Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bowl Picks

Now that we're getting into the nitty gritty of bowl season, I figured I'd do an official FTS Pick Set. I'm not picking all of the remaining games, just some of the big ones between now and New Year's Day, starting with tonight.

Alamo Bowl: Oklahoma State 30, Arizona 24 - I would have picked the Pokes by an even higher margin, but the distraction around Holgorsen could slow State down a bit. The Wildcats have the talent and coaching, but I see that terrible collapse down the stretch to continue.

Music City Bowl: Tennessee 27, North Carolina 24 - The Vols were clicking late and that could carry over, even with the month-long lay off. Tyler Bray will outplay T.J. Yates in a pretty hum-drum affair.

Holiday Bowl: Nebraska 34, Washington 17 - How did Nebraska slip down to the 5-seed from the Big-XII? This might be the most ridiculous match-up in all of the bowls. Rematches in bowls are fun if the regular season match-up was close, but not when it was a blowout. Sark has done a good job in Seattle, but remember, this was a one-win football team 2 years ago - there's no way they're ready for serious competition. Look for the Huskers to Re-Destroy the Huskies, os should I say, Husk-ees?

Liberty Bowl: Georgia 31, Central Florida 24 - The Dawgs will come out absolutely flat in this one, while the Knights will be itching to get at a big opponent. Throw in the fact that O'Leary and Godsey know how to beat Georgia, and Central could be a handful. In the end, though, Georgia has too much talent: Murray and Green put it away late.

Chick-Fil-A Bowl: South Carolina 26, Florida State 21 - Lattimore, early and often. It will be enough for the Cocks to overcome Ponder's limited playing time.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bulldawgs and Buckeyes

Georgia vs. Ohio State in 2020-21. I wonder what Kirk Herbsreit and Robert Smith will say about this game when it comes up...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"He hated all the religious and commercial aspects of Christmas."

I saw this clip on KTL yesterday, and it got me to thinking.

 FESTIVUS. The best of all of this season's holidays - yes, Fox News, there are other holidays this season - and the inspiration for my airing of 2010 grievances:

5. The NCAA: C'mon guys, let's codify some rules here. A.J. Green, 4 games. Marcell Dareus, 2 games, Cam Newton, nothing, T.Pry and the other Buckeyes, still get to play in the Sugar Bowl, etc. Now, I know the investigation came up clear on Newton and, honestly, they probably made the right call so as not to punish an innocent (relatively) program, but pay-for-play seems way more serious than college student selling their own possessions (Didn't Pony Exce$$ teach us anything?). And, sure Mark May sounded borderline crazy the other day when he tee'd off on the NCAA, but doesn't some small part of you think he's right? Or, rather, do you think some small part of his argument was right? You just don't feel like you've got your shit together, NCAA.

4. The Big East: Jesus, you're terrible. Your best team record was 9-3 and your champion is only 8-4. The fact you get an automatic bid to the BCS seems ridiculous. Good thing you drew "Big Game" Bob; if any coach can lose to UConn, it's him.

3. OK, one non-football one: The right wing: Seriously, fuck you guys. Tax cuts for the wealthy are more important than health care for 9/11 responders? Fox News, the "War on Christmas"conspiracy, the ground-zero "mosque" "controversy", fear-mongering, racism, ignorance, Sarah Palin, Gretchen and her moron friends, etc. All idiots, dangerous idiots. And that's just the tip of the ice berg, but this isn't the place.

2. Georgia's O-line: A combined 155 starts coming into this season. You were supposed to be the rock, the dependable unit, the thing we could rely while Aaron Murray found his footing. Instead, you blocked like a sieve and made sure we could never establish a running game. Individually, you're extremely talented, as a whole, you were extremely disappointing. You know what happens when the line plays down? RB's feel like they have to do it all, which results in turnovers - sound familiar (SoCar, MissSt., Colorado)? Or, your QB takes big hits, cheap shots, and cannot establish a rhythm.

1. The ugliness of the sport we love: Forty-something Todd Grantham making choking motions at a 19 year old kid; Cecil Newton; agents swimming around these athletes like blood-frenzied sharks; college football players demanding that they need more to live on than other college students/athletes; fanbases detached from reality, SEC schools in-particular; reporters releasing confidential information about a player just to get a story; the gang-style beat downs surrounding USC-UCLA; the fact Mike Leach will have another job soon; underhanded boosters; academic cheating for pampered players; dirt-road alum stirring the pot with stupidity; Ralph Friedgen being forced out; the Kyle Brotzman Sucks FB page; firing reporters over hats; cheap hits and no-calls; the BYU alum fixing the Cougars' game against San Diego State; the list goes on and on. It's almost enough to force the conscientious side of me to leave the sport behind forever...almost.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Best lines from the best song:

"I like money, bitches, and eating food."
"I like eating chips. When I dip, you dip, we dip."
"I ribbidy-ribbidy-ribbidy rap-a-lot!"

Damaris Johnson plays football.

Tulsa used 6 first-half Hawaii turnovers and an FBS record-breaking performance to crush the Warriors in the Hawaii Bowl, 62-35. Damaris Johnson racked up 326 all-purpose yards with 98 on the ground, 101 receiving, and 129 on returns. Even if it was a JUCO team he was matched up with, that's an impressive box score - especially considering that he did it on only five carries and four receptions.Gross.

He's probably leaving,...

...but let's remember him well; Even in a loss, he had sick, sick skills:

A Brandon Marshall-esque, "let 'em play" push-off, T.O. in his prime ups, and Jerry Rice hands, er, hand. I would love nothing more than for AJ to come back for one more year with Murray.
EDIT: I can be as homer-y as anyone, but hey, Julio, do that.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays from FTS!

I won't be aorund until late Christmas Day and there's not much football to be missed except the Hawaii Bowl (Tulsa vs. Hawaii). I'll be on the road and on intellectual/alcohol lockdown in Middle Georgia for a couple days, but I'll be raging back late on Jesus' pretend birthday; I'm going to crack a growler and get the dynasty going again now that Fallout: New Vegas has been beaten. Until then: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Will he stay?

San Diego State just got their 'home-team' on, blasting Navy 35-14 in the Poinsettia Bowl. That caps a great season that included 8 wins and four losses by a combined 15 points. This success is due in large part to Brady Hoke and leaves many wondering if they'll have their coach next season. He had similar success at lowly Ball State before he came to SDSU, and he's caught the attention of a few big name programs. And, while his name popped up a few times early on in the coaching carousel ride, things have been quiet regarding Hoke since then. On a side-note, this 21-point win puts the total of blowout bowls at five out of six. I'd be lying if I said it still wasn't fun, though.

Saturnalia is Over. Merry Christmas!

 Well, the first holiday of my holiday "season" is over. And I don't really celebrate Saturnalia, but it always falls during the first week of my break from work, so it's a convenient excuse for all the drinking, over-eating, and general laying-about I do between the 17th and 23rd. By the way, despite what the pesky Bible-beaters tell you, Saturnalia is the real reason for the season; Jesus would have actually been born closer to April, but the Christians co-opted all the fun, old-school Roman celebrations. Not that I don't celebrate Christmas, too. Fuck, if their was good food and booze, I'd celebrate anything. The only problem with Christmas is now it feels like work; driving and socializing with people I have nothing in common with, forced get-togethers, etc. I think that's why I love the first week of winter break so much. Oh well, Io Saturnalia, bitches! I celebrated by blowing it out downtown Friday night, recovering through Sunday, using Bulldawg Delivery almost every day, finally hitting up The Beer Growler, and enjoying some choice brews. Now, on to the next holiday!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boise Wins...sort of...

Boise State 26, Utah 3. So, while the Broncos won the Las Vegas Bowl, you can't help but wonder what they lost with that choke down the stretch at Nevada a month ago. Surely a BCS bid and millions of dollars, but also, any interest that passing football fans would have had in their post-season, which will linger into their off-season. Not everyone left Boise behind, though. I was interested in the game and watched almost the whole thing, including what could have been the greatest play I've ever seen: WR Pettis on a reverse sweep option himself. Too bad it only net only 2 yards and came up 3-short of the goal line; A TD on that would have been sicknastyawesome. And, uh, oh yeah, Pat Forde said something about a bus.

