Thursday, February 23, 2012


Oh, were you looking for a mer-man themed celebration of Alabama's most recent BCS title? Got 'em!

(Doc Sat)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Yearly Portrait

We got a few new faces this well as a few old timers who look flat out miserable to be there (I'm looking at you, Spurrier, trying to shrug off handsy Uncle Mike). Things that stand out to me: Gary Pinkel looks hungover and just chomping at the bit for a bloody mary; does Muschamp where a black leather jacket? You're god damn right he does; Petrino where's a dickie; Hugh Freeze looks like he has a mild intellectual disability. From TeamSpeedKills:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

With a name like Tanner Brock... know he's: a) Texan b) a football player c) specifically, a linebacker or quarterback and d) on or selling drugs (link form edsbs). The star Horned Frog was just one of four TCU players netted in an anti-drug sting operation that led to 17 overall arrests. From Doc Saturday:
"The arrests were the result of a six-month investigation by the Fort Worth police department and campus police after students and several parents had called into the authorities with tips.
According to TCU Chief of Police Steve McGee, the drugs being sold were marijuana, cocaine, the club drug "molly" (some in powder form, some in pill form), acid and prescription drugs including Xanex, hydrocodone and others similar to OxyContin. They were sold to undercover officers, among others, during hand-to-hand transactions."
 Well done, Tanner. See, this is how you celebrate stepping up to the big time; as soon as your new BCS conference schedule's announced, you lose four players to drug charges. We call it the Miami dichotomy. I can't wait to see how the Frogs blow up the Fulmer Cup standings.

A Note on USC.

In all likelihood, Matt Barkley's Trojans will be ranked in the top-3 headed into 2012. If they take care of business, they should get a shot at the national title, and bringing home the trophy would more than validate the rising senior's decision to return to USC. Honestly, I'm beginning to think of the Trojans as my solid number one for the preseason. They always have talent across the O-line, so their golden boy will be protected, and he's got great young receivers in Lee and Woods to throw to in what should be the nation's dominant passing offense. The running back spot might seem a little less established with Curtis McNeal competing against some underclassmen, but rest assured that whoever established them self at starter will be a great compliment to the pass game. The defense is a little lacking, finishing at 54th overall, but that was mainly due to a sieve like secondary, manned by two sophomores and a freshman, that gave up passing yards in chunks. This season, with some experience under their belt, things should be more tightened-up. It will also help that Stanford and Oregon will not be the offensive powerhouses they were in 2011. Honestly, the most likely stumbling block to the Trojans' success is probably their head-coach. He is always a potential hazard it's not implausible for him to do something to ruin the season in Southland. But even Junior seemed a little more even keeled, a little more tight -lipped, and - dare I say it - increasingly competent over the back half of last season. All in all, I think it could translate to a great year in L.A.

Also, never, ever, feel bad for Matt Barkley: