had a near Herschel experience...Texas doesn't mess with Herschel and neither should you." Nicely said.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dynasty Update: BEAT FLORIDA!

Ace Journeyman has lost none of his focus through the first seven games and his team has lost none of their momentum. Instead of the mid-season malaise that hit the squad last year, it almost seems the Dawgs have gotten better, hitting their stride just in time for the Cocktail Party against #15 Florida. Georgia has won three SEC games straight, including back-to-back beat down shutouts. Everything is clicking as Bulldog nation prepares to descend on the sunshine state, but that's just when everything seems to fall apart...

2026 Schedule

Jacksonville State W 59-0
Florida Atlantic W 41-7
at #16 TCU W 34-14
Tennessee W 48-14
at Kentucky W 35-7
Mississippi State W 52-0
Vanderbilt W 45-0

Remaining Games:

#15 Florida
at #22 Auburn
at Ole Miss
at South Carolina
Georgia Tech

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Someone Made This. I Posted It. Enjoy.

P.S. - Auburn should bring back the nasty-orange unis.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dynasty Update: No Excuses

During summer practice, Ace Journeyman unveiled his motto for this year's Dawgs: No Excuses. Journeyman is still disappointed with the mid-season lethargy from last year and has worked to change things up for his players. Workouts, practices, and conditioning have all changed, as have some key staff members. All these changes have paid off, as is reflected in the first few games. Georgia opened the season with an efficiently brutal tune-up against an FCS foe before pounding Fla-Atlantic the next week. The win over the Owls was a revenge of sorts for Georgia, as most of the program regarded last season's squeaker in Boca as a up was the first true test of the season, a road trip to ranked TCU. The Dawgs looked unquestionably dominant, going up 28-0 at the half before cruising to a 34-14 final. Heading into the SEC opener against Tennessee, Journeyman was nervous that the team might get complacent and begin slipping, but his team erased all doubts, crushing the Vols, 48-14. This has been Journeyman's best start at Georgia by far and many are now talking about the Dawgs as national title contenders.

2026 Schedule

Jacksonville State W 59-0
Florida Atlantic W 41-7
at #16 TCU W 34-14
Tennessee W 48-14

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Class is Shaping Up.

Georgia got a BIG BOOST in the receiving corp tonight, landing both wide out Malcolm Mitchell and TE Jay Rome. Both players chose UGA over 'Bama and are helping to turn this recruiting class around. Maybe Isaiah Crowell will see the talent piling up in Athens and decide to sign on, too...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Georgia Gets Isaiah Crowell....

...'s teammate. Got your hopes up, huh? Crowell, the state's #1 prospect, is still saying he'll wait till signing day to announce his decision between Georgia, 'Bama, and darkhorse Auburn. In the meantime, the Dawgs have picked up Quintavious Harrow, Crowell's teammate and good friend. Hey, any inside track we need, I'll take it. Harrow was a non-ranked prospect with no other offers, but earned some attention after a great 40-time and camp performance in Athens this past summer. So, we pick up a a possible diamond in the rough and hope he brings his bestie between the Hedges.

Losing Searels?

UPDATE: Goodbye, Stacy.
Stacy Searels had "no comment" today when asked about his private jet ride from Athens to Austin, TX. Rumors are that the Georgia offensive line coach is expected to be named Texas’ offensive line coach. Honestly, this once would have broken my heart. Like, back when he cobbled together a great O-line from walk-ons and brooms wearing helmets, but after this past season, I'm not that broken up. It's like he'd rather be McGyver than good at his job. This year, Georgia allowed 2 sacks a game and ranked 10th in rushing in the We brought back 155 starts and have 2 project draft picks. I'm not directly saying it, but that at least smells like coaching problems.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Season in a Sentence

Spencer's last Alphabetical of the 2010-2011 season is up, and it's fantastic. I don't think there's any better way to sum up this entire year of football than this line:

"...5-19 Gene Chizik just won a national title over a coach who was at the University of New Hampshire five years ago. Life is strange; embrace it or perish."

So true. Well, signing day's right around the corner, then spring games, and summer practice. But, try to live your life somewhere in there.

/crosses fingers
/checks for updates on Isaiah Crowell

Monday, January 17, 2011

B&B On the Falcons

Here's a link to a piece that Michael over at Braves&Birds did on the Falcons. To see the best season in franchise history ended with our worst playoff loss ever was quite painful; but it was also not unexpected. I think we all knew the foundation was wobbly and could crumble away at any moment. But, overall, I feel like we're headed in the right direction and might just be one or two defensive free agents or draft picks away from being able to win in the post-season. Michael, on the other hand, says the problems run deeper, and after reading his piece, I'm more inclined to agree with him:

"The 13-3 record masked the fact that the team just isn’t that good on offense or defense. The shortcomings were exposed brutally by the Packers [Sat.] night. If anything, the game was another illustration of the fact that a team is often not as good or bad as its record...The Falcons, on the other hand, have a raft of issues to address. In fact, the silver lining to a loss like that is that it will prevent Thomas Dimitroff and the rest of the Falcons’ brain trust from buying the notion that the team is elite and needs only minor tinkering...What needs to change?"

First, he calls out Mike Malarkey. While I'm not behind everything he said, he nailed certain other points. Anyone who follows me on twitter knows how I felt about that end-of-the-first-half play call. You know the one. It was terrible; a terrible call by Malarkey and poor decision making by Ryan. Michael even calls it "one of the worst playcalls in recorded history." Agreed. His other points are valid, but that playcall is the BIG ONE for me - we just looked like we hadn't been there before.

He then goes on to criticize the defense, but manages to defend Brian VanGorder, and justifiably so: "there was evidence of good defensive coaching yesterday in the fact that blitzes dialed up by VanGorder got unblocked blitzers into Rodgers’ face on numerous occasions. Those blitzers whiffed repeatedly, which is a clear an example of a failure in talent as opposed to scheme."And whiff they did. When Aaron odgers started looking like Mike Vick, you knew it was O-V-E-R.

He goes on, hitting on other issues here and there. It's a good read and I highly recommend it. It helps ease the process of putting this season on mothballs and realizing your team, which won 13 games, just really wasn't that good. There's always next year...

Dynasty Update: Sweet, Sweet Finish

Following the lackluster performances in Jacksonville and Boca Raton, Ace Journeyman tried to refocus everything about his football program. He changed the practice schedule, ordered extra hitting drills, and shook up the players' workout routines. It all seemed for naught, though, as the Auburn Tigers came into Athens and went up 14-3 in the first quarter. But, as the game wore on, the Dawgs found there resolve, going on to win 34-21. Facing a ranked, 2-loss Kentucky the next week, Journeyman stayed on his players and it paid off. The Dawgs not only handled the 'Cats 35-7, but the win locked-up an SEC Title game appearance and Georgia used the momentum to crush in-state rival Tech on the road the next week, 38-7. Top-ranked Alabama was arguably the best team Ace Journeyman ever coached against, but once again, a strong defense and running game combined with smart QB play carried the day, as the tenth-ranked Dawgs upset the Tide to earn a Sugar Bowl bid. The New Orleans classic was a re-match almost 50 years in the making, and the Dawgs dominated from the first whistle, riding smart, physical play all the way to 24-3 bruising of the Irish. The strong finish saw the Dawgs break into the top-5 of the polls and snag a couple key 5-star recruits. It's the biggest in-season turnaround Journeyman's ever led and if there was a playoff, there's no doubt in his mind his team could win.

2025 Schedule (12-2)

UT-Chattanooga W 41-0
South Carolina W 42-14
at #4 Ohio State L 36-27
at Miss State W 42-7
at Tennessee W 35-7
at Vanderbilt W 35-23
Arkansas W 24-7
#24 Florida (Jax) L 20-31
at Florida Atlantic W 21-17
Auburn W 34 - 21
#24 Kentucky W 35-7
Georgia Tech W 38-7

SEC Championship Game
#1 Alabama W 28-21

Sugar Bowl
#7 Notre Dame W 24-3

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's over.