Make it through this without laughing...

Oh, the south. The football's great, but the IQ's are, um, well, I think he sums it up well. Thank you, EDSBS.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blowout Bowls

BYU, Northern Illinois, and Troy all cruised through their bowl games. These games were absolute blowouts, one-sided affairs dominated by one team from start to finish. However, we did get introduced to this:

Punter Will Goggans and his EPIC beard.

Mike Leach to Maryland?

Maryland and their new AD have told Ralph Friedgen that he will NOT be able to coach the Terps next season. They are asking him to step down and accept a buy-out, but there's been no word of the Fridge's response yet. The most likely candidate to take over in College Park is Mike Leach, and there are even rumors that the new administration are getting rid of Friedgen specifically to go after the mad pirate coach.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's not all bad.

Well, a couple of UGA players are back in the news...but not in the way we're used to.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Old Spice Guy's a Baller...Who Knew?

We all know this man:

But, most of us never knew his back story, which includes his time as wideout on the almost-natty champ Arizona State Sun Devils in 1996. Well, that's where Jim Weber from comes in, sharing Isaiah Mustafa's story in a guest post on Dr. Saturday.

Dynasty Update: Soon.

There hasn't been any news in a while and here's why:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Never Going Back Again"

Here are the latest ideas floating around in the coaching rumor-sphere:
  • James Franklin is going to Vanderbilt....or...James Franklin is going to Pitt. Either way, the "in-waiting" spot will be open in College Park.
  • Bill Stewart is retiring after the bowl game. That would leave both Backyard Brawl Rivals looking for head coaches.Update: Dana Holgorsen is going to Morgantown. Only, he's going to remain an OC and serve 2011 under Stewart who is now going to put off retirement until after next season. He turned down Pitt's HC to do this. Is this a good indicator of which job is better?
  • Major Applewhite is NOT headed to Florida. Kirby Smart still might be.Update: Smart would replace Teryl Austin, who is heading to Austin to replace whoever Texas' DC was.
  • Mike Leach wants a job.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Instead of continuing all the updates and edits in my earlier coaching carousel post, I'll just give this topic its own, new post. Guz Malzahn said 'no' to Vanderbilt. And, while I don't personally give a shit about Malzahn personally (actually, there's something about him I don't trust for some reason, but I digress), I have to say this is the smart decision. Not because being the OC at Auburn is a dream job or the most complete fulfillment of Malzahn's potential, but because being the head coach at Vanderbilt is ALWAYS A TERRIBLE IDEA...even for $3 million.

Alabama's Proxy War

Addicted to Quack had a guest poster this week, Kleph, from Roll Bama Roll, and he put together a quick-and-dirty primer on how to hate Auburn in preparation for the BCS Title Game. While the post is somewhat funny, it's the comments that actually provide the most comedy - these two fan-bases really hate each other and hijacked an Oregon thread to make that abundantly clear. I'd say the cyber-Ducks who started this didn't know what they were getting into, but they're no strangers to rivalry based hatred and violence. Having this heated SEC hatred flare up on the west coast has helped put all this in perspective for me, though; The Auburn and Alabama fan bases are NOT DIFFERENT. Use the points Kelph brought up and tell me you can't apply them to both programs, especially cheating (duh), racism (it's Alabama for fuck's sake), and "pants losing" (Hello, Mike Price). I mean, swap the schools in the comments and it makes as much sense. Here's one pulled at random:
Glad y’all have nothing better to do than get on Oregon blogs and whine and complain. You just CAN’T HANDLE Auburn having success. I’m loving it. Look for me on TV in Arizona. WAR EAGLE!
Now, change it up:
Glad y’all have nothing better to do than get on Oregon blogs and whine and complain. You just CAN’T HANDLE Alabama having success. I’m loving it. Look for me on TV in Arizona. ROLL TIDE!
You could have just as easily seen this on a Texas thread last year. And you could argue that this post could appear on any site, being exchanged between fans of any rival schools. But, I had to pick this one because it's the only one that was short enough to post here and not carrying ninety-seven attached replies. Seriously, just take a stroll through the comments, it's good reading...unless you're a fan, then you might be there for a while, fighting the good fight. Man, there's nothing like the straw men and ad hominem fallacies attached to college football "debate"! And nowhere is this better exemplified than in the most heated of rivalries.

(h/t GTP)

Stealing Kirby Smart

Is Muschamp trying to do this? If he was able to take Smart with him to Gainesville, Muschamp would have the Turk-i-est of all Young Turk staffs in the nation. Not only that, but these two are close friends from their playing days at Georgia. Hey Bobo, feeling left out?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Malzahn to Vandy and Golden to Miami.

UPDATE: Malzahn has turned down Vanderbilt.

Guz Malzahn has decided to take the Vanderbilt job...and I'm not really sure why. I mean, I know why - the supposed $3 million offer. But, beyond that, there's no other reward for being the head man in Nashville. Maybe his gimmicky offense can do more with the talent the 'Dores have in stock, but that seems like a stretch. Also, it looks like Miami is ready to make an official announcement naming Al Golden as their new boss-man. I think Golden is a great coach, but I'm not sure he can do what the folks in Coral Gables want. And that's aimed more at the expectations of the Hurricanes' fan base than Golden's shortcomings.

So, what do we have so far? Let's take a look:
  • Texas DC Will Muschamp replaces retiring Urban Meyer at Florida. In tow is another former 'Horn, Major Applewhite, to act as OC. No real word on who will lead the D back in Austin. One rumor I saw today is Randy Shannon.
  • Guz Malzahn has (edit: most likely - update: scratch all this) left stayed at Auburn for the Vandy job vacated by Cladwell two weeks ago. We don't know when he's going, and an early departure could cost the Tigers in the BCS Title game. Since this isn't official, there's not been much in the way of new OC rumors on the Plains.
  • Al Golden is leaving Temple to replace Randy Shannon in Miami. Shannon has no new job yet - but rumors abound. As far as who will take the Temple job, nobody really cares. Just kidding, a few people care. But let's face it, it won't be a big name or a guy from a big program, and that's who steals the headlines during the peak hours of coaching carousel operation.
  •  Oh yeah, Jerry Kill's the new man at Minnesota. But, we knew that last week and it doesn't really affect anything...unless somebody flips the fuck out and give Tim Brewster a big time job.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Everything went fine and the best man won. But, if I was Cam Newton, I probably wouldn't have said, "My parents do a lot behind the scenes." 

A Bulldog in Gainesville?

Yes, apparently so. Will Muschamp will most likely be officially named head coach of the Florida Gators tomorrow. I think Muschamp will be a good head coach...but I'm surprised that the Gators took this chance. And, if they're going this route, why not go after Charlie Strong, who they know for a fact is a great fit in G-ville?

This is our world.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Awards Night!

In what is the precursor to this weekend's Heisman ceremony, most of the awards went to the right people. Peterson for the Thorpe was a no brainier. Next, as questionably dirty as he is, Nick Fairley was a dominant DT and there's no foul in him winning the Lombardi. I'm mainly so laid back about Fairley's win because I'm so thrilled that Da'Quan Bowers won the Nagurski. I feel Bowers has been more dominant than Fairley, but Fairley benefited from the high profile of an undefeated season; in the end, the results are least for these defensive awards. I do think the Home Depot Coach of the Year Award should have gone to someone who actually succeeded this season with his coaching. Nothing against Gene Chizik as a coach - he's a capable guy - but we ALL know why Auburn's undefeated, and it ain't Chizik. Hell, it's not even all Malzahn*; it's Cam Newton. And while Newton deserves every award he got - and will hopefully get Saturday night - handing Chizik the COTY is a bad call. I'd give it to Kelly or Dantonio first. Offensively, beyond what Newton won (Camp, O'Brien) the right calls were made. LaMichael James (Walker), Justin Blackmon (Billetnikoff), and D.J. Williams (Mackey) were all deserving of their awards. Now it's just 'wait and see' until Saturday night, and I hope the voters do the right thing - regardless of whether or not they think Newton did.
* Make no mistake here, though: Guz Malzahn Deserved with a capital-D his Broyles Award.

Weekly Picks

Um, Navy?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Goodbye Again, Urban.

Urban Meyer is stepping down and this time it seems like it's for real. The obvious choice to replace Meyer is Dan Mullen...but I'm sure we're going to get a who's who of possible candidates bandied about before the final hire is made. I, for one, hope they promote Steve Addazio.

Wrecking Tech

It's always nice to beat Georgia Tech, even nicer to do it in two different sports in two weeks!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dynasty Update: "Glory, Glory to ol' Georgia!"

Dawgs Leave No Doubt, Rip Cal 35-7!

From the very first possession, it looked like it was going to be a long night for the Cal Golden Bears in the BCS Title game. Held to a three-and-out, they gave up a touchdown on the ensuing punt return and then turned the ball over again with an interception on their next play from scrimmage. Dawgs coach Ace Journeyman went for the throat, as Georgia scored on a 33 yard TD the very next play, giving UGA a 14-point lead just one minute into the game. Things mellowed a bit through the rest of the first half, with the Bulldog running game churning the field and the clock, and the red and black enjoyed a 21-0 halftime lead. A long, time eating drive to start the third the quarter put Georgia up 28-0 and the Dawgs never looked back. Cal's lone score came early in the fourth with the game already out of hand. Bourbon Street was a sea of red-and-black, with hand grenades and big ass beers consumed in record quantities as the Georgia fans celebrated their first national title in 45 years. For Coach Journeyman, this win meant everything; he's always dreamed of Georgia national titles, ever since he was a young boy growing up in the peach State. The fact he's responsible for bringing one home means even more. 

2024 Recap - 14-0 (9-0) 
* SEC Champs * National Champs *

Appalachian State W 52-13
#9 Ohio State W 21-18
at South Carolina W 34-7
Arkansas State W 52-14
#15 LSU W 30-16
#19 Tennessee W 56-7
Vanderbilt W 42-16
at #25 Arkansas W 28-17
#22 Florida (Jax.) W 31-28
at Kentucky W 42-30
at Auburn W 42-31
#18 Georgia Tech W 38-13

SEC Championship:

#2 Alabama W 31-17

BCS Title Game:

#2 Cal W 35-7

Monday, December 6, 2010

Coaches' Poll Breakdown

Take a look at the interactive coaches' poll. It's not the most controversial thing in the world this year, but there are a few interesting highlights:

  • Nobody had Oregon ranked lower than second, but three people had Auburn ranked third. TCU bumped them from the second spot in Mike Locksely and Kyle Whittingham's poll. The Frogs were number one in Rob Akey's.
  • Speaking of TCU, five coaches put Wisconsin before the Frogs; four ranked Stanford higher.
  • Todd Dodge included Tulsa at 25th, while Schnelly gave Arizona the last spot; they were each the only man who voted for those teams.
  • Head-to-heads don't seem to matte much here. I know it's perceived as a stretch (for some reason), but hardly anyone has Nevada over Boise State. Jim Harbaugh has Ohio State over Wisconsin.

Really Early Leans

The BCS Rankings have been released, the bowls have made their picks, and the schedule is set for holiday-season football. Here are a few early leans on some of the key match-ups, taking into account lopsided match-ups or who is let-down or disappointed by their slot and thus likely to play terribly.

First up, the awful Big-XII-PAC-10 match-ups. Two top-tier, ten-win B12 teams have been match against mid-tier PAC-10 teams with 7- and 6-wins respectively. With Stanford getting an at-large bid, the Pac-pool is fairly shallow, which equals unbalanced games against better teams:

Alamo: OK State 31, Arizona 17
Holiday: Nebraska 41, Washington 20

Out of loyalty, let's take a look at all the SEC match-ups:

Compass: Kentucky 31, Pitt 17
Liberty: Georgia 27, UCF 21
Chick-Fil-A: Depends on if Ponder plays or not.
Outback: Penn State 28, Florida 27
Capital One: Alabama 37, Michigan State 24
Gator: Mississippi State 41, Michigan 34

Cotton: LSU 31, Texas A&M 30

The BCS Bowls:

Rose: Wisconsin 31, TCU 21
Fiesta: Oklahoma 41, UConn 17
Orange: Stanford 27, VA Tech 24
Sugar: Ohio State 24, Arkansas 23
BCS Title: Auburn 48, Oregon 36

Friday, December 3, 2010

Arizona State 30, Arizona 29

Well, it was as close as I thought it'd be, but I got the outcome wrong. The first half was sound, fundamental defensive football (i.e. boring) and most of the turning points of the game came on bad kicks: an 8 yard punt, a zero yard punt, and two blocked extra overtime. While Foles played a gutsy game, it wasn't enough to avoid the Wildcats' 4th loss in a row and you have to wonder: Will there ever be dominant football in the Grand Canyon State?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dynasty Update: Cry Havoc! And Let Slip the Dawgs of War!

There have been a lot of awards sent the Georgia Bulldogs' way recently. First, Georgia won the SEC by beating Alabama 31-17. Headcoach Ace Journeyman won the 2024 Coach of the Year Award - the fourth of his career - while his star receiver took home the Biletnikoff and the Heisman. UGA's big time running back was honored with both the Doak Walker and Walter Camp awards, while the anchor of the D-line brought the Lombardi award to Athens. None of them mean anything, though, if Georgia comes up short in their next test: The BCS Title game against #2 Cal. Fans from both teams have been on Bourbon Street for days now, ringing in the new year and getting ready for what's sure to be a great game. It's Bears and Bulldogs down on the Bayou and Ace Journeyman needs that crystal football to cap of a perfect year!

2024 Schedule    BCS #1 (13-0)

Appalachian State W 52-13
#9 Ohio State W 21-18
at South Carolina W 34-7
Arkansas State W 52-14
#15 LSU W 30-16
#19 Tennessee W 56-7
Vanderbilt W 42-16
at #25 Arkansas W 28-17
#22 Florida (Jax.) W 31-28
at Kentucky W 42-30
at Auburn W 42-31
#18 Georgia Tech W 38-13

SEC Championship:
#2 Alabama 31-17

BCS Title Game:
#2 Cal

Weekly Picks

Tonight: The Territorial Cup - Arizona 31, Arizona State 27 - I still like this Wildcat team,  even if they've been put in their place a time or two. The Sun Devils will make it a tough one, but 'Zona pulls through in the end.

Friday: The MACCG - Northern Illinois 42, Miami (OH) 20 - Haywood has turned around this Red Hawk team, but they won't have enough in the tank to keep up with the Huskies.


West Virginia 31, Rutgers 21 - Meh.

Boise State 62, Utah State 13 - Bounce back, Bronco style; it will be U-G-L-Y for Utah State.

Nevada 31, Louisiana Tech 21 - I'm thinking the Wolfpack might be riding a little too high heading down to Ruston. Watch the Bulldogs make it a fight early, but Kaepernick gallops away with it late.

The Civil War: Oregon 30, Oregon State 19 - I have not liked the Ducks first halves recently. Throw in the emotion of a HUGE in-state rivalry, and this could be disaster for the Oregon. I'm not confident enough to call the upset, though - James and Thomas in the 4th.

The SEC CG: Auburn 41, South Carolina 27 - There are a lot of reasons to think SoCar could take this rematch: Auburn overlooking the challenge, fixing the little things that cost the Cocks last time, a clicking offense...but it's just not happening. Newton is an unstoppable force and will carry the game.

ACC CG: Virginia Tech 26, Florida State 20 - This is the best ACCCG we've ever had and it still seems like a yawn-fest. The 'Noles dismantled Florida last week and could still be riding high, but I'm taking the Hokies to be the first ever BCS team toting an FCS loss.

