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Online Dynasty News - Taylor Speaks

While we await the much anticipated UConn-WVU showdown, Eric Taylor has been silent - until now.

SoFla reported that after the loss to Cincy, Coach Taylor refused to speak, spending his hours breaking down film and trying to understand his team's first half play against Cincinnati.

Well, that silence was broken today in a statement issued directly by Taylor:

"The Bearcats are for real."

joaj34 certainly hopes so. His BearCats take on speedy West Virginia next week and he would like to see the first half toughness his team has shown the last two weeks.

"We've had solid first halves on both sides of the ball. But, both UConn and USF adjusted real nice at halftime, and left us kind of high and dry, trying to protect leads. We need to be more aggressive in the second half. That's it - plain and simple. We are not looking forward to trying to contain that West Virginia offense. That's where our concerns are now."

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top-25/Weekly Picks Combo

I didn't post a top-25 yet, so I'll include it with my picks. This will be a quick post - season predictions to be revisited later.

1. Texas
2. Bama
3. PSU
4. Fla
5. UGA
6. USC
7. Okl.
8. Okl St.
9. Tex T.
10. Boise St.
11. Ohio St.
12. LSU
13. Mizz
14. Utah
15. TCU
16. FSU
17. Sparty
18. UNC
19. Minn.
20. UVA
21. Org.
22. BC
23. Ball St.
24. Iowa
25. Tulsa

Picks, quick and dirty:

FSU 27, GT 20

Org. 31, Cal 20

Tex 41, TX T 21

WVU 34, UConn 21

Minn. 21, N'wst. 20

Ole Miss. 24, Aub. 20

Okl. 45, Neb. 20

Kan St. 29, Kan 27

UGA 31, Fla 27

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Online Dynasty News - Double Header

It felt like Cincy had just got off the plane back from UConn, and there was SoFla, ready to play. But, in a Nippert Stadium night game, in a sea of black, the BearCats fought off the plucky Bulls in an offensive game, 42-28. Cincy ran out to a big 28-6 lead at the half, but the second half doldrums set in, and Groethe got the Bulls back in it. The clock was against the Bulls, however, and Cincy hung on for the win. The QB's ruled the night, both being named players of the game.

SoFla suffers it's first loss and Cincy wins its second in a row after rebounding from a heart-breaker against the conference leader, Rutgers.

The other user game this week is WVU at UConn. The Huskies need a win in a bad way, but the Mountaineers need to reclaim some user vs. user glory after their defeat at Rutgers.

Online Dynasty News - Code Blue

Rolling into winless Pitt, nliley's Rutgers Scarlet Knights seems confident, coming off back-to-back user victories. But, maybe they were too confident. Pitt put up a fight and apparently discovered an offense, as both teams lit up the scoreboard in a 45-38 Knights win. Pitt proved that tha's why games aren't played on paper, and Rutgers showed the tenacity of a champion.

Or, Rutgers started dickin' around late and Pitt pulled some lucky shit.

And, we have a recap of the much anticipated Cincinnati-UConn game. Facing thousands of blue-clad fans in what UConn labeled a Code-Blue, Cincinnati held on to win 21-17. Early on, the Bearcats were unfazed by the hype and hoopla, building a 14-3 lead in the second. A pick six to close out the half out them up 21-3 and they looked ready to coast. But, after a defensive third, the wheels fell of the BearCat wagon. UConn had their own pick six, but a failed conversion, to draw it to 21-9. The Husky defense stepped up again, preventing Cincy from running the clock out twice, and flying down field to close within one score, 21-17. However, time ran out on UConn and Cincy left the field with the win.


A round of shots in preparation for JAX.

1. Heading into this weekend, the always researched and reliable Phil Steele has two teams on top of his toughest schedule rankings. Guess who they are. That's right. Georgia and Florida. Check it here. The Dawgs are projected to play 10 teams with winning records to the Gators 8. There is no other team playing 10, by the way. I just hope we can beat Florida, or none of this means much.

2. The Dance. Richt and Meyer are not discussing it. Will Meyer counter with something this season? What if Richt does it again? Will there be, as Mark Bradley asks, a "counter-counter celebration?" Read his insight here. Bradley makes some good points.

According to his write up, the celebration

"is the single smartest thing [Richt] has done as a coach. It changed the dynamics of a series that, from the Bulldog perspective, was past due for a change."

Bradley continues:

"Think about that: A team that won the 2006 BCS title is concerned with the team that, until 2007, was its personal doormat. "

Good Point. I'm all for fundamentals and discipline. I say it here ad nauseum. But, I have to admit, I liked the call. It was a needed spark and I'll always take a W.

3. Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun calls this the biggest edition of the Cocktail Party ever. When you think about it, at least from a pre-game, implications down the road view-point, it very well might be. But, the AJC's Chip Towers did some digging. Check it out.

It is only the fifth time they're both in the top-10. That's pretty big. But, we wont know the true magnitude of this game until we see what happens to Texas, Bama, and PSU. And, probably a few other one-lossers, too.

4. Here are some things I've learned from my experiences and those of my friends:

- Stay close enough to the landing to use the tram-thingy

- Drink liquor in your room, then stick to the $5 big-ass beers when you're out

- Don't let RBD wander away on his own - he will get injured

- Don't think it's a good thing to make out with random Florida girls when your friend is more sober than you and will remember what they look like later

- People snore much louder when they're drunk

- Sometimes oral sex is really loud

- An egg, when thrown from a moving vehicle, can break a man's jaw (if that man has the worse luck on the planet)

- KTL will fight a woman

- The older you get, the less people you should put in your room

- Cold medicine+alcohol=Tim's face in the wall

- BAFFLING (B-are A-ss F-ace) is the sport of kings

- Both schools have good fans and shit heads; hot chicks and skanks

- Since it's an election year, be ready for the last minute campaigning - and the overwhelming Republican voters

- There's not much to do in JAX at 9:00 am Thursday morning, but the local cops will let you know when you can start drinking

*Feel free to leave you're own in the comments

Fulmer Out (?)

This has been rumored and reported hardcore everywhere today, but confirmed nowhere. Phil Fulmer will not be back next season. Or, will he? It's reported that he was still recruiting something powerful after the Bama loss and hasn't mentioned anything to the team yet.

Here's the best info right now.

Of course, this is all suspect until reported by UT. Right now, it's wait and see.

Word Up with Mark Richt

Florida fan and blog master of EDSBS, Orson Swindle, posted this interesting "interview" with Mark Richt earlier today. With the Cocktail Party coming up, it felt appropriate.

Online Dynasty News - Tuesday Night KO

Big Game tonight! Cincy at UConn - 8:30.