Well, the Falcons certainly didn't rise up. Actually, the pretty much did the opposite. But, it was a hell of a regular season and one we can hopefully build on in the coming years. With last night's 48-21 drubbing at the hands of the Packers, the Falcons' season is over, but there's always work to be done, so here's to hoping they have their shit together by the draft.

Dynasty Update: Sunshine State Sorrows

Ace Journeyman just took his team on back-to-back trips to Florida and both were disappointing. First, the Dawgs blew a 17-3 lead over Florida in Jacksonville. Four turnovers later, Georgia walked off the field losers, 31-20, having been outscored 28-3 in the second half. The next week, Journeyman's charges played at Florida Atlantic. Nobody looked ready for the game, and from the first kick-off, it was a sloppy affair for Georgia. They lost three fumbles and seemed completely out of sorts, barely holding on to win, 21-17. And, while a win's a win, such a lackluster performance on the heels of the Cocktail Party loss has left a lot of questions unanswered as the Dawgs get ready for their home stretch against Auburn, Kentucky, and Georgia Tech.

2025 Schedule

UT-Chattanooga W 41-0
South Carolina W 42-14
at #4 Ohio State L 36-27
at Miss State W 42-7
at Tennessee W 35-7
at Vanderbilt W 35-23
Arkansas W 24-7
#24 Florida (Jax) L 20-31
at Florida Atlantic W 21-17

Remaining games:

Georgia Tech


Friday, January 14, 2011

LTDx Picks: NFL Playoffs Week 2

Week 2 NFL Playoff Picks

After going 2-2 on the site ( and 1-3 at the Sports Book ) I have come back for ROUND 2 ! I am staying away from the Sports Book this week and sticking to the site … now watch me go 4-0!

Bears vs Seahawks

Boom where did them Seahawks come from? My boy PETE has this team playing out of their minds! Can they bring the magic to Chi-Town? I say YES! I am seeing the Seahawks win over the Bears in a very tight game. Jay Cutler will throw this game away late and the HAWKS will be playing for the NFC Championship!

Seahawks 31 – Bears 27

Jets vs Patriots

The Jets won in dramatic fashion last week in Indy, but let’s be real here … that is the worst Indy team we have seen on the field since Jim Mora was coaching ( PLAYOFFS?! ). The Jets have done a lot of talking this weekend and Wes Welker apparently has a foot fetish too ( but in the end it WILL come down to a FOOT to win the game! My favorite Welker drop was calling someone a good Foot Solider! Ha! Brady will have a great game, Sanchez will look bad early and try to lead a comeback. Pats win in the end by a FG.

Pats 27 Jets 24

Ravens vs Steelers

This game will be a blood bath! I fully expect this to be a great game. Hines Ward vs Ray Lewis is always fun to watch, these guys could be 2 of the toughest guys in football. The Ravens have a chance in this game BUT they have to strike early. Can this just end in a tie?!? I am going to take the Steelers in another very close game. This is the game I am most excited to watch. Love both teams, coaches and QB’s.

Steelers 31 Ravens 30

And last but not least ….

Packers vs Falcons

Falcons win …

Ok I have more to say than that! This is going to be an interesting game. Another battle of 2 great young QB’s, Aaron Rogers and Matt Ryan. My prediction in this game is this : If the Falcons ( Michael Turner ) run the ball with success they will win! If the Packers run the ball like they did in Philly, Atlanta will be in trouble.

I am hoping Atlanta establishes the run early, hits a few big passes and gets off to a big start. This will be key for us to win this game.

Falcons 35 – Packers 30


War Eagle. Cuz it is.

Everybody's talked about this. And now, Auburn's the king of cfb, so this play might be forgotten with the crystal football and trips to AL Walmarts. But, before this season dies, everybody should have to watch this again. For you, Moviegoer, and your bro.

When even Peterson knows....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

War Eagle Forever!

