Friday, October 29, 2010

Cocktail Party!

It's Halloween weekend and you know what that means: The World's Largest Cocktail Party* down in Jacksonville! I haven't been since my first year out of UGA, but I still get excited when this weekend rolls around - even if it usually means getting our teeth kicked in. Now, I've already made my official FTS pick: Florida 38, UGA 16, but I'm hoping against hope that we beat them; just absolutely destroy them. I know it won't happen, but a Dawg can dream.

CLICK AND READ THIS: EDSBS's hilarious breakdown of Saturday's game between Georgia fan Doug and Florida fan Orson.

* Officially, it's the Georgia-Florida Football Classic, but I won't be Reconstructed.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dynasty Update: Thorn'ed Frogs

TCU just wasn't quite ready for a Rose Bowl showdown with a powerhouse team. Ace Journeyman's Wolverines jumped out to an early lead and the Frogs never threatened in a 45-7 blowout win for Big Blue. Michigan earned a number two overall ranking in the postseason polls, and despite being rewarded with a three season extension, finishing undefeated and not getting a title shot has left a bad taste in Journeyman's mouth. His team's goal for 2020 is a simple one: A National Title.

One More: Auburn-Ole Miss

There's been a lot of upset talk this week and I'm not necessarily above it. I went with several in today's Weekly Picks, but there was one game I did not pick at all, and it's one that many pundits are picking for the upset: Auburn-Ole Miss. I know about the "Number One Curse" and all that, but, guys, it's Ole Miss. They're not Missouri or South Carolina. They're Ole Miss. Not only that, but didn't we all know that Oklahoma was a bit overrated? Don't get me wrong, I do not think Auburn is the best team country, either - but I do know that Ole Miss isn't the team to knock them off. Auburn will be up by 4 late in the fourth then Cam Newton will put together a scoring drive that puts the whole thing away: Tigers 31, Rebels 20.

Weekly Picks


Florida State 34, NC State 17 - The 'Noles are clickin' and the 'Pack is slippin'. Will Jimbo go 11-1 in his first season as head coach in Tallahassee?


Oklahoma State 30, Kansas State 28 - This is a tougher game to call than it looks. Both teams need to rebound but even without Blackmon, the Pokes have a little edge in talent. The game is in Manhattan, so I closed the gap, but in the end, I'm keeping the fightin' T.Boone's.

Iowa 28, Michigan State 27 - It just feels like what's going to happen. I'd love to see Dantonio run the table, but how likely is that, really? A Sparty loss will gum up the top of the Big Ten standings: Ohio State lost to Wisky, Wisky beat Iowa, Sparty beat Wisky, Iowa beats Sparty, Sparty and Ohio State don't play. Man, I'll be glad to see this league expand, split, and get a title game.

Nebraska 37, Missouri 30 - I don't think Nebraska is that good. I thought they were earlier, but we've seen some cracks: the near miss to an FCS school, the loss to Texas, giving up 41 to OK-St. But, Mizzou's coming off a BIG win and Lincoln's never a fun place to play. I did up the points, but still kept the call.

UCLA 23, Arizona 22 - Why not? I'm not sure when it happened, but I stopped putting faith in 'Zona.

Florida 38, Georgia 16 - The Gators are coming off a bye, so they've had time to work out the kinks on offense. Burton and Brantley will both cause problems for Georgia's D, as will the multiple looks we get including Demps and the rotating QB's. Florida will finally learn to score points and the ball NEVER bounces the Dawgs' way in Jax. Throw another one on the fire, kids.

Stanford 42, Washington 24 - Changed the call; no more calling upsets for U-Dub.

Kentucky 30, Mississippi State 20 - Why not?

Texas 21, Baylor 17 - Texas WILL NOT lose to Baylor. They just can't.

Air Force 24, Utah 21 - UPSET ALERT. AF must be like the Washington of the MWC, because I pick them for the upset all the time. Why am I keeping this one? Because it has to happen.

USC 38, Oregon 34- It's happening; Boise State will play in the BCS Title game.

BONUS PICK: Les Miles calls a late fade rout with :01 remaining to knock of BYE, 21-20.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Some rationale:

First place - Oregon's offense.
Second place - Boise's right to be a top-2 team.
Third place - Cam Newton.
Fourth place - Dantonio and his cardiac calls.
Fifth place - TCU.