Big XII CG: Oklahoma 27, Nebraska 17 - I'm not a conspiracy guy by any means - in fact, I hate them. But, there are a lot of reasons to think that this league does NOT want the Huskers to take the league title before hitting the road. And, if the officiating in the A&M game is any indicator, things could be ugly for Big Red.

South Florida 24, UConn 20 - Because a UConn win would be too easy.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Cam's cleared. So now we can put all this behind us and get excited about the opportunity for a fifth consecutive national title from the SEC.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dynasty Update: Road Warriors

Georgia started out 7-0 and looked like a true national title contender, but the Dawgs have played 4 straight away from home and the mileage is starting to show. Journeyman's boys handled Arkansas 28-17, but the next three teams they played scored the most points anyone has against Georgia this season; Florida scored 28, then Kentucky 30, and next was Auburn at 31. Offense and special teams have saved the Bulldogs in the home stretch, and Journeyman, as well as the players and fans, is looking forward to finally getting another home game. So, UGA has held on to an undefeated season, but not by much, and Georgia Tech would like nothing more than to ruin the Dawgs' season with some Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate!

2024 Schedule    BCS #1 (11-0)

Appalachian State W 52-13
#9 Ohio State W 21-18
at South Carolina W 34-7
Arkansas State W 52-14
#15 LSU W 30-16
#19 Tennessee W 56-7
Vanderbilt W 42-16
at #25 Arkansas W 28-17
#22 Florida (Jax.) W 31-28
at Kentucky W 42-30
at Auburn W 42-31 

Remaining Game:
#20 Georgia Tech

Tuesday Top-25 - You're Not Gonna Like It.

I do have Auburn as a clear number one now, but my subconscious linking of Boise State to TCU has hurt the mid majors. Boise has plummeted - and for now they're behind the Nevada team that beat them - and TCU, even though they still haven't lost, slipped. It's not fair, but nothing about this system is. I still have Alabama way higher than anyone else, but I stand by it. It was a one point loss to the number one team in the nation. They shut the Tigers down early, contained Newton most of the game, and left three potential game-winning score on the field; they're a top-10 team.I did something I don't like to do by putting the Razorbacks ahead of the Tide, but the home stretch for each team has been the difference. Speaking of home stretches, that's why A&M is so much higher than most polls would have them. Yes, that is Arizona still hanging around in the top-25, but only because I think they could beat teams 23-25. No.Illinois is another homestretch inclusion, coming in with a 10-2 record and scoring a billion points...but in reality, could they beat a 6-6 SEC team? Probably not.

  1. Auburn
  2. Oregon
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Stanford
  5. Ohio State
  6. Michigan State
  7. TCU
  8. Arkansas
  9. Alabama
  10. Missouri
  11. LSU
  12. Texas A&M
  13. Nebraska
  14. Oklahoma
  15. South Carolina
  16. Oklahoma State
  17. Nevada
  18. Boise State
  19. Virginia Tech
  20. Florida State
  21. Mississippi State
  22. Arizona
  23. Utah
  24. West Virginia
  25. Northern Illinois
Well, there you have it, the FTS top-25 heading into championship weekend. Is it perfect? Far from. Could that back four really beat ALL of the 90-odd teams left off this list? Probably not. But, looking at records, head-to-heads and momentum, this is where I see things right now.

Heisman Early Lean

Granted, this weekend could have a lot of impact on this, but I'll go ahead and throw out where I'm leaning on who should win the Heisman and who should join him in NYC. Now, I know this site seems very professional and influential, but in reality, I actually have zero influence on any of this. But, what the hell, here goes:

Winner: Cam Newton


Denard Robinson, Michigan - Forget the record, anyone who has doe what Shoelace has deserves a trip to the DTAC...or I guess now it's in the Times Square Marriot.

Andrew Luck, Stanford - I like what Luck's done leading Stanford to an 11-1 record. The hits he's put on other players have helped, too; everybody likes a tough QB.

Kellen Moore, Boise State - He's carrying a near perfect rating and has sat out a lot  of time in blowouts. He has the tools, just maybe not the opposition, to be taken seriously.

Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson - This vote probably won't stay on my final "ballot", but I just couldn't ignore the leading D-lineman in the nation and his 24 TFL and 16 sacks.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I Like Brady Hoke... I'm going to offer him this advice: Do not go to Minnesota.

Early Leans - Championship Week Edition

Arizona 31, Arizona State 27
Northern Illinois 42, Miami (OH) 20
West Virginia 31, Rutgers 21
Boise State 62, Utah State 13
Nevada 24, Louisiana Tech 21
Oregon 30, Oregon State 19
Auburn 41, South Carolina 27
Virginia Tech 26, Florida State 20
Oklahoma 27, Nebraska 17
South Florida 24, UConn 20

Dynasty Update: No Place Like Home

2024 has gotten off to a great start for Ace Journeyman and his Georgia Bulldogs. It's taken a couple of seasons, but the run game has finally found its feet and the defense is playing lights-out. Things have really clicked since the Dawgs squeaked out a close, 3-point win over Ohio State in week 3, with UGA winning four conference games in a row by at least two TD's, including an almost perfect game over Tennessee. Heading into the back stretch of the season, the Dawgs play four straight games away from home. Florida stands as a major barrier to Journeyman's goal of an SEC Title...and undefeated Tech could be a barrier to a larger, yet still unspoken, goal.

2024 Schedule    7-0

Appalaichain State W 52-13
#9 Ohio State W 21-18
at South Carolina W 34-7
Arkansas State W 52-14
#15 LSU W 30-16
#19 Tennessee W 56-7
Vanderbilt W 42-16

Remaining Games:
at #25 Arkansas
#22 Florida (Jax.)
at Kentucky
at Auburn
#20 Georgia Tech

TCU's Headed to the Big East

It's official. God, the Horned Frogs are going to dominate this league. There'll be so much sprayed blood, it'll look like a Jackson Pollack painting come season's end. What's Boise State going to do now? The "new" MWC is as bad as the old WAC with the loss of Utah, BYU, and now TCU. Maybe they can get some odd PAC-10 offering down the line during super-expansion...odds are, though, that conference will only expand through the southwest.

How loose are we gonna get with "East"?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Morning QB

With the loss to A&M, Texas will not go to a bowl game; They're the only team in the BCS era to go from title game to losing season. A&M, on the other hand, has had an impressive year, especially the home stretch. After the Missouri loss, Sherman burned all the playbooks and press clippings, changed the offense around, and the Aggies haven't looked back. They'd be my pick to rep the Big-XII South in the title game, but it will most likely be OU.

Will Dave Wannstedt be looking for a job soon?

Auburn spotted 'Bama 24 in the Iron Bowl before coming back to win. If they're realistically hoping to win the BCS, they need to sort that shit out. Don't get me wrong, it was impressive, but unnecessary - learn to play from the start; these comebacks won't be so cute when someone gets out early and doesn't let you back in the game by coughing up red-zone turnovers. That said, the Tigers will be my number one team this week...but they better not dick around in the SECCG.

If I had to coach against Auburn, I'd hope to get the ball first. Then I'd pass against their horrendous secondary and hope for a TD. If I scored, I'd onside it. What do you have to lose? You're most likely not going to stop Cam Newton anyway; I'd pull out all the fakes, on-sides, and tricks I could.

It certainly seemed like Boise State was overlooking Nevada. All their talk focused on 'if Auburn loses, we can play for the BCS Title' instead of 'Hey, let's go beat Nevada.' I mean, yes the WAC schedule is shit, but Nevada's not a typical WAC team. It's not like the Bronco Bus was gassed up to play New Mexico or Wyoming - this is Colin Kaepernick and Vai Taua, the most productive backfield in football history. And, they can heap as much ridicule on the kicker as they want, but if that team had done anything else it was supposed to in the second half,  Kyle Brotzman wouldn't have been in that situation.

Also, as shitty as it is, I think the loss by Boise has hurt my faith in TCU. They're subconsciously connected for me and will both drop in my FTS Top-25.

I think Wisconsin is the strongest team in the Big Ten and deserves at least the Rose Bowl. If weirder things shake out, I'd maybe even put a one-loss Wisky in the Title game. If you haven't actually watched their offensive line and running backs play, you're missing out - that machine is brutal up front and has really clicked since the loss to Sparty. If the Badgers get the Rose, than I think Ohio State should get an at large and, unfortunately, Michigan State should be left out. Do they deserve it more than a Big East or ACC Champion? Absolutely. But, it is what it is and we can't change that.

The artificial turf in War Memorial Stadium proved to be Les Miles' undoing. Well, that and the back-breaking 80 yard touchdown to end the first half.

Stanford looked impressive yesterday - like, top-5 impressive. How long will the Cardinal be able to hold on to Jim Harbaugh? He'd be number one on my short list right now.

Speaking of coaching lists, the carousel started with Randy Shannon's firing, so everybody's getting their short lists together. The hottest themes we'll see are Harbaugh, Mullen and Malzahn in the SEC, someone making a play for Brady Hoke, and what will happen in Ann Arbor (RichRod out?), Austin (Brown stepping down for Muschamp?), and Gainesville (New OC?).

Tech's offense wasn't so much 'wrecked' as barely inconvenienced. So that's what a bye-week got us against the triple option, huh? God, I hope we get the personnel for Grantham's system soon - this shit is killing me. I HATE defending against that shit. I do LOVE Aaron Murray, however. And, I'd love for A.J. to come back, but let's be real, that only happens if the players union problems continue. Oh well, at least we're bowl eligible...bring on the Compass Bowl!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is Randy Shannon done in Miami?

Might be. I wonder if Richt would be interested.
UPDATE: Yes, he is done in Miami. Crank up the carousel and old on to your coaches...

Dynasty Update: Perfect Season, Unhappy Ending

Ace Journeyman used the momentum from Georgia's big win against Florida to drive his team to wrap up a perfect regular season. They won a Blackout blowout against rival Auburn, 45-3, and torched in-state enemy Georgia Tech 62-20 to finish 12-0. However, maybe they were carrying too much confidence into their SEC Championship rematch with Alabama. The Dawgs and Tide were tied 21 all at the half in a back-and-forth game, and neither side could take an advantage through the back half, sending the game to overtime, tied at 35. Three periods later, though, it was the Tide taking the trophy off the field, having edged the Dawgs 51-45. A month later, a disinterested Georgia team took the field against #8 Penn State in the Capital One Bowl. Journeyman was unable to get his charges properly focused, and the Dawgs dropped their second game in a row 34-30. With the disappointing end of the season, all the rumors about a fat contract extension fizzled and Journeyman entered the off-season under the scrutiny of a cautious, yet still trusting fanbase.

2023 Season - 12-2
Georgia Southern W 82-6
at Texas A&M W 42-21
South Carolina W 17-10
at #9 LSU W 21-14
at Vanderbilt W 34-7
#2 Alabama W 28-10
at Tennessee W 27-14
Kentucky W 31-10
#6 Florida (Jax) W 33-21
Western Kentucky W 63-0
Auburn W 45-3
at Georgia Tech W 62-20

SEC Championship
#5 Alabama L 45-51

Capital One Bowl
#8 Penn State L 30-34

Nevada 34 - Boise State 31

You should have stayed up for the late night WAC-tion! With the upset, Boise goes from BCS Title dreams to a three-way tie for the WAC title. Even though Nevada beat Boise head-to-head, they still have the same league records as the Broncos and the Warriors of Hawai'i. This year, the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl gets the first pick of WAC teams...and it doesn't look like any of them are going to the BCS, so look for the Broncos in San Fran. If Kraft takes the Wolfpack, then Boise could be in the Humanitarian Bowl or New Mexico Bowl. Hawai'i will, most likely, stay close to home in the Hawai'i Bowl.

Dynasty Update: It's be...A GEORGIA BULLDOG!

When Ace Journeyman arrived in Athens, he made it clear he wanted to change the direction of the Florida rivalry. In his first season,  Journeyman's Dawgs carried two losses into Jacksonville and left with three en route to a 9-4. This year, the tables have turned, as Georgia went up on Florida early and withstood a comeback attempt in the second half to knock off the Gators, 33-21. Journeyman has told the fan base to get used to winning this game, as it will be one of his highest priorities every season. The team's other goal of the season - winning the SEC East - is almost assured with the win over UF, but now things look bigger than anyone thought headed into 2023. If Georgia can win out against two struggling rivals and survive a rematch with Alabama, the Dawgs could be in the National Title game.

2023 Season - 10-0
Georgia Southern W 82-6
at Texas A&M W 42-21
South Carolina W 17-10
at #9 LSU W 21-14
at Vanderbilt W 34-7
#2 Alabama W 28-10
at Tennessee W 27-14
Kentucky W 31-10
#6 Florida (Jax) W 33-21
Western Kentucky W 63-0

Remaining Games: 
at Georgia Tech

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weekly Picks, Rivalry Style

They're not all rivalry games this week, as the PAC-10 closes out conference play next weekend.

Backyard Brawl: West Virginia 23, Pitt 20 - I have absolutely no clear reasoning for this pick, and I almost picked Pitt to win, 7-6. But, something in my gut tells me Pitt will actually score some points and the 'Neers will pull it out in a close one.

The Iron Bowl: Auburn 41, Alabama 31 - Cam Newton, Cam Newton, Cam Newton.

Boise State 42, Nevada 24 - I'd really like to see the Wolfpack win this game, put I just know they won't.

Oregon 37, Arizona 27 - Another close (-ish) win for the Ducks.

Florida 27, Florida State 24 -  If the Gators lose this one, things will really be under the microscope in Gainesville...starting with Adazzio's contract.

The Game: Ohio State 38, Michigan 27 - Shoelace and Co. will make this exciting early, but the Buckeyes will be too much in the second half. BTW, when did these teams steal the nickname of the Harvard-Yale rivalry?

Border War: Kansas 27, Missouri 26 - UPSET ALERT.

The Boot: Arkansas 34, LSU 31 - No late-game magic for the Grass-Eaters.

South Carolina 23, Clemson 19 - It will be ugly, the Cocks will overlook the Tigers early, punched will be thrown, players will be ejected. Why doesn't this have an official name? Like, The Palmetto Poor Sportsmanship Classic.

Oregon State 37, Stanford 34 - UPSET ALERT 2. I mean, why not?

Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate: Georgia 40, Georgia Tech 31 - I see a lot of points and a close game for most of the night. In the end, a big play breaks it open and the Dawgs pull away.

Bedlam: Oklahoma 30, Oklahoma State 27 - Here come the Sooners.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Dynasty Update: Sic 'em!

Ace Journeyman's Bulldogs continued their undefeated season, knocking off a pesky Vandy squad in Nashville and putting on a dominant performance against then second-ranked Alabama between the Hedges. The win has made the fan base ecstatic and there's a lot of talk about a big contract extension being in the works. The wins have also helped to focus the team. Journeyman's charges are playing sharper than they have since the coach has been in Athens and don't look to be slowing down anytime soon. And, while Tennessee and Kentucky are never easy games and everyone in the locker room swears they're not overlooking the next game in Knoxville, the showdown with #6 Florida in Jacksonville is looming on the horizon. A win over the Gators would even the score in the series as well as put Georgia in the driver's seat to the BCS Title Game. But, first things first - the Dawgs have to handle the Vols.

2023 Season - 6-0
Georgia Southern W 82-6
at Texas A&M W 42-21
South Carolina W 17-10
at #9 LSU W 21-14
at Vanderbilt W 34-7
#2 Alabama W 28-10

Remaining Games: 
at Tennessee
#6 Florida (Jax)
Western Kentucky
at #10 Georgia Tech

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


There's been a lot of talk about Georgia having another "Balckout" against Tech this weekend. Christ, I hope it's not true. Or, at least I hope it's all fan-fare...I mean, the last one of these flopped, and we're not exactly having the type of season to be focusing on unis first.

Tuesday Top-25

Oh, boy. Now that things have shaken out and we're approaching the last few weekends of football, I've had to change my approach to the top-25. First, I'm keeping all the undefeateds in the top-4 spots, just divided into two tiers and listed alphabetically. next is the one-loss teams listed in order of who has been more impressive lately. Beyond that are two clusters of teams with weird round-robin relationships, one cluster from the SEC and one from the Big-XII. So, the SEC has Alabama who beat Arkansas who beat SoCar who beat Alabama. Next is a 4-way knot from the Big-XII: Missouri over Texas A&M who beat Oklahoma and Nebraska. I have the SEC cluster over the Big XII because i think the teams are better and we have a head-to-head Arkansas win over Texas A&M. The Whatevs group is three teams that are hard to place: Mississippi State, whose only lost to the four SEC teams listed above, Virginia Tech, who has won 9 in a row, and Nevada, whose only loss was to Boise. Bringing up the rear is an ACC two-fer and a confusing know of PAC-10 teams with Iowa thrown in for fun. The ACC teams are NC State slightly ahead of Florida State, who they edged out head-to-head. The PAC-10 group has USC over Arizona and then Arizona over Iowa. Perhaps the most confusing thing overall is Oregon State's inclusion i this group. Two of their losses were to the #3 and #4 teams in the nation and they own head-to-head victories over both USC and Arizona. So, yes they're listed, but they are not officially ranked - just recognized.

Tier 1:

Tier 2:
Boise State

5. Wisconsin
6. Stanford
7. LSU
8. Ohio State
9. Oklahoma State
10. Michigan State       

The SEC Cluster:
11. Alabama
12. Arkansas
13. South Carolina

The Big-XII Cluster:
14. Missouri
15. Texas A&M
16. Oklahoma
17. Nebraska

18. Virginia Tech
19. Mississippi State
20. Nevada

The ACC:
21. NC State
22. Florida State

The End:
* Oregon State
23. USC
24. Arizona
25. Iowa

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dynasty Update: DAWG BAIT!

Dawgs win, 21-14. A risky Journeyman fourth down call silenced a very hostile crowd with just under a minute to go and the Dawgs were able to run out the clock for the win. Injuries threatened to do Georgia in early, as they lost two running backs to injuries and saw their freshman replacements each fumble inside Tiger territory. The Georgia defense stood pat, though, and fought the Tigers off for most of the day. Four of Georgia's next six opponents are ranked, including #4 Bama and #1 Florida, so Journeyman's not letting the celebration last very long.

Dynasty Update: Unfriendly Confines

Ace Journeyman is getting his #10 Bulldogs ready for their toughest test of the season, a road trip to Baton Rouge for a night game against the #9 LSU Tigers. The pundits are split on their picks, but overall, Vegas has LSU as a slight favorite. Despite big wins over Georgia Southern and Texas A&M to start the season, the Bulldogs look far from unbeatable. Georgia's coming off a hard-fought SEC opener - a 17-10 win over South Carolina - and if they don't fix some of the problems they had against the Gamecocks, they'll bring home a mark in the 'L' column.

2023 Season - 4-0
Georgia Southern W 82-6
at Texas A&M W 42-21
South Carolina W 17-10
at #9 LSU W 21-14

Remaining Games:
at Vanderbilt
#4 Alabama
at #24 Tennessee
#1 Florida (Jax)
Western Kentucky
at #12 Georgia Tech

Monday Morning Recap

Well, I spent most of Saturday/Sunday morning with a bunch of republican lawyers from Middle GA celebrating a friend's 30th birthday in style. His wife rented us a limo and we hit up the ATL, raising hell, and generally missing almost all football action around us. That's why you got no Sunday Morning QB - I'm still processing all the scores/highlights, as well as recovering and trying to make it through work today in one piece. Still, though, there were a few things that stood out somewhat:

Denard set the QB rushing record. I know Michigan's record is not that good, but it's not for any lack of Robinson trying. I would certainly still keep him on a Heisman short list.

Speaking of, I also know who would be at the top of the list, and he didn't play this weekend: Cam Newton. All the swirling scandal isn't enough to change that for me. As long as it's not a performance-enhancement issue, I don't hold it against a player. Newton's the most exceptional player of the field this season, period.

LSU survives, but damn Les Miles. You need a three yard play for a 2-point conversion. What do you do? Reverse option pass, of course. The grass must have been off Saturday.

It takes a while to get from  Macon to Atlanta if you have to stop and let seven drunk morons piss every 20 minutes. It takes even longer to get back at 3am if you have to stop and let an eighth moron vomit along the side of I-75.

I'm really glad I didn't watch Texas A&M-Nebraska.

The end of the Mississippi State game looked exciting, but that's really the last complete memory I have.

ESPN highlights don't really take through a blurry haze at 4am.

And, finally, the hangovers are getting worse and worse.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Congrats, Shoelace.

Denard Robinson just set the NCAA record for rushing yards by a QB.


Go Gladiators.

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Official

Georgia-Boise State in the 2011 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic. Sept. 3, 8pm, on ABC or ESPN - let's hope the SEC continues it's streak in this series.

Dynasty Update: Tech Wrecked; Hello, 2023.

The Georgia Bulldogs finished Ace Journeyman's first season between hedge strong, winning four in a row, including a 37-24 upset of #3 Georgia Tech and a 38-35 Outback Bowl victory over #15 Illinois. While it wasn't great season, it was still better than Georgia had under the last coach and its a great foundation on which Journeyman can build in 2023. Many in the football world think Journeyman could have the Dawgs ready to win the division next season, but recruiting didn't bring in any starter-ready players to patch-up the O- line, an area that is a major concern.

2022 Schedule  (9-4)
Ball State W 49-0
#22 Texas A&M W 35-10
at South Carolina W 21-7
at Kentucky W 12-7
at #1 Alabama L 35-45
#22 Tennessee L 10-13
#10 Florida (Jax) L 21-24 
Charleston Southern W 56-6
 at Auburn L 30-26
Ole Miss W 48-10
Vanderbilt W 51-0 
#3 Georgia Tech W 37-24

Outback Bowl
#15 Illinois W 38-35

Any Moment Now

They'll be announcing the Boise State-Georgia Chick-fil-A Classic once it's made official in a 5pm conference call.

Why don't they just move it?

We all knew a football game in Wrigley was a bad idea, but this seems like way too much trouble. Seriously, they're just now getting aorund to dealing with this? The dimensions of a football field haven't changed since they decided to try this. They should have know when they announced the idea last year it wouldn't work. I think marking off yardage every change of possession is too tiresome an investment, bench placement's now too unfair an advantage, and the whole scene to inhospitable to the game to try this again next season without changing the physical structure.

Georgia-Boise State in the Dome?

Rumors are flying right now that schedule shifts and TV slots are being moved around to possibly set up another Georgia-Boise State game, maybe even in the Georgia Dome. We're getting no official comment from McGarity. It all apparently stems from Ole Miss setting up "a big football announcement," which, it's being reported, is that the Rebs are dropping the Broncos to pick up BYU. Georgia would have to drop Louisville to make this happen. Most likely, this game will be the Chick-fil-A Kick-off Classic for 2011.

Interesting side note from Tucker's piece: "By the way, Chick-fil-A this month opened its first restaurant in Idaho — on the Boise State campus." Nice.

UPDATE: Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING has been confirmed. But I think this would be a fun game, and a chance to redefine the program. Boise State is no laughing matter and they will not come in to 2011 the same way they did in 2005. Georgia has A LOT to lose here, but they also have a great deal to win. A marquee win to open the season could be just what Richt needs to get things moving in the right direction next year.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dynasty Update: Ups and Downs

It's been a rocky season for Ace Journeyman. It opened with four wins in a row, which were followed by three straight losses to ranked foes. His one preseason mandate, Beat Florida, went unfulfilled in a 24-21 loss and that was followed two weeks later by a close loss to another hated rival, Auburn. Fans have remained patient, though, knowing that it woudl take at least a season for Journeyman to get used to the SEC and fully implement his style of football in the Classic City. Now, on the heels of two blowout wins to finish up .500 in the SEC, Journeyman has the Dawgs' focus on one thing: Beating undefeated and third-ranked Georgia Tech. It's one thing to lose to Florida, another to lose to Auburn, but something altogether different to lose to Tech. The only thing worse? Losing to all three in the same year. The pressure is on...