Oh what a difference a year makes! Following the 2009 season, my expectations for 2010 were nowhere near as high as Kirk Herbstreit's. Thirty-two years of Auburn fandom has educated me not to place too much stock in a commentator's whimsy.

But that was before we as a nation met Cameron "Cam" Jerrell Newton, Auburn's third Heisman Trophy winner. I am not here to defend Newton's guilt or innocence; your mind is already made up, and neither of us will affect the NCAA's eventual, final ruling. I am here to tell you he is the greatest player I have ever seen play live. (I never saw Herschel, Bo, or Tebow, but I did see Michael Vick during his stint with the Atlanta Falcons.) Newton took a good, maybe even very good, team and made them champions.

But he didn't do it alone. Auburn's 2010 championship season is a perfect storm of epic proportions. Cam is phenomenal, but he stepped into a perfect on-and-off-the-field, offensive laboratory in which Gus Malzahn (don't ever leave) created a Frankensteinian monster from the parts of Cam, a senior-laden wrecking crew of an offensive line, and several swift-footed receivers and backs. As weak as the defense, led by that fast, stout beast Nick Fairley, may have seemed, someone was always ready and willing to make the big play when it counted. (None may have been more important than Antonio Coleman's punching the ball out of Mark Ingram's grasp on a sure TD.)

The BCS National Championship Game may have been a disappointment to some; I'll admit that every time I watch it, I long for Darvin Adams to hold onto that first pass (it would've made Cam 20-for-20 on opening drives for the season) and for Cam to muscle the ball to Eric Smith or hit Adams in stride in the second half. Yet as imperfect as that game was, those four quarters may have been the most exciting of my football life. (Interestingly, those four quarters were much less tense than any moment in the Arkansas, LSU, UGA, or Alabama game.) No game-winning field goal was ever as sweet and no game's end ever as relieving. After such a tough season, fueled by comeback after comeback, a win is a win, and a championship victory is forever. (No matter the future revelations, the game was won on the field by Auburn. No one can ever erase that memory.)

I cannot quite put into words what winning the national championship feels like. What I can say is it's a hell of a lot more satisfying than two undefeated seasons without a crystal trophy.

Thank you, you Auburn Tigers! War Eagle!

BTW FTS, when's the next kickoff?

Surprises for 2011

I already threw out a very rough, very early top-10 for next season. But, while we're trying to look into the crystal ball before it's even unwrapped, I figured I'd throw out some teams that could be big surprises next season. I don't necessarily mean dark-horse BCS Title surprises, just teams that could be making more noise than they did this year and anyone right now thinks they will next year.

1. Tennessee - Watch out for the Vols in '11, especially if you're in their division. Bray might kinda act like a douche and have a Mark McGrath-esque back tattoo, but he's got talent. And, with Precious at the helm, more discipline should follow, helping to steady a program that's been in relative turmoil for almost 3 years. Justin Hunter will be a league-leading next season and an improved O-line will be the difference in the close games (LSU, UNC), helping the Vols earn at leas nine wins. The other factor that helps? The SEC East is awful. Florida will be realigning under new management, Georgia's down - way down -, and SoCar's not repeating as division champs. Right now, barring a turn around in Athens or quick reaction in Gainesville, it seems the division is Tennessee's to lose.

2. Michigan - I know, I know, 7-6, blowout loss in the bowl, and a new headcoach. But I'm including Michigan based more on the level of their competition. I'm just not convinced all those players who gave "their word" to Tressell will be back at OSU, and that type of talent loss could weaken the Bucks' strangle hold on the Big-Ten. Plus, Wisconsin's rebuilding, Iowa's in flux with graduations, injuries, and arrests, and Penn State just can't seem to get over the hump. That opens the door for the Wolverines who look to be improved enough to actually walk through it without stubbing their toe in the hilarious fashion we got used to under RichRod. I'm not saying Big Ten champs - OSU didn't lose that much talent - but I am saying 8-9 wins. Think about it: the defense can't be any worse and if Shoelace stays, the offense should be fine.