The Rankings:

1. Oregon
2. Boise State
3. Auburn
4. Michigan State
5. TCU
6. Alabama
7. Utah
8. Missouri
9. Wisconsin
10. Stanford
11. LSU
12. Oklahoma
13. Ohio State
14. Florida State
15. Arizona
16. Nebraska
17. Iowa
18. South Carolina
19. USC
20. Arkansas
21. Virginia Tech
22. Oklahoma State
23. Miami
24. Mississippi State
25. Navy

Dynasty Update: The Shaft

Ace Journeyman and his Michigan Wolverines closed out the season undefeated, edging past #15 Ohio State, 27-20. It wasn't enough, however, to grab one of the coveted top-2 spots in the BCS, as USC drilled UCLA and 'Bama rolled over Florida in the SEC Title game. The consolation prize is that Michigan gets to play in the Rose Bowl, taking on an undefeated TCU Horned Frog squad, whose fans are also screaming for a playoff.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dyansty Update: On the Outside Looking In

2019 has been a dream season in Ann Arbor. Ace Journeyman built off last season's early success and bowl blowout, signing a top-15 recruiting class and cruising through their schedule to be a perfect 11-0 heading into The Game with Ohio State. The perfection looked ready to crumble, as the Wolverines trailed Iowa by 14 on the road in a late October showdown of ranked teams, but  Big Blue made a come back and Journeyman made one of his patented gutsy calls, going for two after the last TD for a 43-42 win. After that, everything else clicked, and the Wolverines crushed their next three Big ten foes, rushing for over 300 yards in each game and clinching the Big Ten title. Now, the only team standing in the way of Journeyman and a perfect regular season is Ohio State...and a win there still might not be enough, as Michigan has plateaued at a no. 3 BCS ranking behind undefeated Alabama and USC. If the Tide and Trojans win out, there's no way the Wolverines can get into the title game, and Journeyman finally getting his perfect season will all be for naught.

2019 Season    11-0   BIG TEN CHAMPS!

at Iowa State W 55-14
Notre Dame W 36-10
E. Washington W 60-7
at Central Michigan W 41-17
at #8 Wisconsin W 27-20
Indiana W 42-24
at Michigan State W 42-21
at #16 Iowa W 43-42
Minnesota W 38-19
Illinois W 49-7
at Northwestern W 52-14

Remaining Game:

#15 Ohio State

Early Leans

Florida State 33, NC State 20

Oklahoma State 31, Kansas State 27

Iowa 28, Michigan State 27

Nebraska 27, Missouri 20

UCLA 23, Arizona 22

Florida 38, Georgia 16

Washington 24, Stanford 21

Kentucky 30, Mississippi State 20

Texas 21, Baylor 17

Air Force 24, Utah 21

USC 38, Oregon 37

Is Justin Blackmon Transferring to UGA?

Dark horse Heisman candidate and big play receiver for the OK State Cowboys, Justin Blackmon,  must be preparing to transfer to Georgia. How else do you explain this?

Monday, October 25, 2010

If the season ended today...

...Missouri would play Baylor for the Big-XII Title, Auburn would play South Carolina for the SEC Title, and Cam Newton would win the Heisman. When the season actually ends, only one of those will be true: Baylor winning the South.*

* not really. It's actually Newton winning the Heisman.

Derek Dooley: Head Coach, History Teacher

Derek Dooley compared his Tennessee team to the Germans in World War II. And, while that statement alone sounds terrible, he actually did it in the most innocuous way possible. Here's the quote in question:
"Right now we're like the Germans in World War II. Here comes the boats, they're coming. You have the binoculars, and it's like, 'Oh, my God, the invasion is coming.' That's what they did, they were in the bunkers. It's coming, they call Rommel -- they can't find Rommel. (Pretending to speak into a radio.) 'What do we do? I'm not doing anything until I get orders.' (Pretends to look through binoculars.) 'Have you gotten Rommel yet?'"
It's really not that bad. Not like, say, comparing a loss to Pearl Harbor (cough, cough, Nick Saban, cough). Dooley's only saying his team's lacking in decisiveness and action, much like some of the German commanders on D-Day; not that the Vols are world conquering, genocidal war mongers. And, he's saying it the only way his social studies-based undergrad developed brain knows how. Besides, everybody knows that world conquering, genocidal war mongers don't go 2-5. Either way, though, it's still dumb to throw around historical* comparisons in this day and age if you don't want to be a headline, blog post, or quick clip.