This is ripped straight from the AP:

AP- ESPN kicks off Tuesday night football with a Big East showdown live in Hartford, Connecticut as the UConn Huskies host the Bearcats of Cincinnati. The coach, Lee Corso will join Brad Nessler and Kirk Herbstreit in the booth as both teams attempt to get on the right track in conference play. When reached for comment, coach Aroo noted, “this is a must win for us. Falling to 0-3 in the Big East is not an option. We feel like our offense turned the corner last game and we hope to play well on all sides of the ball.” When asked if they had something special brewing, he added, “our seniors declared that we do something to turn this losing streak around. As a dire emergency, they declared this game a ‘CODE BLUE!’” The Huskies will don all blue this evening and ask that all students in attendance do the same. While this reporter finds the attempt to be a bit gimmicky, getting the fans in attendance riled up has helped other major football programs in years past find that extra motivation. When asked for comment on the “Code Blue,” coach joaj34 declined to add any bulletin board material merely stating, “just bring it!” Can Cincinnati rebound and thrust the Huskies into the lower depths of the Big East? Or can Connecticut recover in time to win the hearts of the many prospects that will be in attendance tonight? Stay tuned….

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Night QB

Poor, pitiful Tennessee. Eric Berry deserves better.

So, Oklahoma State, even in a loss, garnered some respect by hanging with the 'Horns for 60 minutes on Saturday. Good for them. I wouldv'e said it's proof they're better than Texas Tech, but then the Red Raiders went out and curbed Kansas and Todd Reesing. I don't like the Jayhawks red jerseys. They look like practice, no-contact jerseys - and that's exactly how Knasas played. I guess I have to relent a little on my Texas Tech criticisms. They are very talented. Douchey, but talented. Why was Graham Harrell still throwing passes with 49 points on the board? Why was he still in the game? Because they're douchebags, that's why. But, I still think OK St. is better and I'd barely put them in my top-10. What am I going to do with my top-25?

Texas is still number 1. They deserve it. OK St. gave them a scare, and they held on. It takes a lot to go undefeated and the 'Horns moved one step closer Saturday. Now they go to Lubbock to play the streaking Red Raiders and complete the "toughest stretch of schedule in Texas history." It certainly has not been an easy task, and a worn out Texas team could falter at Tech. But, I doubt it.

The Cocktail Party (I will not be re-constructed by university admin, thank you) is the biggest SEC game this year. The winner will get the nod to the title game in ATL and still have an outside shot at Miami. The loser could still go 10-2 and get a great bowl, but their big dreams will effectively be dashed before the beer at the landing gets warm. Both teams hung 50+ on LSU. Florida only gave up 21, but Georgia played them in Baton Rouge and looked ready to get back on the plane half-way through the third quarter. It should be a fun game to watch if you're not a fan of either of these teams. If you are, this has ulcer written all over it. And, don't look for any choreography-related retribution for last year's endzone romp. Urban's too classy of a guy. He just runs up the score when he can and keeps his starters in late with a 40 point lead. Real class, there.

The winner of this game will play Alabama in ATL. And, I'd say, win.

And, I don't think these two losses mean that LSU is an awful team. They've lost two games to top-10 teams. Sure, they gave up 50 points in each, but there's something else lurking there - I just know it. A nice, high-teens ranking will fit them just fine. How they play in that showdown with 'Bama will decide if they're done or not.

Still, this is funny.

Will Auburn go to a bowl game? Yes. They'll probably beat Georgia and 'Bama. Remember a couple of years ago when Auburn was ranked #5 and had an outside shot at the national title and a rebuilding UGA blew them out? And, then, last year, the Tigers were blacked out and blown out in Sanford? There could be some revenge this year. It's just how football goes.

And, it would just be fitting if they knocked off the Tide.

Ty Willingham is out at Washington. Bill Doba got the ax last year and Paul Wulf is on the hot seat in his first year. This is all ridiculous. Why? The whole goddamn state apparently hates and sucks at football. It's not a recruiting hot bed. The weather sucks. The girls are ugly. Nike does not build palatial, high-tech facilities there, and they're too far away from CA. It's not the coaching, it's just being in Washington. Like Syracuse, it's over. The dream is gone. Let it go, and stop running down good men who don't live up to your expectations. It was racial at Notre Dame (see comparative records with Weis), but it's just unrealistic at Washington. I hope Ty gets a nice cushy, NFL assistant job and enjoys the rest of his career in peace.

Not to mention, people are tired of playing USC. They'd rather play at USC or in the Mountain West than suit up for a tired program in the Pacific northwest.

I hate the Big East and the ACC. There is no handle to be had on either of these conferences. I talked up SOFla last week and they lost to Louisville, who looks like they could actually win this conference if they tried. Virginia, apparently, is back. After a horrendous start, the Cavs have gone on a tear and are tied for the lead in their division after beating GA Tech. Duke beat a collapsing Vanderbilt and Rutgers beat Pitt (which I did call last week, btw). Who wants to win these conferences? I guess now, FSU would be my ACC front runner and I'd have to pick WVU in the BE.

Penn State is the real deal. Ohio State with Terrelle Pryor was the team I thought the Buckeyes would be this summer and they were shut down by the Lions D. And, in the end, Clark and company did enough to edge out OSU. I have no problem with their #3 ranking. They need to watch out for the Hawkeyes, though.

Kudos to Minnesota for keeping on the winning track. That has been one impressive turn around. You could compare the weather in MN to some of the places I ridiculed earlier, but at least in MN you get to be part of the Big-10. We SEC'ers might criticize that conference, but we all secretly know that there's more tradition and sleeping potential there than anywhere else. Imagine if they could consistently recruit Florida and Texas.

Rankings tomorrow, new predictions soon, and online dynasty news later.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Online Dynasty News - USF, Rutgers Rolling

After edging out Cincinnati, Rutgers kept its streak alive, defeating UConn 41-27. Next up, the Scarlet Knights face winless Pitt. Will the Panthers manage to pull the unthinkable and earn their first W against a revamped Rutgers squad? Doubtful.

UConn plays host to Cincinnati next. The BearCats are coming off a tough loss to Rutgers and entering the roughest stretch of their season. After UConn, Cincy has SoFla, WVU, L'Ville, and Pitt in succession. Ouch!

In other action, South Florida is now the only undefeated team left in the Big East after beating Louisville in a thriller, 31-28. A last second field goal carried the day for the Bulls who move to 8-0 and first place in the league.

West Virginia is the only team with a CPU game, playing at home against #14 Auburn.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Online Dynasty News - Missing the Point

Rutgers went into Nippert Stadium Friday evening and came away with a close, hard-fought, 28-26 win. RB's ruled the day and both QB's looked like they were shooting pool with rope. Late in the 2nd, Cincy scored to go up 20-14, but missed the XP. At the close of the half, Rutgers returned a pick six, nailed the xp and went up 21-20. That point would come back to haunt the BearCats. After going up, joaj34 called for 2 and Cincy came up short, clinging to a 26-21 lead. Rutgers scored to take the lead 28-26 and looked prone to score again when a BearCat defender picked the ball to keep Cincy alive. However, pinned deep, they couldn't move the ball, punted, failed to stop Rutgers running game and the Knights ran out the clock.