Side note: That Michigan-SDSU game next year looks very interesting.

3. Arizona State - I went into this post ready to write about Cal here. I felt the Bears had an honest shot at marked improvement, but I just can't get past the malaise that defines Berkley under Tedford. So, poking around the Pac-10(12?), I started looking at AZ State. The Devils were ten points away from a 10-win season this year and return their starting QB and leading rusher. While they don't have quite as easy a schedule as they did this year, a focused effort could get State 9 wins.

While we're at it, here's a new early top-10. I adjusted it for info that's come out the last few days, like Blackmon staying in Stillwater, reality in Columbus, and a shuffle in Baton Rouge. 

  1. Alabama
  2. Oregon
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Boise State
  5. Florida State
  6. Oklahoma State
  7. Arkansas
  8. Virginia Tech
  9. LSU
  10. Ohio State

Dynasty Update: Slow Start

Well, New Vegas has been beat, the first DLC completed, and my character's hit t he level cap. So, it's time to jump back into NCAA '11 and continue Ace Journeyman's career...

Last we left off, Bulldawg nation was celebrating the 2024 BCS Title and Journeyman had signed a top-5 recruiting class. But, the schedule facing the Dawgs in '25 looked as daunting as ever, including a trip to the Horseshoe and #4 Ohio State in week 3. Things didn't go well in Columbus, as the Buckeyes toppled top-ranked Georgia, 36-27. After that, things eased up, with the next SEC foes having four combined wins.

2025 Schedule

UT-Chattanooga W 41-0
South Carolina W 42-14
at #4 Ohio State L 36-27
at Miss State W 42-7
at Tennessee W 35-7

at Vanderbilt W 35-23
Arkansas W 24-7

Remaining games:
Florida (Jax)
Florida Atlantic
Georgia Tech

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Snowpocalypse 2011 left me with some free time on my hands and that hasn't necessarily been a good thing for the blog. So, if you check in and cannot read anything, the color scheme looks ridiculous, or everything just seems wrong, bear with me, I'm giving FTS a little face-lift.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FTS Final Rankings

Here it is, the final poll for the 2010 season. I do have the fairly standard top-3: Auburn, TCU, Oregon. But, I almost put the Ducks over the Frogs, despite the fact that TCU was undefeated. See, it truly felt like last night's game was between the two best teams in the country; just because someone had to lose shouldn't automatically mean that that team drops below the next team on the list. But, in the end, I did the PC thing and gave the TCU the 2 slot. Stanford comes in at number 4 after their dominant bowl win, followed by Wisconsin, who, if we believe that TCU is #2, should not drop for their squeaker loss in the Rose Bowl. Also, the Badgers have the head-to-head over Ohio State, which is why I've got the Bucks at 6. Beyond that, it's a hot mess. I have Alabama and Mississippi State higher than most folks and Boise State and Nevada lower. I also snuck SDSU back in at #25. What can I say? I like Brady Hoke.

  1. Auburn
  2. TCU
  3. Oregon
  4. Stanford
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Ohio State
  7. LSU
  8. Alabama
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Oklahoma State
  11. Arkansas
  12. Mississippi State
  13. Boise State
  14. Virginia Tech
  15. Florida State
  16. Michigan State
  17. Nevada
  18. Nebraska
  19. Missouri
  20. Texas A&M
  21. South Carolina
  22. NC State
  23. UCF
  24. Tulsa
  25. San Diego State
While we're at it, let's take a shot at some top teams for next season. I know it's way too early, but it'll be fun. TCU and Wisky lose too much talent and Stanford loses their championship-caliber coach, while some programs, like Ohio State and LSU, will somehow manage to hover around the top-ten no matter what their players - or coaches - do. Boise State should cruise without any real test (including hapless "big boy", Georgia) and very well could be undefeated at season's end. In the Big-XII (what are they gonna call it?), Texas will still be off, but traditional power OU will be strong, and watch A&M to fill the gap left by the 'Horns. I see the ACC re-surging, with their two best teams having great years and, yes, I know, Arkansas makes three  teams from the SEC West, but they did it this year and the East should probably suck again, so I'm calling it for 2011, too. I know Mallet's gone, but Wilson's more than capable and will click with Petrino's system. Also, keep in mind, it's January 11th.
  1. Alabama
  2. Oregon
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Boise State
  5. Ohio State
  6. LSU
  7. Florida State
  8. Texas A&M
  9. Virginia Tech
  10. Arkansas

    That's Unfortunate.