2022 Schedule  (7-4)
Ball State W 49-0
#22 Texas A&M W 35-10
at South Carolina W 21-7
at Kentucky W 12-7
at #1 Alabama L 35-45
#22 Tennessee L 10-13
#10 Florida (Jax) L 21-24 
Charleston Southern W 56-6
 at Auburn L 30-26
Ole Miss W 48-10
Vanderbilt W 51-0 

Remaining Game:
#3 Georgia Tech

Oh, Auburn

Wow, Ryan Pugh, you are not helping. As if there's not enough scrutiny on the plains right now, Pugh decides to go blackface:

Very cosmopolitan. H/t EDSBS.

Maybe it's just tradition. I still remember this gem from Auburn in 2001:

Yep, that's blackface AND a noose. Go Tigers!

Weekly Picks

Alabama 52, Georgia State 0 - I'm including this one because it's Alabama playing on Thursday night. Against a team in their first football season, ever. It will be ugly and State just better hope no one gets too seriously hurt. On the bright side, the Panthers have won six games in their inaugural year - that's incredible.

Bill Curry has sweet nothing'ed his team to six wins.

Boise State 46, Fresno State 13 - I'd like to say Fresno will bring it, but I think they'll be too burned up from the almost-upset of Nevada, physically and emotionally. In other words, they'll be a cursory walk-through for the Broncs in tune-up for the Nevada game.

Wisconsin 37, Michigan 30 - Wisconsin will not drop 83 again - but Bielema might try it.

Stanford 30, Cal 21 - I canceled the upset alert.Cal does play good at home, but that oh, so close game against the Ducks will still be in the back of their minds. Also, the Cardinal will use this as a way to bounce back from their lackluster performance last week.

Ohio State 31, Iowa 20 - The Hawkeyes are slipping.

Virginia Tech 24, Miami 22 - I like the idea of VA Tech almost beating Boise, losing to an FCS team, and then ripping off 10-straight through the ACC. Hokies in a close one.

Arkansas 37, Mississippi State 20 - I don't see Mullen's Bulldogs slowing down the Hawg passing attack.

Nebraska 38, Texas A&M 31 - It will be fun to watch, but Nebraska's got its head on straight now.

Utah 40, San Diego State 30 - UPSET(in my mind, anyway)ALERT - I've been so high on San Diego State, I'm bound to be rewarded with them falling flat on their face to a struggling Utah team.

This man needs a big-time job opp.
Florida State 31, Maryland 21- Ah, a match-up of two 7-3 ACC teams. I'll take the 'Noles, but they could definitely find a way to lose it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dynasty Update: Chomped.

Ace Journeyman's statement game wasn't quite what he expected. In fact, there wasn't much of a statement at all, as the Dawgs were silenced on a last second pick. The INT secured a 24-21 win for the Gators and left Ace Journeyman with a lot of questions to answer. The fans are disappointed and upset, the team has lost three in a row, and now the starting QB is out for at least 4 weeks. Journeyman better address these issues fast, because after a tune-up game against Charleston Southern, the Dawgs go on the road to rival Auburn.

2022 Schedule  (5-3)
Ball State W 49-0
#22 Texas A&M W 35-10
at South Carolina W 21-7
at Kentucky W 12-7
at #1 Alabama L 35-45
#22 Tennessee L 10-13
#10 Florida (Jax) L 21-24 
Charleston Southern W 56-6

Remaining Games:
at Auburn
Ole Miss
#6 Georgia Tech

Dynasty Update: Rough Patch

Against Kentucky, Ace Journeyman re-lived something he hadn't suffered through since his early days at Eastern Michigan, a touchdown-less game. Now he's experienced another unpleasant bout of deja-vu straight out of his Ypsilanti-era: back-to-back losses. In an unexpected shootout in Tuscaloosa, the top-ranked tide edged out Georgia 45-35, and in a defensive struggle, Tennessee outlasted the Dawgs, 13-10. The fans are unhappy, but patient, knowing that the new coach's biggest test is on deck - the annual showdown with Florida in Jacksonville. Journeyman has made it clear that he will change the complexion of that rivalry, or lose his job trying. For a coach who has used big goals to motivate his teams - a division or conference title at EMU and Nevada, a BCS title at Michigan - this year's objective is a simple one, and it's plastered all over the locker room: BEAT FLORIDA! It's put up or shut or time for the Georgia Bulldogs and Journeyman's chance to save an outside shot at a trip to Atlanta, as they get ready for the #10 Gators in Jacksonville.

2022 Schedule
Ball State W 49-0
#22 Texas A&M W 35-10
at South Carolina W 21-7
at Kentucky W 12-7
at #1 Alabama L 35-45
#22 Tennessee L 10-13

Remaining Games:

#10 Florida (Jax)
Charleston Southern
at Auburn
Ole Miss
#6 Georgia Tech

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Early Leans

Alabama 45, Georgia State 0
Boise State 42, Fresno State 13
Wisconsin 34, Michigan 30
Cal 23, Stanford 20 - UPSET ALERT
Ohio State 31, Iowa 20
Virginia Tech 24, Miami 22
Arkansas 34, Mississippi State 17
Nebraska 38, Texas A&M 31
Utah 40, San Diego State 30 - UPSET (in my mind, anyway) ALERT
Florida State 31, Maryland 21

Tuesday Top-25

I cannot decide between Auburn and Oregon, so I simply went alphabetical. Beyond that it's Boise State and everyone else.The only thing I knew for sure was that Wisconsin was going to be my highest one-loss team and that I wanted to preserve head-to-heads where possible. Also, I still have San Diego State in the top-25; it's not a typo. Yes, they lost to BYU, but we all know why, and after that they only lost by 3 to Mizzou and 5 to TCU. So, for now, I'm keeping Hoke and the Aztecs in. On the outside looking in are Northwestern and a handful of ACC teams.

  1. Auburn
  2. Oregon
  3. Boise State
  4. TCU
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Stanford
  7. LSU
  8. Ohio State
  9. Nebraska
  10. Oklahoma State
  11. Michigan State
  12. Alabama
  13. Arkansas
  14. Missouri
  15. South Carolina
  16. Virginia Tech
  17. Oklahoma
  18. Texas A&M
  19. USC
  20. Arizona
  21. Iowa
  22. Mississippi State
  23. Miami
  24. San Diego State
  25. Nevada

    Dynasty Update: Welcome to the SEC

     Journeyman's first two games started easily enough, non-conference romps through a struggling Ball State and an overrated A&M squad. But then the metal hit the meat. Georgia and South Carolina were tied at 7 late in the third before an interception broke things open. Against Kentucky, the Dawgs never found a rhythm, relying on four field goals in Journeyman's first game without a TD since his first season at Eastern Michigan. Journeyman's going to have to make some changes if he's going to thrive in the SEC, and with a road trip to #1 Alabama on deck, he's going to have to do it fast.