After the loss, coach joaj34 had this to say:

"You can't say it's one play here or one play there. It's execution, every play - and that's what we failed to do tonight. We had our chances and we blew them. That's coaching, and I'll take the blame for it. Rutgers is a fine ball club and I don't want to take anything away from them; it was a good game and we came up on the short end. That's all. We'll address our problems next week and hopefully move on from here."

Move on indeed. Cincy faces a rough stretch, playing 5 more human games in a row.

KTL Speaks:

Here's the link to the great KTL's picks for this week. Outside of analyzing the Auburn-WVU while it's going on in an attempt to impress us with his abilities, it's a nice piece that picks the top-15 for week.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A non-football WTF?

JINX recently posted this photo on his blog. It got my attention.

Not to steal his blogging thunder, I went out to learn more about this. Apparently, crocodiles tangle fairly regularly with land mammals near waterholes - usually emerging victorious. However, this one leopard had had enough of that shit, and put a plan together.

This is what I found on

"The speeding leopard sprinted out from cover of scrub and bush, charging after a crocodile swimming in the waterhole, seizing it by surprise.

Onlookers watched in disbelief as the fierce and bloody battle unfolded. To their amazement, the massive cat emerged from the bank, dragging the crocodile in its mouth from the water as the creature fought back furiously — tumbling, thrashing, and wrathfully snapping its powerful jaws feverishly the entire way."

It continues:

"But as the two predators continued to fight, the leopard gained the upper hand as it took control with its prey caught by the throat.

Despite the croc’s massive weight and strength, the leopard eventually managed to sit on top of the reptile and suffocate it.

There have been reports of crocodiles killing leopards in the past, but never has the reverse scenario been witnessed."

After the deadly fight, the leopard dragged the crocodile away. What? Did he eat it? Were there no deer or antelopes around? Or, did this one leopard wake up and say: "Fuck it! I'm sick of these crocs. They can push us this far, and no further. I have resolved today, to kill a crocodile, not just for me, but all leopard-kind! We didn't land on the Serengeti, the Serengeti landed on us. By any means necessary!"

I have a cat. This news terrifies me. I will never again know the joy of a peaceful sleep after seeing this:

Damn Nature, you scary!

Half-Way (Kinda) Reflections and Predictions (Sorta)

It's been another crazy ride this season. We saw 3 of the top 4 teams lose two weeks in a row. We've seen the Big-12 challenge the SEC, the PAC-10 disappear, and the Big-10 comeback. Colt McCoy is Heisman front runner and Alabama and Penn State are near the top again.

Let's look at some random stuff:

Conference Calls

Big East:

My preseason pick - WVU. Lost to ECU, lost their direction, lost their edge, etc.

New Pick - SoFla. Pitt falls somewhere (maybe Rutgers on Sat.) and the Bulls stay steady to claim the crown.


My Preseason picks - Oklahoma vs. Missouri. Sooners are still in a great spot and I don't see anyone else in the North having a better record than the Tigers.

New Picks - Texas vs. Missouri; Texas wins

The ACC:

My preseason pick - Wake Forest vs. Virginia Tech. Riley Skinner fell off a touch and the offense looks anemic at best. VA Tech still has a shot...if they can knock off FSU and regain their footing.

New pick - I have no idea...maybe BC or FSU? Vs. Georgia Tech or still VA Tech? Who knows. This conference is brain numbing.

I'll go with a GA Tech vs. BC rematch.


My preseason pick - Ohio State. The wheels came off at USC (surprise, surprise), but Pryor has come on and I think they'll rebound. This week's game with Penn St. is for the conference titles.

New Pick - None - I'm staying with the Buckeyes. See weekly picks for reasoning.


Really? Do I even need to write this. It's Washington State, obviously.


Preseason pick - Florida vs. Auburn. The Gators are back on track, but Auburn's a long way from home with no offense and all the soap opera drama that's happened on the plains.

New pick - Georgia vs. Alabama rematch. I'll take the Dawgs in JAX and Bama to win the West. Georgia wins the rematch in ATL.


Preseason pick - Utah. Utes still rolling baby!

New pick - I'd like to say I've learned my lesson and take the Horned Frogs of TCU...but, I'm sticking with the girl who brung me. Go Utah!

Other stuff:

CUSA - Tulsa over ECU

MAC - Ball State/CMU winner over Akron

WAC - Boise St. - Broncos go BCS bustin'

SB - On a limb, I'll say the Ragin' Cajuns of UL-L

Notre Dame goes bowling...probably in over-matched style, in a game they don't belong


1. Colt McCoy wins over:

2. Sam Bradford
3. Javon Ringer
4. Tim Tebow
5. Mark Sanchez or Knowshon Moreno


BCS Title - Texas vs. Ohio State (It's gonna happen again...)
Sugar - Georgia vs. Boise St. (Why does the WAC end up here?)
Orange - BC vs. SoFla
Fiesta - Oklahoma vs. Alabama
Rose - Penn State vs. USC

Other bowls:
Cotton -LSU - Missouri
Cap1 - Florida vs. Mich St.
Gator - VA Tech vs. Notre Dame
Outback - Minn. vs. SoCar
Sun - Oregon vs. Kansas

That's where I'm at right now. Things will change, teams will lose, and these predictions will become useless (I guess they already are, technically, since I have no bearing on anything).

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the game tonight...about 4 minutes left in the first and Auburn looks like it has a real offense - wonder where they stole it from.

Calling out KTL

This is a direct quote from KTL's blog:

"Get ready first post picking this weekend's college games"

Where are they? Auburn-WVU is upon us and you've given us nothing. Will you be posting it tomorrow? This is not just a Friday-Saturday business, buddy. You have to want it more than that.

Leave Nothing

David Fincher is awesome.

Troy Polamalu is awesome.

Ladanian Tomlinson is awesome.

Remixing that Promontory song is awesome.

I give you this, my favorite commercial right now:

Leave Nothing.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weekly Picks

Why should I even bother making picks after the BYU-TCU debacle? Why? Because I don't give up, that's why. I mean, I've fallen from 1st to 8th in my pick 'em league and I haven't stopped picking. And, when the second quarter's all blurry and I can't tell what color my own team is wearing, and I mix up team rankings with the score, I keep on drinking. I'm persistent.

Season: 47-20
Last Week: 7-3
Against KTL: A big, fat goose-egg, embarrassingly laid, MWC style, last Thursday

But, in the spirit of getting back on the horse, here's my ten picks for the week:


Kansas 42, Texas Tech 40 - I just think it's finally time for the Raiders to go down. I have them ranked fairly high, but that's only because of the defenseless clusterfuck that the Big 12 has become. They don't have a signature win and Kansas has played well in two losses to ranked teams. I think the Jayhawks get over and the Red Raiders get beat.

