Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boys Out...Girls Roll On!

Georgia was thumped out of the NCAA Tournament, losing to Ohio State 6-13 earlier today. It was the Dawgs' second loss in the double-elimination tourney after winning game 1 against the Buckeyes 24-8 on Friday. Georgia dropped yesterday's match-up with Florida state yesterday, 2-8. The Diamond Dawgs end the season with a 35-20 record but a record 109 home runs. Wouldn't it have been nice if someone else was on base when those were hit........?

The Lady Diamond Dawgs had much better luck with the Buckeyes last week, edging them out 6-4 and 7-6 in their two Super-Regional games. This earned the ladies a place in the Women's' College World Series in Oklahoma City where they lost their first game to Washington, 1-3. Since that loss, they've gone on quite the tear, though, beating Missouri 5-2 and Michigan 7-5 yesterday and defeating Washington 9-8 today to force a loser-goes-home game with the Lady Huskies tonight.

However, if we do win, we'll be facing an amazing Florida Lady Gator squad who has looked almost unstoppable this season. They have a ridiculous 63-3 record and twice beat Georgia already this season, 15-0 and 4-0.

Good Luck girls, you're gonna need it...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jose Canseco is JUST a Punchline Now

You would think Jose Canseco has enough abuse in the last few years - from shouldering the steroids burden to being on "Surreal Life" - but apparently that's not the case. He got knocked out in just over a minute in his first MMA fight by the Korean brother of the guy from Happy Gilmore. Jeez, that guy's big, is all I'm saying. He makes Canseco look like Spud Webb.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tallahassee Bound...

The journey to Omaha has begun, with complete tournament seeding picks released today. The Diamond Dawgs have been selected as the #2 seed in the Tallahassee Regional. Georgia plays 3 seed Ohio State at noon on Friday, followed at 4 by regional host and one seed Florida State playing 4 seed Marist. For a complete overview of the entire bracket, click here.

The winner of the Tallahassee Regional will face the winner of the Norman, OK regional, which consists of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Wichita State and Washington State.


UPDATE 1: We will be sticking with the new pitching rotation that Perno used to start the SEC tournament. During the regular season, Trevor Holder was our Friday starter followed by Justin Grimm on Saturdays. Perno made the change against Ole Miss in round 1 because he viewed the 2nd game more crucial to staying in the tourney. It worked there and I hope it will serve us well in Tallahassee.


UPDATE 2: Interesting Note: 4 teams from the state of Georgia made the field this season: UGA, GA Tech, GA St., and GA Southern.

Other interesting side note: The Lady Diamond Dawgs just beat Ohio State Friday night in the softball tournament and now their male contemporaries have a chance to do the same to the Diamond Bucks.

Arksansas Tomfoolery

This guy has a career ahead of him, but it ain't in baseball. I think there are financial institutions hiring somewhere, buddy.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tigers Win SEC; Regional Sites announced

LSU defeated Vanderbilt 6-2 today to win the SEC Tournament. This is their second consecutive tournament title. they built a 6-1 lead through 6 innings and the 'Dores never really threatened, but scored a solo-shot in the 7th. The win guarantees the Tigers a spot in the Regional round of the D-1 Baseball Championship.

The 16 host-schools are: UC-Irvine, Arizona St., Cal St. - Fullerton, Clemson, ECU, Florida, FSU, GA Tech, Ole Miss, Louisville, UNC, Oklahoma, Rice, Texas, LSU and TCU. Each site will host a four team double elimination tournament to decide who will advance to the next round. The remaining at-large teams, top-eight national seeds, first-round regional pairings and site assignments will be announced Monday.


Georgia was eliminated from the SEC tournament Saturday, losing two games in a row to #2 LSU. The first game was a blowout, with LSU scoring 7 runs in 4 innings before a rain forced intermission. The Tigers lost no momentum during the delay, adding 9 more runs to win 16-0 in 7 innings. Game 2 was much closer, with LSU edging the Dawgs out 3-2 in 7 innings. The game was shortened due to rain closing the door on Georgia's tournament play. I missed all of this miserable shit due to a party at a friend's house - and I'm glad I did.

