Thursday, April 21, 2011


I never really got into the new Charlie Sheen thing; it's shallow and stupid. But, now he's crossed a line he'll never cross back from:

Good day, sir. Who gets boo'ed off the stage faster there, Sheen or Paul Johnson?

Sunday, April 17, 2011


G-Day was this weekend and the Black beat the Red, 18-11 (does anyone really care who wins this game?). Here are a few things that stood out to me:

- I'm not comfortable with the defense as a whole. Mainly because we had NOBODY to actually play in the secondary. I know that injuries will heal and all the freshmen will be on campus next month, but not getting to see anything made me nervous. It's not like we've been a defensive powerhouse that last few years.

- Now, despite my feelings with the D as a whole, there were a couple individuals who stood out. Kwame Gathers looks like he's growing into his role nicely - and we'll need it. I'd say the same about Alec Ogletree, too.

- Offensively, I'm concerned with our Sun-Belt caliber wideout corp. With AJ gone, somebody's going to have to step up, BIG TIME. We do have a lot at tight end and there will be a stable of backs to use, but we need something on the outside.

- Aaron Murray had a good game, but that's no surprise. Christian LeMay led a TD drive and showed serious potential - especially arm strength and athleticism - and could be neck-and-neck with Hutson Mason for the 2-spot. Mason was up-and-down, but that's to be expected in this type of scrimmage.

- As far as running back goes, I think everyone was disappointed that Isaiah Crowell isn't enrolled yet. I'm not alone in wanting to see what he can actually do. He was at the game, however, and drew more fan fare from the Bulldog nation than Matt Stafford, who was on hand for the half-time former-QB challenge.

- Ken Malcome had some nice runs and showed not just quickness, but good strength in breaking tackles on the outside. Caleb King had a helluva stiff-arm, but he's probably playing with a huge fire under his ass right now.

- Beyond the on-field stuff, there was a good crowd, pushing Sanford to half-capacity and Russ was looking good on the sideline. Honestly, he's got my vote for mascot - this demand for an all-white seems to be creating a Hapsburg-ian lineage of inbred weaklings who die too quickly.

And now, we wait. Twenty more Saturdays...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Welcome to Arizona State, where even the kids aren't safe...

Two in the pink...fuck, never mind. Even I'm not comfortable finishing this one (h/t StubFlub)

UPDATE: Since we're on the topic of ASU, check out the makeover the Devils have received from Nike. A new logo adorns slightly modified home and away unis:

I gotta admit, I like it. But I do hope they keep the cartoon-ish devil emblem around for certain throwboack combos. Also, the Devils have added an all-black:

Awesome. Between the new unis, the sexually innuendo of the hand signal, and certain cfb geniuses calling for good things in Tempe, it could be a good year to be a devil.