Florida 31, Kentucky 13 - The Gators might be looking ahead to the Cocktail Party, but I think they'll do fine this week against a scrappy set of wildcats with a good coach, good record, and no respect. It'll be 21-13 late, but Pope Urban will run it up in the last few minutes.

Texas 41, OK St. 31 - I don't think OK St. is as good as they're ranked, but they vaulted up after beating #3 Mizz who now has 2 losses. This game will be the crucible that sets us straight on the Big-12 South. Colt McCoy is playing better than anyone, but this is the defense that shut down Chase Daniel. However, Texas has a better D than the Tigers and they have Jordan Shipley...and Quan Cosby...and, most importantly, Brian Orakpo. I take the Horns with a score that's en vogue for the region.

Georgia 26, LSU 20 - Fanboy? Yes. But, I also think it's a realistic pick given that we avoided the Red Stick, Night Game, Death Trap. Will Les Miles have tricks in his hat? Yes. But, Richt has Jesus on his shoulder and Knowshon on his roster. If the freshmen up front can let Moreno get outside, he could get the D's attention early, opening up the opportunity for Stafford and AJ Green to hook up late for the go ahead score.

Crap-Shoots: These are the toughest games for me to call this week.

Auburn 21, WVU 20 (Thu.) -I have no way of calling this. I like White and Devine going wild on the Tigers, but I also like the old-school, brick-wall, fire-blanket mentality of Auburn's defense. If AU's offense can somehow hobble to 14 points, I see the D getting the last TD to win the game.

VA Tech 24, FSU 20 - The Noles are back! Yeah! They beat NC St. Remember? That totally means they're back. I mean, Bowden's coaching with telepathy for fuck's sake. You know..because he doesn't where a headset anymore, but he's still coaching. Right?

GA Tech 27, UVA 13 -Virginia was left for dead a few weeks in, but have gone on a 3-game tear. The Jackets are only 3 points away from undefeated and have an offense clicking again under it's starting QB. But, this is the ACC, so what does any of this fucking matter? Virginia could win 44-0 and it would just be more of the same.

Southern Ivies Bowl:

Vandy 24, Duke 10 -These kids exemplify student-athlete. But, I think the Commodores will be more athlete and less student this Saturday, rolling the Devils in Nashville.

Game of the Week:

Ohio State 31, Penn St. 30 - Terrelle Pryor is a great athlete. But, he's young. Still, he's taken control of this team and can recover from his mistakes with electrifying athleticism. For Penn State, Daryll Clark has experience and decision making skills that keep the Lions in control. And, if he has a bad day, there's always Evan Royster to pick up the slack offensively. However, the Bucks have Beanie. And, they're in the 'Shoe. I think it'll be fun and it'll be close, but it'll be Buckeyes when it's all said and done.

Upset Alert:

Tenn 27, Bama 24 - I have nothing to base this on other than a gut feeling. Tennessee is completely out-gunned by this physical 'Bama team, but Cody's out and UT can play some decent second half ball. Maybe it's enough. Maybe Nick Saban will be driven insane by the 109th time 'Rocky Top' rains upon him. Maybe Bama will win by 40.

Look out:

Who else should be on upset alert? Missouri should be careful Saturday night, playing host to a seemingly always pissed off Colorado Buffs team. I mean, Hawkins benched his own son last week. They could be fueled for a good game and Missouri could be just pissy enough to fall into the trap. Also, Pitt's at home against a comfortingly shitty Rutgers team. Maybe it's too much of a return to normalcy. Don't sleep on Schiano...

Online Dynasty News - An Honest Coach

After watching his West Virginia team implode in a 59-22 loss to Rutgers, coach mkyle11 got real honest about his team:

"Their offense was tough and our defense did not show up to play. I mean, you could have landed a plane in our secondary there were so many holes, but we knew that was a weakness going in. Once we saw the defense was not there, we abandoned our game plan and just started trying to score quick and often, which resulted in interceptions. "

But, he wasn't throwing his team under the bus. Coach went on to take the blame and offer solutions:

"It was a rookie mistake on my part so I will take the blame for that. However, we will take the defense back to the drawing board - maybe even completely revamp it. There is no reason to lose a game when one player alone has 200 yards rushing. That is not to take anything away from Rutgers - and to their credit we were the number three team (not number 4 as was earlier reported by the AP).

"We will learn from this -losing builds character.

He even made a bold statement about the entire league:

"This is a tough league; Gentleman, this Big East is the new SEC. Anything can happen on any given day."

Meanwhile, the Rutgers-Cincinnati game has been set for a 5 PM, Friday evening kick-off and can be viewed on ESPN 2.

After Wednesday's practice, we caught up with joaj34:

"This is going to be a real tough game...[Rutgers] is a good team that's putting up unreal numbers. We've been worried about defense and turnovers since we beat Oklahoma, and this is a team that can exploit those weaknesses. But, we're going to play our game and try to force them into our tempo and hopefully put them away. We need a big game and some solid defense."

When asked which QB would start, joaj34 had no comment.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Online Dynasty News - Coaching Dynamo

nliley, hired 3 games into the season, is showing his coaching chops early. He's led the Rutgers Scarlet Knights to an offensive blowout in his first CPU game and knocked off the #4 team in the nation, WVU, 59-22, in his first human v. human game.

Mike Teel went 16/16 for 300 yards and 6 TD's. That's insanity. When reached for comment, all nliley had to say was:

" I'm excited about the upset win, but I'm eager to get on the field next week and build on what we have started."

Spoken like a true coach.

So, we have seen s.shah, m.kyle11, and Aroo all lose so far. Next up for Rutgers are the #17 Cincinnati BearCats. Will your humble hero, joaj34, be able to fend off nliley's rampage? Signs point to no, but you never can tell.

I need a defense. In a bad way.

Full info, members, results and predictions for the online dynasty are coming...

Tuesday Top-25

We're about half way through the season, the first BCS just came out, and we really have no idea who's going to be playing for what when it's all said and done. There's still some big-time football yet to be played: GA-FLA, Bama-LSU, OSU-PSU, and about 4 Big-12 games that might begin to actually settle the matter.

Look for some big, half-way through the season predictions, projections and prognostications coming up later this week.

As for the top-25, here we go:

1. Texas
2. Alabama
3. Penn St.
4. Florida
5. USC
6. Oklahoma
7. Georgia
8. Oklahoma St.
9. Ohio St.
10. Texas Tech
11. LSU
12. Boise St.
13. Utah
14. TCU
15. South Florida
16. Missouri
17. Pitt
18. BYU
19. Kansas
20. Georgia Tech
21. Ball State
22. Boston College
23. Minnesota
24. Michigan State
25. Tulsa

Will we see a guest top-25 this week? KTL, we turn our eyes to you.

Say hello to your motha for me...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Online Dynasty News - LTD=OBC?