On the other side of the bracket, Vandy beat Arkansas 11-1 to force out the Hawgs and make game 13 unnecessary. The 'Dores and the Tigers will play for the title later today.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

That's Two!

After working all day on shortened sleep and the memories of a bad movie, I was pretty worthless when I got home last night. I ate supper, surfed the net a bit and then crashed on the couch, missing the first half of the Georgia-Arkansas game. But, no worries, because when I woke up in the 6th, it was still 0-0. In the bottom of the inning, Massanari doubled to score Poythress and the Dawgs went up 1-0. It looked good for the Dawgs, as Holder carried a shutout into the 9th and it seemed had it sewed up. But, a Razorback sac fly scored a run and Georgia couldn't get on in the bottom to win, so we went into EI's. It was pushing 10:00 and Southland* was about to start and I was getting very worried...but we held them through the top and loaded the bases in the bottom before a Joey Lewis grounder scored Cerione from 3rd to win. We get the day off before playing either LSU or Vandy on Saturday.
On a side note: Ole Miss (regular season co-champ) was the first team ousted last night, losing to Florida 12-2 in eight innings.
Alabama has also been eliminated, losing to LSU 9-6 late last night.

*Southland is a great show and deserved to get a second season. However, The Moviegoer tells me it got moved to Friday night and that's pretty much the kiss o' death for network TV.

One Win Down

C'mon Diamond Dawgs, let's get that early season boogie back...

Georgia knocked off conference co-champ Ole Miss last night, 6-3 to advance to the next round in the winner's bracket. The teams were scoreless until the 5th when the Rebs scored on a wild pitch. Down a run in the 6th, Matt Cerione hit a grand slam to give the Dawgs a lead they'd never lose. The Rebs threatened in the 6th, but managed only one run with bases loaded on one out. Two RBI's in the 7th put Georgia up 6-2 and Ole Miss never threatened again, scoring one last run late. The win sets up a Georgia-Arkansas game, as the Hawgs beat Florida last night, 8-5. The winner gets to relax Friday before playing again Saturday morning.

On a related note, 4 Georgia players won All-Sec honors this week. Rich Poythress is the first team 1B, Bryce Massanari was selected for the 2nd team and Colby May made the all-Freshman team. Poythress and pitcher Trever Holder earned spots on the All-Defensive team.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Videogamer, Vol. IV...

Sorry about the absence, but I've been traipsing around the Capitol Wastelands of Fallout 3 for much of it. Seeing as Bethesda only released the DLC (Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, and Broken Steel) for 360, I had to replay the entire game. And I didn't care one bit.

Over on Jinx's blog, I'd listed Metal Gear Solid IV as my game of the year. Methinks Fallout 3 has overtaken it. I have not played a game through a second time in quite some time. For those of you who haven't played this post-apocalyptic gem, give it a whirl on PS3 or 360. 360 owners, read on for a breakdown of the DLC.

Note: I recommend all three for the true Fallout experience.

Note Note: I also recommend visiting (good old games) to purchase and play the first two Fallouts on your PC. As Tony (the Tiger, not Soprano) would say, "They're great!" But he'd drag out the "They're" a bit longer. I digress...

If Fallout 3 is a 10...

...Operation Anchorage is a 7.5. It plays Fallout, but it doesn't quite feel endemic to the larger universe. A computer simulated reenactment of the liberation of Alaska from the Chinese (a huge event in the Fallout future), this mission lacks the tangible danger of the larger game.

...The Pitt is an 8. It would be a 9 or higher were it larger and longer, but its brevity holds it back. The largest quest involves picking up steel ingots scattered about a steelyard haunted by mutated monsters called Trogs. Cool but tedious. The rest of The Pitt blows by. A gladiatoral fight for freedom was over too quick (then again, my character was too statistically developed and well-armed for anyone to pose much of a challenge by that point). The final decision will delightfully challenge the morals of your Wasteland proxy more than any other in the game.