    Congrats to Auburn...and questions for next season

    And congrats to the SEC for their continuing dominance, five-in-a-row, 7-0 all time in BCS title games. But, this was the least dominant win we've had. Does this indicate a new trend in cfb? Will the Pac-10 be able to produce speed enough to consistently compete with the SEC? Does the conference even have this win without Cam Newton? I seriously doubt it. Without him, Auburn doesn't make the game and Oregon celebrates a win over TCU. With him, they go 13-0, make it here, and allow the truly dominant facet of the SEC to shine: defense. But, what will next season bring? LaMichael James is returning and Chip Kelly's a great coach, will the Ducks be back? That seems more likely than a return trip for the Tigers, who will most certainly be Cam-less in 2011. As an SEC fan, it seems the domination-gap could be shrinking; to a cfb fan in general, that could be a good thing. Oh well, it's late and those are questions for later. Besides, I hear they're throwing some toilet paper around down at Toomer's Corner. You won't hear it here much, but, for the Moviegoer, War Eagle!

    BTW, if you're looking for thoughts on the game, check out the twitter feed over on the right, it's a pretty good running commentary on the showdown.

    Monday, January 10, 2011

    This is it.

     Tonight is the BCS Title game, the last game of the season. Honestly, there's only one way this game can disappoint me: a low scoring snooze-fest. If both teams come out rusty and start exchanging punts, I'll be pissed. Beyond that, I'll be stoked if at least one teams scores points. Most of me, of course, wants another SEC win, but part of me would like to see Oregon begin changing the paradigm in cfb. And what better way to do that than with a nasty blowout? So, 45-44 or 45-7, I don't care, as long as someone's scoring, early and often. Also, I don't want terrible commentating. I feel good since the game's not on Fox (thank god), but we could hear some serious biased discussions this evening. As Spencer writes in his 43 Bold Predictions for tonight, " a long Auburn TD will be greeted with "Oh, there's that SEC speed!" A similar TD for Oregon will be blamed on a blown coverage." That doesn't sound too far off, no one around here is really giving Oregon a fair shot (including me), so of course the noise makers will try and chalk up any Duck success to some Auburn based problem, because that's how bad it's gotten: most homers around here believe that the only team that can beat an SEC title contender is itself. These are the people who I'd like to see silenced,'s just too hard to not wave the league flag. So, essss eeeee seeeee...

    Saturday, January 8, 2011

    Uga VIII has been dignosed with cancer.

     Uga VIII has been diagnosed with lymphoma, but is reportedly responding well to treatments. Our bulldog buddy had to miss the Liberty Bowl with a GI bug and now this, "a treatable but still fatal form of canine cancer of the lymphatic system." Unfortunately, the article says that "veterinarians are able to cure less than 10 percent of dogs."

    Friday, January 7, 2011

    If you have hate in your heart, let it out...

    One of the greats is not a big fan of Coach Richt:

    LTDx NFL Playoffs - Week 1 Picks

    Guys - this is from by blog @ - check it out!

    Saints vs Seattle :

    Seahawks have 1 win all season vs a playoff team, I will take the Saints to win easy. I love Pete and he does LTD but the Saints will be too much.

    Saints win 35-13

    On a personal note: I would love to see the Seahawks pull the upset ( as a Falcons fan ) ! ! !

    Jets vs Colts

    This is the kind of game Peyton Manning lives for. He will have someone step up that no one is expecting and find holes in the Jets D. The Jets have had a strange year and it comes to an end this weekend! Sanchize will struggle to find a rhythm but hit a few big plays to keep them close.