Does Eric Taylor run up the score? Well, we can't tell for sure, because we didn't see it, but in the second human vs. human game, South Florida blasted Pitt, 59-10. Pitt's struggles continue and South Florida is surging to the head of the Big East pack with Louisville.

When asked about the score after the game, Taylor replied:

"Do you know how many recruits we had at the game? They need to see we play all 24 minutes regardless of the score."

Ladies and gentlemen, this online dynasty has a Steve Spurrier on its hands!

Monday Night QB

So, Rich Rodriguez is like Hitler, and....wait....what? What the fuck was Lou Holtz talking about?!? Time to roll out the podium...

Moving On.

Texas looks like a very powerful team, but I'm beginning to doubt the defense in the Big-12. Will Muschamp says there's no problem, and that the teams in his old stomping ground, the SEC, might be overrated. I don't know about that. To his credit, they held Chase Daniel and Mizz to absolutely nothing until they had built a 5 score lead. And, when Mizz finally found the endzone, Muschamp looked like he was going to blow a gasket. I would just be worried if the Horns faced a big D. I'm not saying they'd lose, I'm just saying I'd be worried they'd struggle a little more.

Big-12: Will teams like Texas Tech and Oklahoma State be able to keep up their success throughout the season? Surely not. I think Texas Tech is overrated, even by me when you see my top-25, and State's win over Mizz looks less impressive by the week.

Now for the SEC. There really is not that much offense here. That's why it's easy for us to talk about strong D - the O here sucks. There's only one top-50 offensive program (UGA) and Auburn might have the worst in the nation. I guess we'll see how things shake out.

This all begs the question: What will the Cotton Bowl look like? Fun, I hope.

I still think Florida should be ranked higher than Oklahoma, though. USC should be higher than the Sooners, as well.

Also, why is Florida so low in the BCS?

I think Penn State is good. They were a little off early against Michigan, but that's more indicative of emotion/mind-set than talent (see UGA-SoCar). Two weeks ago, I would have said they were the best team in the Big-10. But look who's here, now: a new and improved Ohio State. With Pryor finally comfortable and confident at the helm, this looks like a whole new team. They might even be able to score twice against USC, now. I hate to ascribe it all to one player, but Pryor is a gamer, a leader, and an extreme talent already. He told Tressell to bench him if he couldn't produce, and produce he did. There's no doubt this is his team and this match-up with Penn State is HUGE. Try not to look at it with any anti-Big-10 bias and enjoy it. These are two good teams and it should be fun. That said, it'll probably be a blowout.

Who's better? Utah or Boise State? They're the only undefeated BSC busters left and they won't play each other in the regular season. Only one can make it to the 10-team dance, too. I think the safe bet is Boise State. Utah still has a game with tough, physical #15 TCU and the in-state, Holy War with #18 BYU. Boise State has already won it's toughest challenge, at Oregon, and the only real tough spot left is Fresno State to end the season. It's the easier of the two roads.

Look at Huston Nutt! Knocked off Florida and tried to get Alabama. They said taking the Rebels and the points was a sure thing...I guess they were right for once. You know what wasn't a sure thing? BYU last Thursday. Sad, just sad.

Speaking of Alabama, if they can handle the atmosphere in Baton Rouge, they could easily be undefeated. But, how important is Terrance Cody. He was a pivot-point in the first half blowout at Georgia and is just a monster who controls space and time on the line. He'll be tough to play without.

Georgia is now dead last in penalties. Does that make them a bad team? No. Most of the bottom teams in that stat are ranked teams with good records. Will it make hard to beat LSU and UF back to back? You bet your ass it will.

I know Pitt beat SoFla, but I still think the Bulls are better. They're my pick to win the Big East still. Pitt will stumble somewhere down the line, someone will be able to lock down McCoy and someone will out stache Wannstadt. You know who's still out there? West Virginia. Pat White should never be overlooked.

How many points will Tulsa score this season? Should they be on the BCS-Buster watch list? Should Ball State?

What's going to happen in the ACC? Who knows? It's a crap shoot, but I guess I'd go with BC, GT or FSU at this point. You'll get a definite prediction later this week.

Stay tuned this week for conference, early bowl predictions/projections.

The top-25 will follow shortly. KTL, if you're man enough, you can post your top-25 as well.

Online Dynasty News - Crumbling Dynasty?

UConn Huskies head man, coach Aroo, went on record last week after his team lost to Louisville:

“This was a very hard fought battle. There were young men out there who gave everything they had and after all is said and done, they made 1 mistake and we made 3. Hats off to Louisville and may the rest of our conference take notice that the high flying points that have been put up so far will not continue.”

After the loss to Louisville, Aroo was hoping to get back on track with lowly North Carolina. Not to be, my friends. The CPU-controlled Heels kept it close and forced overtime, where they prevailed 49-42.

When reached for comment on his second loss in a row, coach Aroo had this to say:

“I’m just disgusted. To see our guys go out there and give it all they had...We scored with 1 minute left to force overtime and our defense just does not show up. Hopefully, this bye week will help us regroup and get healthy for Rutgers.”

Speaking of Rutgers, they fired Greg Schiano after a 1-2 record and went after a relatively unknown talent - nliley, special teams coach at Georgia. After blowing out Charleston Southern, the Knights have a big test looming with #3 West Virginia before going on the road to #17 Cincy. That's a tough road to hoe for the new coach.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Online Dynasty News

In the first human v. human game, HW1's Louisville Cardinals knocked of Aroo's UConn Huskies, 24-14. In a game that was predicted to be high scoring, defense and the running game carried the day. When reached for comment, head coach HW1 had this to say:

"The press conference just ended and I'm real proud of our boys, they played their asses off out [there] in the rain. Fundamentals, pounding the ball up the middle and some good play action opportunities...hell, our kicker even made one. Gotta give all the credit in the world to those boys from up north, they played a hell of a ball game. In the end, we just scored more points than they did, I really hate to see a loser out on that field today, but somebody's gotta win...Go Cards."

Well said.

In other news, you favorite hero, joaj34, is the head man at Cincy and has the BearCats off to a 3-0 start, including an upset win over #2 Oklahoma.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vindication tastes bitter......

but I like it because it is bitter, and because it is my heart.

Hello everyone, KTL here. Bringing you a guest post about the Thursday night “game” between the TCU Frogs and the BYU Mormons.

If any of you believed JoaJ and thought it was even going to be close between these two teams, you watch too much Sportcenter. Just look at the numbers and you to could be as smart as me.

BYU has played NO ONE. Washington was their strongest opponent and they squeaked it out on a celebration penalty (a well deserved flag, if you ask me). The combined record of all the teams they’ve played is 12-25. How can you get a gauge on them with those weak-ass teams? AND they’ve been steadily scoring less and less points every week. Meaning, teams have been slowly figuring out BYU’s offense, which consists of beating up on ridiculously porous secondaries. So by the time the Frogs got them, there weren’t any surprises.