...Broken Steel is a 10. You simply have to get this DLC. If you've gotten to the end of Fallout 3, your character's probably reached the maximum level of 20 and you've still got a ton of Wasteland exploring left to do. Broken Steel raises the level cap from 20 to 30. And it supplies new, tougher enemies for your badass hero/villain to slay. And the three main quests don't suck. They are not merely tacked on missions. They nicely add depth and meaning to your character's progression in the larger game.

With the free time and hot days of summer ahead, leave the safety of your Vault to explore the Super Mutant-, Raider-infested Capitol Wasteland of Fallout 3. It's as close as you'll ever get to being Mad Max without the world suffering a cataclysmic nuclear disaster.

Look for more Videogamer posts in the weeks to come.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Quit Bitchin': The Better Team Will Win

The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party (Sorry, I'm un-reconstructed)has been played in Jacksonville for nigh on 70 years. In that time, the Bulldogs have put together some pretty fierce win streaks and ass whippings (including a 75-0 drubbing) on the Gators. It was barely a competitive series through the 60's and 70's - and no one complained about the game's location.

Cut to 1990. Spurrier revives his alma mater into a SEC killing machine. Along the way, the Gators stacked 11 wins against Georgia's 1. They recruited better, played harder and generally blew away most of their opponents. It wasn't the temperature, the travel, the accommodations or the outdoor stadium. None of these pathetic excuses can cover up the fact that Florida has become a better program. The trend survived Zook and has returned full force in Meyer. Neither Goff nor Donnan had the answer and now Richt has a losing record.

Moving the game will NOT solve the problems. We won in 2007 and nobody said anything. We get blown out in '08, and suddenly, it's an unfair game. Fuck that. Why don't we man up and try to be the better team for more than one season at a time. Did Spurrier take our dignity away, too? Dawgs shouldn't make excuses - we should play hard and leave it on the field; no matter where that field is. For, if we do that, the better team will win, and more often than not, that team will be us. Until we start living up to that potential, we need to stuff the excuses, Richt, strap on the helmets and go to work.

And, face it: The game's better in J'ville. It's outdoors, with the Landing and great tailgating. The fans are split and everyone has a good time. Moving it to ATL is an awful decision. Parking and tailgating sucks around the Dome and there's just no tradition there for this series. Period. If we win 7 in a row, then maybe we can start demanding change...but, my guess is we won't care then, will we?

Anyway, as Doc Saturday says, you can't have an outdoor party in a dome.
UPDATE: By the way, I know there are those of you out there - some that even contribute to this blog - who disagree. Feel free to throw in your two cents either by posting or in the comments and let's get a real dia-blog going! I'm looking at you, H.Weezy...

Diamond Dawgs - Storm Clouds Edition

The storm clouds are gathering over Georgia Baseball. The bright and sunny preseason is fading into the gray and dismal late season collapse. I'd say this pic sums it up:
They look small and lost here; like Vandy football.

Georgia is really scraping the bottom of the barrel baseball-wise right now. We broke an 8-game losing streak and avoided a sweep two weeks ago by edging Vandy in game 3. That qualified us for the SEC tourney and seemed to motivate us a bit, as we went on to beat Tech last week at the Ted. However, it all came crashing down again this past weekend against South Carolina, as we were swept for the second time in three series. We ended up seeding at SIXTH for the conference tournament; a far cry from late March when we clutched first place with an iron grip. LSU and Ole Miss ended up splitting the SEC in-season title. Here's the conference tourney seeding:

1. LSU*
2. Florida
3. Ole Miss*
4. Alabama
5. South Carolina
6. Georgia
7. Arkansas
8. Vanderbilt

* SEC Co-Champs

Georgia draws Ole Miss in the first round (we beat the Rebs 4-1 in round 1 last season). The eight teams play in a double elimination tournament slated to run from Wednesday through Sunday in Hoover, AL. Depending on our first round performance, we either play Florida or Arkansas in round 2.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Episode III: The Final

Saturday (Wedding Day):