Anyway, if anyone's a Nazi Blitzkrieg around here, it's the Oregon offense...oh, wait. What? Nothing, nothing.
* "historical" used loosely here, as this is more a description of The Longest Day than the actual Nazis manning Fortress Europe in Normandy.

When do we start this conversation?

"Is Cam Newton the greatest college football? Auburn history? ...ever?" I mean, if we had the discussion about Tebow, shouldn't we have it about Newton? Tebow was surrounded with much better talent than Newton's got around him on the Plains and he's putting up gaudier numbers. I'm not weighing in either side of this convo...yet...I'm simply putting out there. What if he stayed at Florida? Would he already be supplanting Tebow from the memories of Gator fans? I mean that gigantic Cam Newton smile is a better image to carry around than Tebow crying after the loss to 'Bama.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Morning QB

Mark Dantonio is trying to give himself enough another heart attack. First it was "Little Giants," the fake FG against Notre Dame. Now it's "Mousetrap", the fake punt that kept the Spartans alive against Northwestern. And look at Wisconsin's Bret Bielema getting in the mix, calling a fake punt deep in his own territory to spark the game winning drive against Iowa. overall, I've really enjoyed watching the Big ten this year.

Cam Newton is insanely talented. That one run - you know which one I'm talking about - was the stuff of Heisman lore. However, what this LSU game has reinforced is that you do not have to shut down Cam Newton to beat Auburn. They've had close games and in at least two, one play call, missed block, or dropped pass could have changed the outcome. Cam Newton can do his thing, and do it well, but if someone puts everything else together against the Tiger defense, Auburn could pick up a loss. Alabama seems like the most likely culprit (obviously), but will that really be Auburn's only loss? Most likely yes - but the more I watch them, the more it seems like they should have at least two or three in the 'L' column already. And, this isn't to knock Auburn as a team, only to get some perspective on their National title hopes now that they're the consensus number three -EDIT: And now, BCS number one- if they end up winning it all, this season will feel eerily  like 2007.

How far do we drop LSU? If Auburn's number three and they only won by a touchdown, how far should the Bayou Bengals drop? It would have made life easier if Auburn crushed them.

Staying in the SEC: Georgia is right in the thick of the SEC East race now, but I seriously doubt they'll win out. And, South Carolina's not losing two or three more times? Also, let's not dismiss the Gators, who still have both the Dawgs and Cocks on the slate. Alabama really seemed to just "wake up" against Tennessee. Their homestretch will likely decide the SEC and BCS title game, with Auburn to end the season.

I thought the Arkansas-Ole Miss game would never end.

Missouri finally beat Oklahoma. So, that's both teams I picked for the BCS title carrying losses now.You know what else that game did? Put Baylor in first place of the Big-XII division. That's right, Baylor. Of course, OU will come back, beat Baylor, win out and win the South - right? - but for now, I think that division is indicative of the entire season so far. And what about Texas? Jesus, Mack, that was awful. Also, Baylor is already bowl eligible. Georgia and Florida are not. WTF?

The seniors at Navy own a 3-1 record against Notre Dame.

Cal is Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde with their home/away performances this year. They're averaging 50+ points a game in 4 home wins, but can't find the endzone with a map on the road.

Look out Oregon, you're next on the chopping block. Alabama lost at SoCar, Ohio State lost at Wisconsin, and now Oklahoma lost at Mizzou. This week, the Ducks go to LA Memorial and play the Trojans of SC. That has death trap written all over it.

Lastly, take a look around the rankings and conference standings. The Mountain West has two top-10 teams. The Big East has no one ranked and the ACC has only one team - FSU - with less than two losses. And, honestly, if you thought about it, would you really say that Utah or TCU wouldn't be undefeated in these leagues?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekly Picks

Here are the final, etched in stone (well, cyber-stone anyway) picks for this week. Confidence is waaaay down here, especially after having such a great record last week (9-2...fuck you Ohio State). It feels like my picking process is as laughably held together as a World War I fighter plane...or Les Miles' win streak.

Tonight's fare:

Oregon 47, UCLA 20 - I almost picked the upset here since the college football gods seem to love Thursday night carnage. However, I'm staying with the Ducks to cruise through a Bruin team with no answers at QB. Look for some junk points to make this one look closer than it will actually be.