TCU has one of the stoutest defenses in the NCAA. They have a strong running game, which kept the offense on the sidelines, and the D-line was in Max Hall’s face all night. Max hasn’t seen a rush like this all season. He was quoting Ivory Christian by the half, “They fast, they big, they dirty... they fast, Coach.”

Honestly, the hype around this game was too similar to the UGA – Hawaii Sugar Bowl. The Warriors came in with a high flying super powered spread offense that was “unstoppable”. Undefeated! Champs of the WAC! Who the hell cares?! Hawaii also hadn’t played anyone cause their conference sucks too. So the Bulldawgs came in with defense that would end up obliterating Colt Brennan, who didn’t even throw a touchdown. (I will also say that I called the Oklahoma State upset over Mizzou ,again it’s the same situation)

So can we please stop rating all these non-BCS teams into the top ten? Top twenty? They don’t play quality opponents. They don’t deserve it. Until they do, and BEAT a real team, THEN they can be in the top 25.

Don’t believe the hype. Don’t believe JoaJ. He just regurgitates Sportcenter, but he’s not as funny…and he doesn’t have any videos.

In closing, I love the smell of burnt Cougar in the morning, it smells like…..victory.

ps- I originally said TCU by 20, then backtracked to 14 points. Should have gone with my gut since they pulled out a 25 point victory. Dammit, I'm smart. S-M-R-T, smart.

At the Half: BYU-TCU

23-0?!? Fuck! - I'm stupid. Disregard all previous posts today. Someone must have hacked my blog...

In all seriousness, BYU has looked like Wofford against this TCU D. Maybe they can make some halftime adjustments, but it doesn't look like it now. The Horned Frogs are all over the Coug O-line and in Hall's face. They refused to run the ball early and now there's no time for it. WTF? TCU is dominating every facet of the game except extra points - but their kicker does have one arm, so it's still more bad ass.

To KTL: You may have won the day, sir. I don't see BYU recovering. You should've given me 40 points. This is awful. You have embarrassed me like the Frogs have the Cougs. I acknowledge your football greatness.

To everyone else: Get ready for a surprise...The wrap-up article on this game is going to be a little different...


TCU-BYU has now become the single most discussed game in this short-lived blog's history.

The line for the game has offcially moved from BYU (-2.5) to favor the Horned Frogs, TCU (-1).

Wow. Maybe KTL is right...should he be writing the college football blog?

Also, maybe ESPN did drop the ball, but Versus picked it up and is returning the fumble. THey will be carrying this Moutain West showdown at 8:00 tonight. God bless us all.

I'd still pick BYU, 27-24. But, I'd rather tailgate with rich Texans than goody-goody Mormons. Go figure. You can decide for yourself here.

See you on the field , KTL.


I think BYU will win this game. However, I think the Horned Frogs are a tough team that are capable of knocking off the Cougars. If TCU wins, I will not be surprised. It will be a tough fight, a close game, but I think BYU will pull away. If they don't, cool - it will not shock me if TCU pulls an upset. But, I will say, in repsonse to those who think BYU is so awful they'll get blown out - you're wrong. If TCU wins by 20 (like you claim they will, KTL), I will ackowledge your football greatness, but I just don't think they have a blowout in them for this game.

Post Script: Why can't ESPN 2 show us this game instead of MLS soccer? I'd even prefer it over the FSU-NCSt., 'let's pretend the Seminoles are relevant', suck-fest that ESPN opted for. I mean, I know it's ratings, but I want to see this game! Explosive BYU O + Dominant Frog D = Great Game.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekly Picks

Last Week: 6-4
Season: 40-17
Against the Spread: I don't want to talk about it.

We need to really ask ourselves: Who is Barack Oba...oh, wait, that's something else.

We need to figure out who BYU really is. And, I think the Horned Frogs will tell us.

BYU 30, TCU 21 - It's tough early, but the Cougs are for real and that date with the Utes is getting bigger and bigger...

Georgia Tech 22, Clemson 20 - Korn and the fightin' Dabos won't have enough emotion left after this awful week on the lake. Let's hope GT was just fuckin' around against the Runnin' Dawgs of G-Dub last week.

Georgia 29, Vanderbilt 17 - Dawgs field goal themselves past the plucky 'Dores. Can we please get a TD?

Oklahoma 42, Kansas 20 - Who wants to play a pissed off Sooners squad led by one of the best QB's in the country? Not me! Poor Jayhawks...

Ohio State 17, MichSt. 13 - Luckeyes keep winning.

LSU 21, SoCar 20 -The OBC's big D hangs tough, but the Tigers get some pride back from the Eastern Division.

PennSt. 31, Mich 17 - Not this season, Wolverines. You stole one a few years ago, but JoePa's gang is for real this year. Maybe. I think. We'll see.

UNC 28, Virginia 13 - Heels restore order, returning Cavs to the bottom of the heap.

VA Tech 24, BC 21 - This is a tough call and I've gone back and forth on it. I just see the Hokies pulling it out late. What did I use as a deciding factor? Common games against GA Tech. Pathetic, I know.

Tex 31, Mizz 30 - Chase Daniel returns to form, picking apart the Horns D. But, Colt has more talent surrounding him and that will carry the day in an exciting Big 12 showdown.

Buckle your chin strap, we kick off Thursday night.

Dynasty Stuff

The Ace Journeyman dynasty has slowed a bit recently, but that's because I have entered an online dynasty with some friends scattered throughout out our great state. From the ATL to the ATH, from MAC to ALP, we're everywhere and we're mercilessly shit-talking our way until we have our first human on human game. We took 6 teams in the Big East and I drew Cincinnati. Go BearCats! I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned...

If you have the time, check out the slow news day purge over at Everyday Should Be Saturday. The staff's are great, but the reader admissions in the comments are hilarious. I added a couple and feel newly washed in the blood. Do yourself a favor, confess.

Pass me not, oh gentle savior...

Non-Football, Fan Boy Alert

I bought Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on DVD today. I just finished watching it and, you know what? I still like it. That's thrice in the theaters and once on DVD now, and it's still just awesome to see Indy back on the screen in a new adventure. I know a lot of people hated it (see South Park's newest episode last week and most of my friends), but I really don't think it's that bad. It's my least favorite in the series, but it's still enjoyable. And, no, I'm not one of those guys who liked Phantom Menace. You have to draw the line somewhere for fuck's sake. Indy 4 is fun, the SW prequels were just painful.

Tuesday Top-25

Who knows? There's a lot of good one loss teams out there, there's Big-12 shrapnel everywhere and some pesky BCS busters. Somehow they all have to fit in the top-15 with the big teams who have remained undefeated so far. It's a disaster.