We start the last leg of the journey like most of the other days with getting ready and whatnot. I also got to take Dakota in the golf cart over to Xtina's parent's place to stay for the day, that was a pretty funny sight (100 lb. white dog riding shotgun). So we decide to head down to the beach for one more day of hanging out with all the friends and family that could make their way out of Hangoverville to be there. We were also joined by the last round of folks to get there in a couple of Xtina's high school friends and Tim and Mallory. As I am carefully pouring my first drink of the day on the beach I am ambushed by a walking beach security guard. And since I looked like a hooligan recklessly drinking, he decided to act like he was going to give me a $500 fine. "Do you know the Florida beach ordinance about glass on the beach son?", well I certainly don't officer was my response. As he started to speak to me the girls just flipped out though, which I am pretty sure helped my case. And I know he didn't want a beatdown from Mama Vaughan who gave him an earful. After the brush with the law we enjoyed our day. Football, volleyball, joaj34 not being able to stand up after I got him into a standing position, you know, the usual. Anywho, some people did not maekit. Joaj34 gave it a valiant effort but had to succumb to rest. We took it easy for the most part and just tried to relax before all of our months of planning were put into motion. We left the beach a little earlier than normal and go back to the place to start getting ready for all of the pre-wedding festivities. Xtina took a shower and headed out to get her hair and make-up did while I cleaned up around the place since the cleaning lady, "Lupita" had not come back after her first encounter with the dog and not being informed that there would be a dog in our condo. She acted cool to begin with but we never saw her again, I don't blame her though. So I get ready and get some of the reception decor ready and take a few things over to the reception site to drop them off beforehand. Once I leave there I headed over to Todd's to p/up LTDX and the First Lady along with Joaj34. I was in the golf cart and have been known to get a little crazy behind the wheel and almost drenched LTDX with his own beverage. However, we made it unscathed and I dropped the First Lady off at the girl's pad. Let us not forget that I probably called Xtina about ten times just because I seemed to be clueless about certain wedding things because she did so much of the planning, etc. and she did a fantastic job as everyone would soon find out. So, we had a kit to dress up the golf cart as our "getaway vehicle" which we thought was appropriate for the beach. Amazingly, these paper bells and tassel-like things stayed on in the wind. Impressive. This is when one of our photographers came over and started taking some photos of the guys and I getting ready before I meet up with Xtina. The photographers are of the photo journalistic variety so they became known as the "paparazzi" for the day. The fellas and I just hung out for a bit, played some strange card games, had a few drinks, and watched some tv. Then it was time for me to go and meet up with Xtina. And actually, I was sneaking up on her for some candid photos. Our photographers were really, really great. They took some beautiful and inventive shots. Now it is time to head to the beach and have the main event. The reception site doubled as the entrance for the wedding as well so that worked out great for us. Everything was ready to go. Everyone was seated, all parties in place, everyone was there...except for the minister. She turned out to be about 45 minutes late. Really?! Come on lady, you are from right down the road! Anyways, right before our planner informed us that she was a notary and that we could "Wing it", our minister got there and it was go time. The parents went down, then I came down, then the flower girl. After the minister asked me a couple of questions about the ceremony (really?), it was time for the grand entrance. My beautiful bride, Xtina was walked down by her
Dad and we were finally here. On the beach at sunset in front of our most beloved family and friends. We had fly overs from planes (at just the right times), the paparazzi, and I tried my best to block the sun from her eyes. The ceremony went quickly as Xtina and I said, "I do" and kissed and were announced as "Huntina". Afterwards, everyone went down to the water to throw a stone and live it for us. We headed up the stairs to go take the rest of our pics before we came into the reception a little later. This drunk idiot wouldn't get out of Xtina's way up the stairs and I got to see him one more time later in the night, which I enjoyed. Alright, so we take all of our family pics and our sunset pics and out beach pics and we head in. Xtina's dressed has picked up about 20 lbs. of sand so we try to shake it out. Then there is the bustling of the dress, what an easy task that turned out to be. Anyways, on to the party! We get announced and head into the first dance. Xtina didn't remember our song being so long but it was fun, there is only so long you can do the prom shuffle before you start to laugh. The food was fantastic, I especially enjoyed the bbq. And for God's sake, did you see Optimus Prime? My groom's cake was of the Autobot leaders head and chest and it was truly amazing! Also, the wedding cake itself was great all the way around. We had the mother/son and father/daughter dances which were very nice and emotional. We also had the Dad toasts and they stayed true to form. Xtina's dad: Sweet and emotional. My dad: Starts sweet ends smart ass. So now it is just on to the mingling, music, friends, drinking, dancing, etc. I had the good timing of coming down to the bar and seeing the guy who almost ran into Xtina on the way up the stairs asking for a drink. Well, I got him thrown out in a hurry and LTDX let him know that he was "not livin' it", no he wasn't sir. The rest of the night was just pure greatness. A few folks had to keep it semi-straight (you know who you are!) but everyone else was getting loose, having fun, and then the dancing began. Santiago started freaking everything he could see. The girls thought they knew the words to "Your Love". I even dropped it like it was hot. Kathleen told me that I danced like Cliff Huxtable but that it was "cool". Hey, whatever I was having too much fun with everyone to care. Sanzone-Jones dropped a little hemoglobin on Todd's shirt and the First Lady of LTD was drinking G2(Coors Light) whenever she needed to rehydrate. Joanna walked it out while Xtina's dad passed on that because he is "old". Nate got a little creepy. Xtina's boobs were made of metal so the ladies punched them. The girls were getting crunk. Santi slapped LTDX's ass and he came back for more. Everyone was on the floor. "Thriller" came on and GA led the choreography. Jason walked through like a dead zombie and stole the scene. The music kept on cranking through and the shots were flowing. "Don't stop Believin'" got the crowd hyped. Then IT happened. Slash kicked in with those chords we know and love and everybody and their mother sang "Sweet Child O' Mine" until the very end. I played air guitar with Tyler. Joaj34 looked at me with glee from Christmas morn' when the song hit. We were livin' it like no one has lived it before and dare I say will never live it again. We ended the night with "Melt with you", because I am an 80's fiend and Xtina loves the song too. It was truly amazing and well worth everything that was put into it. I thought we would join everyone at the wharf for the after party but Xtina and I did when we went to change and even woke up on the "wrong" sides of the bed. We awoke to a hangover that was appropriate to the night that was.