    Colts win 27-20

    Ravens vs Chiefs

    Chiefs have had a surprising season but I think the Ravens have the edge in this game. Experienced defense steps up and stops this young Chiefs offense. Close game thanks to Matt Cassell’s late comeback attempt but cannot pull it off.

    Ravens win 24-20

    Packers vs Eagles

    This is a tough one to call. Vick has looked better than ever this season. The Pack has been up and down, but finished strong. Aaron Rogers needs to win this game to really reach the next level and not be just another fantasy stud.

    Packers offense will prove to be too much for the Eagles and Vick will look confused by an aggressive Packers D lead by AJ Hawk.

    Packers win 35-27 over the Eagles ( this is my upset special )

    Thursday, January 6, 2011


    Murray: "The safety's creeping up and they're playing to the strong side, with the right play, we could hit something deep and -..."

    Richt: "Have you found Jesus, yet?"


    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

    RichRod Out. Harbaugh...?

    Final Update:Now it's official, Richard Rodriguez is out at Michigan and there's still BIG doubts about Harbaugh to Ann Arbor. Supposedly, Harbaugh's meeting with the 49'ers tomorrow.
    UPDATE: Not so fast: UM AD has made no "official statement", yet; the deciding meeting will be tomorrow.
    I think we all knew that it was only a matter of time. I wonder how much of this termination has to do with this:

    The question is, will Harbaugh go home? Or, like countless others before him, will he be lured by the siren song of the challenge of the NFL? I'd personally love to see him in Athens, GA.
    UPDATE: Honestly, I doubt Harbaugh's going to Ann Arbor. However, Brady Hoke would be a good fit for Big Blue. Harbaugh will be in Denver next year, lured to the pros by John saw it starting last night. Another question: What big time program takes another chance on George O'Leary? Winning is louder than lying, and an 11-win season and a bowl win over the SEC drowns out anything he wrote on his resume back in 2001.
    UPDATE 2: RichRod to Clemson or Pitt?

    Monday, January 3, 2011

    Ron Franklin: Sexist Douchebag.

    Ron Franklin is kind of a dick. Sure, we already knew that with the way he treated Holly Rowe, but wasn't he supposed to be cured by now? This one wasn't on air, but it's way shittier. I mean, "Why don’t you leave this to the boys, sweetcakes"? Who still says this shit? Ron Franklin does, apparently. Maybe I'm just too progressive, but I'd can his ass.

    The Home Stretch/Picking the BCS Title Game

    Well, here we are, wrapping up the college football season and pretending we're not depressed about the long college football-less winter and spring headed our way. The NFL can only carry you so far, and the NBA and MLB are poor, poor substitutions. But, they are dragging out the cfb season all the way to January 10 now, so that might help some...even though it just seems wrong to be playing bowl games that late.

    Speaking of bowl games, let's talk about what we've seen so far. First, yes, the Big Ten has done horribly (2-5 so far). But, it's been a lot of fans of SEC East schools I've heard running of at the mouth most. New Flash: The SEC East is also TERRIBLE. Florida is the lone bowl winner from our division, finally adding some dignity after Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia all lost the days before. And, Georgia fans should be talking ZERO shit; we lost to a C-USA team - C-USA, for fuck's sake. So, it's the SEC West that is truly dominant right now, with Alabama and Mississippi State (the 4th and 5th placed teams in that division, respectively) really flexing that Southeastern muscle on NYD to bring us back to 3-3 as a conference. Also overlooked here: The Big 12's ineptitude. They're one game better than the Big Ten (3-4) and only 1-2 against the Big Ten. So, are they just as bad? Or, worse even? Would you rather be the worst conference, or the conference that can't beat the worst conference?