Here's how it looks:

1. Texas
2. Alabama
3. Florida
4. Penn State
5. USC
6. Georgia
7. Oklahoma
8. Oklahoma State
9. LSU
10. Missouri
11. Texas Tech
12. Ohio State
13. BYU
14. Utah
15. Virginia Tech
16. Kansas
17. Michigan St.
18. Boise St.
19. North Carolina
20. Pitt
21. South Florida
22. Wake Forest
23. Vanderbilt
24. Ball State
25. Tulsa

I know there's some big changes and weird moves - but I believe in fluidity. I'd also like to get in on the Mumme Poll, located here. It has some real economic theory powering it, while ridiculing Hal Mumme at the same time, but it's too late to get in this season. Also, the blog's header is a bad ass pic of James Brown and a young Vince Dooley. Where can one find that awesomely retro, funky, circle-shaped G's shirt? I'd like to know.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Night QB

Bowden's out at Clemson. Who's next? The hots eat cannot be satisfied with the blood of just one man and now the Tiger athletic department has opened the door. There are coaches under pressure out there, but a more interesting question is: Who's going to Clemson?

Could it be Bobby Johnson? The Vandy coach is (was) having a great season and he played DB at Clemson in the 70's. However, he claims his undying love for the true idea of the 'student-athlete' not just the athlete. Maybe Vandy's a better fit. He didn't even blink when Vandy deleted the athletic department. All that could be a show, though, and he could jump ship (Ha! get it, Commodores? huh, huh?) for the green grass of home.

All hail Dabo!

I hate Georgia Tech. I guess its needless to say since I am a Georgia fan, but they always do something to screw me. I spent a week as a mindless convert to the new offense, praising the scheme and the return of the antiquated triple option. And, how did Tech repay me? A 10-7 squeaker against...Gardner Webb!?! Fuck. I hate Tech. Now that I've said this, they'll drop 60 on Clemson.

Georgia's down another starting left tackle. Vince Vance, subbing for injured Trinton Sturdivant, is out for the year. Games are won in the lines. If you don't believe me, watch Alabama or Penn State play. The Dawgs are bare knuckle boxing an uphill schedule already, who knows how this will turn out now. Games on the road at LSU, Fla in Jax, UK and Auburn, not to mention Vandy and Tech at home.

Speaking of the SEC, where did Florida come from? I mean, they always beat someone like that, but LSU? That was impressive. Did they lay it on late? Sure. That's what Meyer does. But it was still pretty ugly all over. Les Miles looked clueless. There was no trick, gimmick or dumb-ass, half-magic play call to save that one. Has the hat gone dry?

The Big 12 has entered murder ball mode. Texas knocked off OU, but now has to play Mizz who's pissed about losing to OK St. who has a coach who is a man; he's 41. They will all beat each other in some round robin fashion effectively removing the conference champion from BCS contention, while USC gets to play out in a conference that the Texas 5-A state champ could probably shoot .500 in.

North Carolina beat Notre Dame. Good.

Arkansas beat Auburn. The Tiger O is atrocious. They gave Petrino his first SEC win. I know you can't change schemes in the middle of the year, but I also know that Auburn has used some power running plays at times this season. Why not stick with them? Especially if you're canning the guy who ran the spread you hate so much? If you're going to keep running it, you should have kept Franklin. This looks like a program reeling in desperation. Bring on the Iron Bowl...

We are getting closer to Utah-BYU. I can feel the electricity in the air. This game has the potential to be more important than most of the other major rivalries this season. We keep seeing top teams fall while at the same time seeing non-BCS teams rear up and kick around. Parity is gaining. There are more 3 star recruits than ever before and a lot of good coaches and schemes. They have to go somewhere, right? This Holy War-Beehive Boot showdown could be the standard bearer for the new trend in CFB.

Penn State looks to be pretty good. I agree with Mark May that maybe they haven't played anyone great, but neither have some of the other highly touted teams. The Spread HD, good lines, solid QB-RB combo, smart D and a secondary that covers like grandma's quilt- that's what State has and has been lacking for a while. JoePa should get a definite extension.

Friday, October 10, 2008

By Request, a Pick

For the Moviegoer:

Auburn 17, Arkansas 13 - Surely even the inept, bumbling, headless Tiger Offense can get a win against the embarrassingly bad Hogs. The D on the Plains should be strong enough to stave off any dreams of a Petrino SEC victory. One things a certainty though, it will be ugly.

For Everybody:

Check out the mailbag shout-out I got on, even though my comment is attributed to joag, instead of joaj. Or, simply my real name which was included in the email as well.

It was a response to Clay's 5 funniest women in history.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Night Picks

Tonight, Clemson and Wake play for the title of "best team who was supposed to win the ACC but will finish up limping to a bowl." Hold on everybody, but the protractors, T-squares, and calculators have spoken, and your two new front runners are Tech schools, namely of the Virginia and Georgia variety.

There are some big showdowns this week, from Dallas to Madison to Gainesville. By the time the afternoon games kick-off, we'll know who holds the lead in the Big-12. Florida could go a long way to prove they're back to form and LSU could move into the top-3 with that showdown against 'Bama looming large next month. The Badgers need a win to stop their skid, but the high flying Lions might be too much to handle. With solid under-cards sprinkled throughout the day, this Saturday should be a good one.

On to the Picks:

Tonight's ACC showdown:

Clemson 27, Wake 21 - I guess. It really comes down to which of these teams shows up. It's in WS, but the Tigers have some anger pent up after the Maryland loss.


Michigan State 24, Northwestern 21 - A good game between two under-rated teams

Notre Dame 31, North Carolina 21 - The Irish will win this game, but I really wish they wouldn't. Why do I think they'll win? Because I want them to lose and it never happens that way. I dread Lou Holtz's shit after this one.

USC 35, ASU 16 - The Trojans bounced back in impressive fashion, rolling the Ducks. The Devils haven't matched the hype (surprise, surprise). It'll be a big win for SoCal.

Georgia 24, Tennessee 17 - The Vols are awful, with no QB and no run game; the coaches are floundering and AR's speaking Pterodactyl. They will click sometime this season, though, and I think it'll be this game in ATH. Richt has finally bitched about penalties this week at practice - let's see if it makes a difference.

Missouri 45, OK St. 31 - The Tigers roll, but the Pokes O makes it a fun fireworks show.

Oregon 37, UCLA 17 - The Ducks will regroup after their p'wnage at USC. No better opponent than the hapless Bruins to beat up on, either. Where's Wazzou on the schedule again?...

Games of the Week:

Oklahoma 31, Texas 20 - The Sooners will handle Colt and the 'Horns. Bradford, Murray and Iglesias will have a big day against the Texas D. McCoy will be competitive and the 'Horns will hang around for a while, but the Sooners are just too much.

Florida 23, LSU 19 - I don't know why, but I think the Gators have this one. LSU's D line is nasty tuff, but I feel Tebow and porcelain doll Harvin will do just enough. If the running backs come to play, they should ice it for UF.