So we go to a cafe in the resort for Mother's Day breakfast with Xtina's parents and splurge like crazy since the strict self-imposed lifestyle change on New Year's. It was a great meal and then we headed to the beach for a final day with the girls and Marlin and Jason. Giachetti and Vanessa to join later. Everyone else went home today. So sad, I really want to get everyone together like this for a vaca once a year. Nothing could beat that! The water wasn't all that rough and we didn't have enough for games. We just chilled, read, drank, etc. Later we hit up the Crab Trap for dinner and went back to the girls for Trivial Pursuit and Catchphrase. ML Professional Willie Jones was a worker. Gia joined in and we had a fun couple of hours of games. We turned it in at midnight to rest up for the return home.


We leaned up, loaded up, checked out, and became very sad. We made it home by rush hour and we were back to the real world. Man that really sucks.

In closing I just want to say how awesome the whole experience was and how great each and everyone made the stay for us all. Xtina and I love you all very much and cannot thank you enough for taking the time to be with us for our most special day/days. We lived it, flipped and bundled it, as well as so much maeking it. You all are the best friends that we could ask for and will always be there for you as we know you will be there for us. I also want to give a special thanks to my wife for all of her help, love, and support.

We love you all!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In the Meantime...

While we wait for the final instalment of H.Weezy's Wedding Re-Cap, I thought we could pass the time with this:

Laser Guitar Wolves!

I don't know WTF this is, but it F'n Rocks!
(h/t warming glow)

Trailer Time

Here are a couple trailers for things that I'm excited about:

1. The film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's The Road. This is one of the best books I've ever read and I'm looking forward to the film - no matter how visceral and brutal I'm sure it will be.