Michigan State 29, Northwestern 17 - I just couldn't keep the upset pick. Northwestern's resume does not warrant that much caution and Sparty's too balanced on offense and tough on defense to fall in Evanston. Against Iowa? That's a whole different story, my friend.

"You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are."

LSU 33, Auburn 31 - It'll either be LSU by a few or Auburn by a bunch, and I hope this isn't the case, but MAD HATTED. Cam Newton is Auburn right now and you get the feeling that without him, they'd be a .500 team. In the end, I'm picking that streak to end before the voodoo in Baton Rouge runs out.

Iowa 27, Wisconsin 24 - This is one of the toughest calls of the season. I'm taking the home team, but it'll be a good one to watch if you like fundamental football.

Clemson 28, Georgia Tech 27 - Keeping it...but I'm not sure why.

Nebraska 31, Oklahoma State 20 - It was nice to know you undefeated Okie State, but Nebraska's better than you and pissed off after the loss to Texas. As long as Pelini stays with Martinez and stops all the Spurrier-esque action, the Huskers ought to be fine.

North Carolina 24, Miami 21 - I am not impressed with Jacory Harris and am greatly impressed with how resilient the Tar Heels' post-infraction remainders have been. Look for a key INT to turn the game late.

Oklahoma 34, Missouri 17 - Missouri will never get it done.

TCU 20, Air Force 13 - I canceled the upset call, but it should still be close for the Horned Frogs.

Washington 30, Arizona 20- The Wildcats are replacing an injured QB and Locker is hitting his stride (finally). It might be foolish considering how much the Huskies struggle on the road, but I'm taking Sark and the gang in an upset.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dynasty Update: No Alibi

How do you overcome 6 turnovers and 5 dropped passes on the road? You don't. Buckeyes, 49-31. Ace Journeyman's first Michigan-Ohio State game was know the rest.

Oh well. Orlando, here we come.

UPDATE: Ace Journeyman used the frustration and anger of two losses to end the regular in fueling his team's desire to win their bowl game.  The result? A jacked-up Wolverine team crushed Tennessee, 44-17.

2018 Schedule

at #3 Notre Dame W 38-13
Western Michigan W 49-0
Oklahoma State W 37-7
at Indiana W 45-7
Michigan State W 20-13
#18 Iowa W 31-3
McNeese State W 56-0
at #7 Penn State W 34-14
#23 Illinois W 40-10
at Purdue W 37-7
#4 Wisconsin L 20-17
at #14 Ohio State  L 31-49

Capital One Bowl
Tennessee W 44-17

Weekday QB

I never gave you a Sunday Morning-QB post. I guess I was trying so hard to process everything that happened that I subconsciously flipped the 'forget' switch. I hope this makes up for it.

Eric Legrand has almost paid the ultimate price for the game. Pull through, big guy. It's shit like this that gives us true perspective on this sport. Well wishes can be sent here.

Cam Newton looks for real...Auburn still doesn't. It is certainly impressive to carve up a team for 500 yards and 65 points, but it was just Arkansas' D and the Tigers' D looked non-existent. I think Oregon is a fair comparison right now, and as of right now, the Ducks D looks better. And, while they might not have a Cam Newton, they do have what seems to be a better 'team.' Still though, Newton for Heisman...this week, anyway.

NOT this guy.

Staying with Auburn: This weeks Tiger Duel is huge; LSU at Auburn to decide who'll be the last man standing unscathed in the SEC. I'm leaning towards Auburn for two reasons: Cam Newton and LSU's inability to exploit Auburn's over-generous secondary.

FTS called three of the major upsets: Kentucky, Hawaii, and Texas. In the end, though, they shouldn't really be seen as huge upsets. South Carolina is still South Carolina, a road trip on the island is always draining, and who really thought Texas was going to be down all season or that this was Nebraska's year?

Yes, Oklahoma looked like the number one team against Iowa State and Florida State, but let's not forget Cincy and Air Force; it might be a little too soon to anoint the Sooners king of the hill.

Wisconsin played one of the "toughest" games I've seen in a while. They knocked off the Buckeyes through strong line play and fundamentals. John Clay did not have an obscene ypc average, but he was always able to pick up his first downs and scratch out the yards he needed. No wonder he's got his O-line's numbers shaved in his head.

Speaking of Wisconsin, they are making Michigan State look tough right now. Now, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Michigan Wolverines. I'm not sure why, but they've always been my go-to outside the SEC team that I've been drawn to since I was a kid; I'd imagine it's a combination of the helmets, tradition, the fact their mascot shares their name with my favorite comic book character, and that I like the color blue. So, it's a big thing for me that I'm pulling for Sparty this year. I'd love to see them go undefeated, mainly because I like Mark Dantonio.

The Big East is bad.

The SEC East is the Somalia of football divisions.

The Big XII is...well, who gives a shit, their days are numbered anyway.

The FTS Halfway Heisman Ballot:

Cam Newton (Xerxes from 300? Anyone else?)
Denard Robinson
Kellen Moore

Number one for next week? Either the winner of Auburn-LSU or the Ducks in a holding pattern.

Lastly, I loved the Sunday night BCS show on ESPN. I hope its weekly and always just as honest.

Dynasty Update: Hail Mary'd

The biggest game of Ace Journeyman's career has come to an end, as has his undefeated inaugural season in Ann Arbor. #3 Michigan hosting #4 Wisconsin; a big match-up in the Big House to decide the conference title and, most-likely, the coveted second-spot in the BCS. The Badgers did a wonderful job slowing down the Wolverines' offense, keeping them well under their 40+ average, and grinding down the tempo of the game. After exchanged punts to start the game, Wisconsin put together a long drive for a touchdown, going up 7-0 late in the first. Michigan responded with a nice quick drive, but it stalled in the red-zone and a rare missed FG kept Big Blue off the board. It was a defensive affair through the second, but Journeyman's team finally found pay-dirt with the clock ticking down to halftime, tying the score at 7-all. The slug-fest continued through the third quarter, but it finally looked like Michigan was gaining momentum, using two gutsy Journeyman 4th-down calls to keep a drive alive deep into Badger territory. The resulting FG put the Wolverines up 10-7, but the lead was short lived, as Wisconsin had a 102-yard KO return to take the lead back in a flash, 14-10. Two more exchanged punts left Michigan with the ball and three minutes to score...and Journeyman used almost every second of it, milking the clock while calling an expert drive...but he didn't use enough. Scoring with just :16 left, the home crowd of over 100,000 began roaring in celebration. The kickoff was contained at the 35 and only 8 seconds remained, but that was 8 seconds too much.One play later, the Badgers were dog-piling in celebration, as the Hail Mary miracle pass had worked and Wisconsin had won the day in an instant classic. It was a tough loss, but one that hopefully contained many lessons for the young coach and his team.

2018 Schedule

at #3 Notre Dame W 38-13
Western Michigan W 49-0
Oklahoma State W 37-7
at Indiana W 45-7
Michigan State W 20-13
#18 Iowa W 31-3
McNeese State W 56-0
at #7 Penn State W 34-14
#23 Illinois W 40-10
at Purdue W 37-7
#4 Wisconsin L 20-17

Remaining Game:
at #14 Ohio State


  1. Oregon
  2. Boise State
  3. Auburn
  4. Oklahoma
  5. TCU
  6. LSU
  7. Michigan State
  8. Utah
  9. Stanford
  10. Alabama
  11. Wisconsin
  12. Iowa
  13. Missouri
  14. Nebraska
  15. Ohio State
  16. Florida State
  17. Oklahoma State
  18. South Carolina
  19. Arkansas
  20. Arizona
  21. West Virginia
  22. Texas
  23.  Mississippi State
  24. USC
  25. Virginia Tech

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Early Leans

Oregon 45, UCLA 24

Northwestern 30, Michigan State 27

Auburn 31, LSU 27

Iowa 27, Wisconsin 24

Clemson 28, Georgia Tech 27

Nebraska 31, Oklahoma State 20

North Carolina 24, Miami 21

Oklahoma 34, Missouri 17

Air Force 26, TCU 20

Washington 30, Arizona 20

Chilling Reminder - Cam Newton Plays Football

"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women."

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dynasty Update: The Home Stretch

Ace Journeyman's Michigan squad is rolling right now, having cruised to a 7-0 start that includes a close win over rival Michigan State and a drubbing of #16 Iowa. And, while all that is good and appreciated, most eyes in Ann Arbor are on the final five games of the season. In one of the toughest home stretches in college football, the Wolverines face 4 ranked teams in 5 weeks. Three of the games are on the road, including the season ending hate-fest against #14 Ohio State. Fans have warmed to Journeyman through the first seven games, but it will be his team's performance in the home stretch that decides if they'll truly accept him; an 8-4 record got his predecessor fired, after all.