Penn State 28, Wisconsin 21 - I just think JoePa and JayPa have been too good this year. If Royster keeps up the tough play and the rest of Spread HD clicks, the Lions could escape with a win. I've gone back and forth on this one, so maybe I'm way off. The Badgers might be so pissed from the last two losses they blast PSU, but it's doubtful.

Have a good weekend.

May I also recommend mixing Bud Light Lime and Orange Juice together for those early morning tailgates? I discovered it when I was sick before the Central Michigan-UGA game and it was delicious. It has become a staple with Jinx, The Moviegoer and myself.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Good (Maybe, I hope) News (about the UT game)...

Sometimes I'm one of those fans who frets over simple games. I call it being careful and managing expectations, others call it being a pussy. Maybe so, but I guess I actually learned something from the UAB fiasco and the West Virginia loss. That said, I have some real concerns going into Saturday's game against Tennessee. The Vols need a spark to turn things around, save their season, and maybe even their coach. They've historically had Georgia's number the last couple of decades, too. Also, Georgia's not the best team at getting pumped up, or staying focused, and if the 'Bama game's an indicator, completely lacks fundamentals and discipline. So, to me, it is not out of the realm of possibilities for UT to come into ATH and drop us.

But there are some things that have helped assuage my fears. First, Brannan Southerlands is back. It will be nice to have an experienced senior on the field who has been integral to UGA's success the last few years. He's key in the goal line and utilized in a multiple of ways in our offensive schemes. Big plus. God, if we could get Sturdivant back...

Secondly, check this out from Chris Low at ESPN. Apparently David Cutcliffe was a key spark for the Vols success against Georgia. Not just the last two blow out years, but even the long stretch through the 90's where Georgia looked like simple Jack banging his head against a storm grate. And, if you look at the records, it wasn't just Georgia's number he had.

Cutcliffe is gone again, now. He spent years making Fulmer look like genius, and now he's at Duke laying goose eggs. We can't say it was all Cutcliffe. Some years, it was just Georgia being as pumped up to play as a 97 year-old nursing home patient on dialysis (see '07 and 98, both in ATH). But, he was definitely a factor in the Vols success and UGA's apparent ineptitude.
There's also a couple suspended Tenn linemen, but one's a backup and the other hasn't ever played.

These things bode well for us. I'm not saying I don't have worries. It's still the SEC and it's still Tennessee. And, penalties, turnovers, weak lines and undisciplined play will cost you games anywhere. All I'm saying is that now I see that our favorite-status is not ridiculously unmerited and that maybe, just maybe, we can win this thing.

Also, Tennessee is apparently at the "edge of the world."

Tuesday Top-25

Oklahoma is the best team right now - the Sooners should roll over the Horns D. Bradford and Iglesias will have a big day. Colt won't struggle per se, but Texas doesn't seem to have enough for OU. I have the SEC teams creeping back up the rankings - they deserve it. USC is the only PAC-10 team I'm ranking, no one else has been decent enough. Georgia Tech is solid - the triple option apparently can hang with the big boys - and Ball State is explosive. UNC is ranked, ND is not - but that's not a prediction for Saturday's game. I think Penn State and LSU are good, but Missouri's D is a little suspect.

Pitt made the cut and the BCS busters are still chugging up the line...

There is Tuesday Night Football, but none Wednesday Night, so you have to wait for this week's picks. To hold you over, I'll call tonight's Sunbelt showdown: Troy 35, FAU 20.

My rankings:

1. Oklahoma
2. Alabama
3. Texas
4. LSU
5. Penn State
6. Missouri
7. USC
8. Georgia
9. Florida
10. BYU
11. Ohio State
12. Texas Tech
13. Boise State
14. Vanderbilt
15. Utah
16. Auburn
17. Oklahoma State
18. Virginia Tech
19. Georgia Tech
20. Pitt
21. Michigan State
22. Wisconsin
23. Kansas
24. Ball State
25. North Carolina

Stalking around: USF, Tulsa, Northwestern, Wake, Oregon

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Night QB

The Big 12 is a VERY good conference. Are they better than the SEC? I'd call it a draw right now, even though the Big 12 edges out the SEC 3-2 in the top-5. Things will shake out after the Red River Rivalry on Saturday. I hope a good SEC team makes it to the Cotton Bowl this year so we can have an exciting match up, not a blowout (see Mizzou 38, Ark 7). And, I hope it's two exciting offenses, not plodding run games and strong D's (see Auburn 17, Nebraska 14). I want Missouri 49, Florida 47.

Why is the Big-12 so good? Quarterbacks. There are some nasty gunslingers in that conference. 8 Big-12 QB's have better numbers than Heisman defender Tim Tebow. 8! Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford will meet in the RRR. Should be exciting.

Speaking of Big-12 QB's, why are people so adamant to have the Heisman and the NFL draft connected? Chase Daniel could win the Heisman; and he'd deserve it. But that's it. He's like 5'8" and 295 pounds. Short and chubby do not an NFL'er make. And thas's OK. He is earning a degree, he could coach, he'll be fine. There's no rule that says gutsy play has to earn you a pro spot. Let it go CD fans. By the way, who knew he and Warren Buffet were boyz?

Auburn? I don't know. Fuck the system, use a FB in the I and run the ball. With that D, you could win out in dazzling 10-7, 3-2, and 7-3 fashion. Or, maybe Vandy's that good. But, I doubt it. Are the 'Dores tough? Yes. Will they win the East? No, but they should make it exciting!

What about Kentucky? They're not pushovers, but I think 'Bama was coming down from the blowout over UGA.

Yay! - USC played well again. But Stanford still lurks on the schedule...

Are we ready for BYU-Utah? Our brains cannot handle the top-10, BCS ramifications of that MWC - yes, Mountain West - showdown. Use TCU-BYU as a warm-up. You'll get used to it, I promise. If that's not enough, you know who else is still knocking on the door? Boise State! You better win out, Oklahoma, or one of these guys is beating you in the Fiesta Bowl.

Do you want to look long range? OK, I will. Let's do the Big-12.

Oklahoma beats Texas, Texas beats Missouri, Oklahoma loses to OK St., but beats Missouri who has lost to Kansas or someone like that. What does it all mean? Oklahoma gets the bump for the BCS game, Texas plays the Fiesta, and Missouri rolls in the Cotton again.

And, I'm finally recognizing Texas Tech. They could win 10 games this year.

No, Notre Dame is not 'back.' Or, important. It was Stanford - grow up. Lou Holtz needs to let it go.

Mark May however, might be due for some redemption. Look who's ruling the Big East: PITT! McCoy and Co. knocked off the Bulls last week. But, it's the BE and they'll lose to someone. It's almost guaranteed.

Check out Ball State. I called that shit way back in August. Looks like I also called Pitt's season opening loss, too. God, I'm a genius. That must be why I'm averaging 10th place in my Pick 'em league.

BTW - There's Tuesday Night Football again this week!