2. I've been waiting for this sequel for about 5 years. I loved Red Dead Revolver on the original xbox and now we get to play the next installment on the 360. It looks much more dramatic and this game trailer is better than some of the film variety. Enjoy.

Both of these will probably be fall releases, so we've got a while to wait. In the meantime, I've got the summer movie glut and plenty of video game filled dead time from the job to enjoy.

Dikembe Play Footsball

Please read this:

Now, I love Dikembe. I think the piece Scott Van Pelt did on him this spring was beautiful, moving, and most importantly, accurate. Mutombo's a big man with a big heart who's done a lot of good in his time. He's also a giant beast of a man who would look funny playing almost any other sport.

Cheers, EDSBS. That was funny.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wedding trip shelf explode part 2

Thurs night:

Ok so we leave the beach on thursday and go home to clean up for the night. Since the fam got in town we have dinner with them at Hammerheads which seemed to work out better for us than some of the others who got some bad alaskan king crab that tasted like ammonia. After dinner we drop off the fam and head to Todd "Proffesional" Blackstone's for some beer pong that had already gotten started with a classy clear cover on the dining room table. The teams were well put together and the competition was fierce. Sanzone-Jones needed to get James to focus after myself and Santiago knocked out 6 of their cups in our first four throws. There wasn't a real champion but plenty of fun. Then the Athens crew showed up chock full o' joaj34, jinx and his lady and stealler and his lady had already arrived. We were at full power minus Roger & Penelope Shuttlesworth (a.k.a-Tim & Mallory). The crew at Todd's had already grilled out that night and "The girls" were staying at our place for that night so Xtina and I took the golf cart back to the place and got everyone settled in. Now we head back to the wharf to meet up with eveyone, this took a long time. I was accused of reckless golf cart driving by a man I later became to know that night as "Mitch the bitch". So we head to Rum Runners where Xtina promptly gets hit on by a 50 yr. old who let me know she was a good girl not to swoon after him....jackass. Anyways, it was already late so last call happened pretty quickly and they threw us out of there like we had told a bunch of abortion jokes or something. So Mitch is the head of security and he wants to go home. Todd & LTDX really want to find out his major malfunction is so they ask him about a few things to which he responds, "This is Mitch Runners now and you are in Mitchville and I want to go to sleep." I hope he gets ran over by a golf cart someday.


I wake early as usual but not the first up as Kim is already out for her morning yog. Marlin and I head to Panera to pick up some bagels for all of the ladies & Jason, who I will now refer to as "Jason-of-all-trades", he just seems to be pretty good at everything we did. Anyways, Marlin & I got quite the surprise as we go into Panera. We were greeted by a young lady at 7:30 a.m., not with good morning but, and I swear to God the first words out of her mouth, "Do you know the difference between a dyke and a lesbian?" Well, I gladly played dumb to see how long she would talk. She went on to let us know that she had just learned about this since there were some of "them" working there. Jesus. Anywho, we get back with bagels and the girls and 2 dudes move into their place, I go visit my aunt and xtina gets ready as we head to the beach again for the day. More drinking, volleyball, football and fun in the sun. When we set up for our volleyball game it seemed we had one extra, a very easily identifiable beach bum whose name was "Jolly", I can't make this stuff up really. Turns out Jolly was pretty bad ass on D on the v-ball court. He certainly pissed my cousin off more than once. We drank some more and Xtina and I headed out a little early to get ready for the rehearsal. So we get all cleaned up and head back down to location for the ceremony on the beach. We run through everything which seemed fairly easy. At this point in time all of our family decided to ask Xtina and I for the next 3 hours, "Are you ok?" or "What's wrong?". That kind of stuff just pisses me off. We were just stressed and wanted to make sure that everything went ok, coordinating the family and keeping them entertained isn't the easiest job. Meanwhile I believe everyone else was getting super wasted as we missed a few of them later that night. So we have the rehearsal dinner at Poppys which was great on the food side. Thankfully I was blessed to have the worst server I have ever had. She got so many things wrong at one point I felt that she would bring me a sugar packet if I asked for a refill. Anyways, no big deal, we say our goodbyes to the fam, go back to the room, get ready, and wait for the slow ass tram. We get to Rum Runners and wow! Toddledeaux has had a drink or two along with a few others. The dueling pianos were in full effect and Teddyball and Gia hang downstairs with their ladies. Joaj34 hang for a while, go dawgs, do some bombs and head upstairs to everyone else. We stay up there for the rest of the night drinking, slapping da' bass, and hanging with the Vaughans (workers). We have the usual good times while upon arrival at Todd's the crew finds the Fire Dept., typical friday night on vaca.