    Getting back to the SEC, will LSU and Auburn continue the West's successful trend? I've already picked against LSU in my bowl picks from Saturday, but I haven't made my official pick for the BCS Title game yet. Well, wait no longer, here goes:

    BCS Title Game: This should be a fun to watch, high-scoring, game. I've heard some talk about Auburn being able to shut down the Ducks' offense, but I don't see it. I've been told that the Tigers' weakness is the secondary and that, since Oregon mainly runs, the Ducks won't be able to light up Auburn's D. Wrong. Oregon doesn't run the veer or a power-I game; it's a spread, and if you're out of place, or can't keep up, you will get burned - especially the secondary. Watch some highlights from this season, it's constantly DB's having to tackle these high-flying Ducks. Plus, I admit Fairley's a beast, but he's a pass-rushing beast, not a run-stopper. I'm not saying he can't do it, or do it well, it's just not his strength or why he's such a household name. If Oregon moves the play away from him, he's nullified and the Duck's staff has the coaching and schemes to do just that. So, I'm not seeing how Auburn is just going to shut the Ducks down - they're just too good of a team...on offense. Defensively, the Ducks don't have anything to stop Cam Newton, period. Nobody does. And, as the game progresses, the Battering Cam will wear down the Ducks' D and help put it away for the Tigers. The Ducks will settle for a FG somewhere in the third and then feel like they're playing catch-up; and that will be all she wrote: Auburn 45, Oregon 30

    Saturday, January 1, 2011

    Picking the BCS...and a few stragglers.

    Well, it's New Year's Day and that means it's time for the big bowls to start. I won't be picking all of the remaining games, because let's face it, there's some shit games left. I will take a stab at the BCS games and the few other big-time games we have left. Let's start with the first day of 2011:

    Capital One Bowl: Alabama 24, Michigan State 13 - The Tide should finally get the SEC a post-season win. 'Bama should be efficient in it's dispatching of the Spartans, but if they slip up and let Sparty hang around, they could come up short against a Dantonio trick-play.

    Outback Bowl: Florida 23, Penn State 16 - JoePa does well against the SEC overall, but the Gators ought to be pumped up to send Urban Meyer off on a high note. Normally, that could be distracting, but the transition to Muschamp has been going smoothly enough to keep FLorida focused.

    Gator Bowl: Michigan 41, Mississippi State 31 - I just don't know if the Bulldogs can contain the Wolverines offense all night. Offensively, they'll be fine against the "defense" that Michigan fields, but will it be enough to top Shoelace and Co.?

    Rose Bowl: TCU 34, Wisconsin 31 - This should be a good game. I like watching a power run game that scores points, and Wisconsin certainly has that. I'd love to see them run all over the Frogs, but it won't happen; TCU's too athletic and their offense can hang with anyone. In the end, I'm pulling for Wisky, so I'll bet they lose.

    Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma 44, UConn 17 - C'mon Bob, you got this one.

    Orange Bowl: Stanford 30, Virginia Tech 24 - This was a very tough game to call. I know the Hokies were 0-2 at one point, but they're not the same team they were then. I think it'll be a back-and-forth affair, and I might have it a little too high scoring, but Luck puts it away late for the Cardinal.

    Sugar Bowl: Arkansas 31, Ohio State 30 - The key here: distraction. Initially, I had the Bucks picked to win, but all the hullabaloo the last two weeks could disrupt their focus. Even with the offending players able to play, State will be a step behind all night. Also, don't count out the resurgent Hawgs' run game; it's led to some sweet PA bombs.

    Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M 27, LSU 26 - How does the grass in Texas taste?

    Happy New Year, I guess.

    Well, it's the new year; goodbye, 2011. I had plans to enjoy some football and hit up a couple parties, maybe even make it downtown, but ended up moving between my bed and the sofa, hitting two different nasal sprays, and popping an assortment of pills to ease the misery of some NYE sinusitis. Oh well, here's to 2011. The pic above is technically for last year, but fuck it, it's a better image than the current state of things, bowl-wise: the SEC's 0-3 going into NYD. And, the image of the Bulldog holding the 'W' helps ease the pain of today's Liberty Bowl disaster...I mean, six points? Come on! That's ridiculous.