    2022 Schedule
    Ball State W 49-0
    #22 Texas A&M W 35-10
    at South Carolina W 21-7
    at Kentucky W 12-7

    Remaining Games:
    at #2 Alabama
    #20 Tennessee
    #19 Florida (Jax)
    Charleston Southern
    at Auburn
    Ole Miss
    #12 Georgia Tech

    Monday, November 15, 2010

    Final Thoughts: Georgia-Auburn

    Auburn fans are in denial - but so is everybody else. Auburn's fans are in denial about Cam Newton and they're in denial about Nick Fairley. However, I'm certain that ANY FANBASE would be acting the same way. Once again, it's the ugly side of our sport. Is Cam Newton above suspicion? Hell no. Look at how he ended up at Auburn to answer that question. Do I - and hopefully most fans - hope he's innocent here? Yes. It's pathetic to relish in the downfall of a kid. But it's also pathetic to put the blinders on because he's on your team and criticize journalists for doing their jobs and rail on about some conspiracy. Everybody needs to grow up on that one. As far as Fairley goes, is he a "dirty" player? It depends on how you look at it. Is what he does illegal? Only in the NFL, and he's not there yet. Is it poor sportsmanship? Without a doubt (but didn't UGA have a chop block called against them, too?). Should it be looked at? Absolutely. But until it is, he's simply using a shady strategy to change the game. I've seen and heard way too many Georgia fans crying about Fairley, overlooking the fact that it's their teams' responsibility to protect the QB in the first place. But I've also heard way too many Auburn fan defending number 90's antics. And, guess what, if the situations were flipped, the same shit would be said, just by the other team. Georgia would defend their shady player and Auburn would cry about the personal fouls. That's just how it is. The emotional connection that fans have to their programs often blinds them form reason and fact. Trust me, I know, I'm a Georgia fan.

    One more thing about shady strategy, while we're at it. If you're playing a team that uses a hurry-up offense and one of your players fakes an injury to slow things down, that is a bit shady. Is it illegal? Nope. Why do I bring this up? Because it shows the true nature of college football fandom. Auburn fans look the other way on Fairley because he's theirs, but they feel a player laying on the field to slow down their offense is an affront to all that is sportsmanship. So much so, that by the 11th game of the season, they're booing any player that gets injured because it might slow their tempo. Even players that end up being carried off the field. That is the epitome of bad sportsmanship...and, once again, it's not particular to the Plains. The difference is, if it did happen in Sanford Stadium, I'd be disappointed and angered by my own fans who did it and very few Auburn fans have called out the morons in Jordan-Hare. Thanks to Jerry at WarBlogEagle for showing some class, though.

    That's it - I hope Cam's clean, but won't be surprised if he's not, Nick Fairley's a douche, and Georgia got outplayed, not cheated. Now I'm done with 2010's edition of the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry and getting ready to Wreck Tech in two weeks. It's just a shame that the final thoughts from this past Saturday had to deal with issues like this instead of what happened on the field. Not that everything that happened "on the field" was pleasant. Things were chippy early, but got real ugly late, and in the last two minutes, Georgia players ran on the field and two Auburn players were ejected. Things like this happen, and you cannot blame one team or the other, but frustration hit a high and things got dangerous and that's what can be avoided by stricter officiating.
    UPDATE: Whoever did this needs to be charged with arson, and if it is a UGA fan - which, c'mon, it probably is - they need their fan card revoked.

    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    Dynasty Update: HOMECOMING!

    Coming off of a Capital One Bowl loss (Tennessee 20, Mich, 17), not much was looking up for Ace Journeyman. His Michigan Wolverines had lost 2 of their last 4 and the offense had a lot of off-season question marks that needed answering. But it'll be someone else addressing those concerns in Ann Arbor, because Ace Journeyman won't be there. When he returned from Orlando, the defending national champion had two messages waiting for him from schools hoping to lure him away: Penn State and Georgia. Journeyman's office was packed up and empty two days later, all his belongings en-route to is new office in Athens, GA. Most people knew it was only matter of time before Journeyman's alma mater came calling, luring him back home. Journeyman is extremely excited about the opportunity, as are the fans in the Classic City. The Bulldogs are coming off back-to-back 7-win seasons, and they feel like Journeyman could be the man to break the Alabama strangle hold on the SEC and take them the extra mile.

    Sunday Morning QB

    Iowa did not want to win. Tennessee and Wisconsin did. The Hawkeyes looked lethargic and out of sync, even in the last minute drive with a chance to win. The Volunteers came out of the gate charging against Ole Miss and never looked back. Wisconsin dropped eighty-three on Indiana, calling pass plays up 69-20. What the fuck exactly is written on Brett Bielema's card?

    How did Zook lose to Minnesota? The coach-less Gophers were using three 3rd string players and footstool on the o-line and still upset the Illini, 38-34. Please, someone, put Zook out of his misery.

    Miami drilled Georgia Tech; I guess I'm going to stop picking the Jackets.

    Army is bowl eligible. Texas is not.

    ABC uses twelve-year old boys as camera men:

    Hey, did you guys hear about Cam Newton? Seriously, though, I expected hear a lot more this week. What I didn't expect was Tony Barnhart's half-time special commentary. He made a cogent point, and one agree with, mostly, about how this entire situation is reflective of the ugly side of the sport. What I didn't need was the hackneyed mention of this being America, and we made it through two world wars, and all that shit that has NO-THING to do with Cam Newton. Hey, Barnhart. Perspective. Get some.

    As far as the game itself, I was impressed by Georgia's play, but you had to know it was over when we kicked the field goal. You can't bring a FG to a track meet-type shootout and hope to win. Cam Newton is unstoppable...but is he enough to win a national title? I'm still not convinced. 5-6 Georgia shouldn't have been able to give the true second-best team in the nation such a close run. Also, Cam Newton is extremely likable. He almost never stops smiling, doesn't talk smack, always hands the ball directly to the refs, etc.; I hate that all that might be tainted...especially if by his own father. You know who's not likable? Nick Fairley.

    I've never wanted a game to just end so badly in my entire life.

    McGloin's two pass TD's against Ohio State were the first two pass TD's Penn State's scored in Columbus in the JoePa era. That's 1966, folks. No pass TD in the Horseshoe since '66. Fuck. In the end, though, it didn't matter; the Buckeyes woke up somewhere in the third.

    Rich Brooks still tweets.

    Utah got owned by Notre Dame. I called the upset here, but in no way did I think it would be so dominant.

    TCU had to hold on against a pesky San Diego State squad, 40-35. That's the best performance anyone's had against that Frog D. Warning for 2011: Watch out for the Aztecs! (Unless Hoke leaves, then all bets are off)

    Boise State will jump TCU in the human polls - and might be number one for the week with unconvincing performances in the rest of the top-4.

    I grossly over-rated Florida heading into this week. Outside of the opening kickoff return, they had nothing going all night against South Carolina. Lattimore once again carried most of the Gamecock load, making him my vote for SEC Freshman of the Year. So now it'll be a SoCar-Auburn rematch in Atlanta for the conference title.  It was a one score game last time, but Auburn's offense has gotten better while there defense has just atrophied - I'll take the Tigers in another 40-something to 30-something game. I think everyone in the SEC outside of Auburn is ready to see Cam go.

    Oregon forgot their offense on their trip to Cal. Somehow, Tedford just has the Ducks' number - he's like the Tuberville of the West Coast. In the end, though, 15 points was enough for the number one team to survive and fight on. Outside of the trip to USC, I thought this trip to Cal would be the toughest task for the Ducks - and now they're 10-0 with Arizona and the Civil War left to go. 12-0 might still yet be a stretch for this team, especially if Cal's performance can be copied.

    Oklahoma State is the front-runner of the Big-XII South, but will need to win Bedlam to actually earn their rematch with Nebraska for the conference title.

    Finally, who's the best one-loss team? Wisconsin? LSU? Stanford? One of the Big-XII lingerers? Last week, Stanford got my vote, but they had an Oregon-esque game last night, so i think that spot will go to LSU or Wisky.

    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    Colorado's Coach Hunt

    Bellotti to Colorado? That would make the new Pac-12 VERY interesting, especially the annual Oregon- CU game...

    UPDATE: Apparently, the Buffs are also interested in Mark Richt.  Richt's got a little bit of a Colorado background, having lived there as a kid, but he's so far removed from that, I don't see it being a big draw.Albert Lin at ESPN points out a few other concerns:
    Richt makes $2.8 million at Georgia and CU athletic director Mike Bohn is on record as saying he thought even $2 million would push the school's budget. And because Richt is an active coach, the Buffaloes likely would have to wait until after the Bulldogs' regular-season finale (Nov. 27) to speak with him. If they want someone in place by early December, Richt may not be a good fit.
    Wow. To push the budget on this issue could be disastrous for a program trying to get a fresh start in a new conference.They must be Rocky mountain high...