Stay tuned for more, hopefully tomorrow, I didn't realize how long the days were but they were awesome.

Where's the rest of the trip?

This halfway-recap is not maekin' it!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wedding trip

First of all I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to make the trip and celebrate with us. Christina and I appreciate it more than you know and we love you all!

X-tina and I were the first to arrive on Cinco de Mayo and were followed by Kenny & Jenny and we got there a little past dinner time. Checked in jones and headed to the wharf. Side note: we brought our large dog Dakota who we got hopped up on barbs to make the ride down. If you have never seen your dog wasted, it is a special treat that I suggest you check out. Alright so we grab some seafood at the wharf and head to a place that has a sign that reads, "No cover, free drinks". Well, you don't have to twist my arm on that. We stayed there for a while and then headed back to Todd's to wait for him and Maria and LTDX and Christen. They arrived around midnight but Cabo Wabo Willie had already done me in and I may have visited the restroom later for it. We took the tram home and crashed.

Wednesday: Xtina and I started the day with some driving, not the wanted to but because I am retarded. I picked the wrong place to get our marraige license so we had to back track to the Santa Rosa Willie courthouse. We met a lovely lady whose ex-husband was in jail for 65 years in solitary confinement for murder (whoops-a-daisy). Honestly, why in the hell do they have restraining orders and such in the same room you get a marraige license? So now we head to pick up our golf cart for the week which we had many 20 m.p.h thrill rides in. Off to the beach for sun and fun and football and volleyball and ocean and such. My first throw of the pigskin to Toddles broke his thumb and this is when he started calling me "Muscle Milk". But we had a great time at the beach and headed home to wash up. Went to the wharf for dinner and took it real easy that night because everybody else would be showing up tomorrow.

Thursday: Feeling great from the rest we walk Dakota since she is no longer wasted out of her mind. The weather was great all week, no rain, perfect temps., couldn't have asked for anything better. So once again we go down to the beach and hang and this is when everyone started to trickle in. I also tried to drown for about a minute but no big deal. By the time we left the beach we had played some co-ed volleyball and the Vaughan family had done some serious damage to a tequila bottle.

I will finish the rest of the weekend tomorrow, still tired from the trek back. See you then!

So you can understand the next post and the previous one

Glossary of terms for the wedding weekend (not in alphabetical order)-

Worker- Someone who does work or someone who performs tasks well
LTD- Living the dream
LTDX- Living the dream to the extreme
Professional-Someone who exemplifies greatness in a given task
Dot com- An appropriate ending to any sentence or phrase
Livin' it- See LTD
Jones- An appropriate last name for anyone that you are talking about or to emphasize importance (Taken from the popular song "Basketball Jones")
Flip it- To exchange one thing for another
Bundle it- To put multiple things together
Flip & Bundle it- Perhaps the best thing that you could do at a given time
Fatal 4 Way- A drink that Kenny & Johnny invented that goes great with breakfast (5 hour energy is one of the four secret ingredients)
Willie- Often paired with Jones for extra last-nameability
Would you?- A question asked by Todd to see if you would
Maekinit- Mostly used in conjunction with the question, "R U Gawna?" This word is perhaps the oldest in the dialect
Tuff- An adj. used to describe the greatness of something
Doing work- The action that workers do
(Any word here)-deaux- A phrase derived form Tedd Hays. This can be used on the end of anything to show fondness
Going Dawgs- Showing your undying love for the Georgia Bulldogs
White Tornado- A tribal fertility dance performed by joaj34 upon request
(Anything)ing it up- Any action that is being performed at the time by a worker-deaux or
First choice- Something that you want to be but may not be if not up to Gia's standards
Mitchville- Some people may know this place by its more popular name (Baytown Wharf in Sandestin) but this is the phrase coined by the douchebag security guard to make us leave after last call
Dreamliver- See LTD


Admin. Note: Most of these apply to drinking, partying, or a bundle of both


Kenny= Cabo Wabo Willie
Jimmy= LTDX
Joaj34= Going tornado
Hunter= Dreamliver
Stealler= Worker
Jinx= Not knowing his audience Jones
Gia= Maekinit
Tim= Kilt & Bundle
Jenny= Super tuff
Maria= Sanzone-Jones
Christen= Naughty
Xtina= Super tuff
Maran= Doing work (Especially on Friday)
Vanessa= Bostonian worker
Cammy= Scrub the
Marlin= Tomahawk Jones
Kim= Evil Robot Willie
Chrissy= Secret Bridesmaid-deaux
Kathleen= Ween Wouldn't you?
Joanna= ML Professional Jones Willie
Jason= Accio worker
Georgia= Livin' it with a deviated septum
Santiago= (All apply)
Dusty= Cousin-deaux
Candi= Dublin-deaux
Dossie= Doss-a-lot Jones
Nate= AVP Willie

If You Understand This Post, You Had a Great Weekend!

We lived it dot com this weekend, big time.

H.Weezy and X-tina tied the knot in SanDestin and the crew was out in full support. The party started early in the week, with President LTDx and the gang doin' work since Tuesday. Jinx, LP and I were late arrival-Jones, getting in near midnight Thursday. Friday was a big party, as Aroo and I started fatal four-waying it up with breakfast and not slowing down. We took the party and flipped it to the beach (you better keep your v-ball scores straight) and bundled it to the wharf (RumRunners, mofo!). The prez even Tweeted Pete Carrol - the all-time livin' it master. After about 10 rumrunners and about 50 renditions of Glory, Glory, I called it a night.

The Group - Doin' Work

Do I love being hungover? It's not my first choice, but it happens.

We hit the beach again Saturday, and I did not maek it. I had to pass out in Stealler1/Jinx's room for a bit and regroup. Later, H.Weezy picked President LTD and me up on the golf cart, and we lived it over to the groom's condo. We did a little work, played a little war, bundled it over to the girls' place and flipped it to the beach for the ceremony. It took a bit for the show to start, but once it did, it was super tuff. The bride was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and H.Weezy even got his tie right on the first time. Did the ring bearer flip it on the flower girl?

Would Todd? He would.

The reception was a blasty-deaux. We pretty much just went Dawgs on the bar and dance floor, with Sweet Child O Mine bringing down the house. The bride and groom even got a wedding White Tornado. The First Lady of LTD was doin' work and Maria was all busted nose Jones from cutting so many rugs. We probably ordered a total of 500 shots before the bar shut down at midnight. We wharfed it up one last night and said good bye to Mitchville before I would Noey at the WaHo.

Livin' It: Aroo, President LTDx, PX8, and joaj34

Maekin' it, LTDx dot com Jones, flipped and bundled, doin' work, over and out-

Hopefully, H.Weezy will breeze in with a proper recap, newlywed style!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, the Diamond Dawgs are reeling and need to come together to salvage the last two series of the season. Georgia's dropped 8 of the last 1o, but has done it in spectacular fashion, blowing 4 big leads, committing a billion errors and losing almost every full count. We've lost six games by two runs or less and five in which we've scored at least six runs. It's been a rough stretch and we've probably said goodbye to the season championship, as we've dropped in the overall SEC standings behind a 3-way tie for first and a tie for second. We've even dropped to second in the East behind Florida, who swept us last weekend. Chances are we won't win the conference, but just ask Vandy or Bama how important that really is as long as you win a regional. We finish up hosting Vandy and Tech and then close out on the road at SoCar.