2018 Schedule

at #3 Notre Dame W 38-13
Western Michigan W 49-0
Oklahoma State W 37-7
at Indiana W 45-7
Michigan State W 20-13
#18 Iowa W 31-3
McNeese State W 56-0

Remaining Games:

at #10 Penn State
#20 Illinois
at Purdue
#5 Wisconsin
at #14 Ohio State

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dynasty Update: Big Start in the Big House, 5-0

Ace Journeyman's career as the head man at Michigan is off to a great start. The Wolverines are 5-0 to start 2018, including a season-opening thumping of #3 Notre Dame on the road and a thrashing of previously unbeaten Indiana to start league play. They're celebrating with the Paul Bunyan trophy this week in Ann Arbor after knocking off rival Michigan State 20-13, but Journeyman's more focused on next Saturday and the looming showdown with #18 Iowa. These are by far the best players the Ace has ever coached, and if he turned those scrappy three-stars in Nevada into a PAC-10 champion, there's no telling what he can do here. But, with the new job and higher pay come some serious expectations: Journeyman's contract says that t expectations are 3 years to win a National Championship. After watching the previous headman dumped after an 8-win season, there are no delusions about how hot the seat can get in Ann Arbor.

2018 Schedule

at #3 Notre Dame W 38-13
Western Michigan W 49-0
Oklahoma State W 37-7
at Indiana W 45-7
Michigan State W 20-13

Remaining Games:

#18 Iowa
McNeese State
at #10 Penn State
#20 Illinois
at Purdue
#5 Wisconsin
at #14 Ohio State

Weekly Picks

Cincinnati 30, Louisville 26 - I almost kept the upset, but in the end, I took the BearCats' offense. Charlie's boys keep it close, but not close enough.While we're at it, I'm going to go ahead and throw this out there: Don't be surprised if Cincy actually competes for the Big East title. This is the first league game and could be just the rev-up they need to start the climb towards the Nov. 13 trip to Morgantown.

Michigan State 24, Illinois 20 - I like the Zook-ers to make it a fight. I almost took them all the way, as I can see Sparty being a little too high on themselves going into this match-up. But, I think the home crowd staves off the upset.

Texas 20, Nebraska 19 - Well, the 'Horns are coming off a post-OU bye week, and those two things have made them almost invincible in the past. It's either going to be a close upset or a straight, Martinez-led Husking, and I'd rather be able to say I called the upset than predicted the same drubbing everyone else does. I'm keeping the call.

Missouri 31, Texas A&M 30 - There will be points, but I still think the Tigers win. Vegas has the Aggies by 3.5, but I'm not sure why.

Auburn 33, Arkansas 30 - I increased the points for both teams, but in the end, I'm afraid to pick against Cam Newton.

Iowa 33, Michigan 30 - Keeping it.

Kentucky 31, South Carolina 27 - I'm not sure why, but I'm keeping this call. There will be more fire on the Wildcat sideline and the traveling Gamecocks may be down by 14 before they realize it. If it holds true, this will really start to mix up the SEC.

Ohio State 30, Wisconsin 20 - Pryor keeps it real.

Oklahoma 41, Iowa State 24 - Not even sure why I included this game; Sooners roll.

Florida 27, Mississippi State 17 - I just couldn't go with State in the Swamp.

Hawaii 44, Nevada 37- Only because I want Nevada to go undefeated and I know the fates will not allow it. Also, Hawaii's a dangerous team, especially on the island.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chilling Reminders.

Alabama is now playing with something to prove.

Taylor Martinez is only a Freshman.


VA Tech is undefeated in the ACC.

Only a Sophomore.

Les Miles is still out there.

Early Leans - Upset-a-palooza

Louisville 27, Cincinnati 26

Michigan State 24, Illinois 20

Texas 20, Nebraska19

Missouri 31, Texas A&M 30

Auburn 27, Arkansas24

Iowa 33, Michigan 30

Kentucky 31, South Carolina 27

Ohio State 30, Wisconsin 20

Oklahoma 38. Iowa State 24

Mississippi State 23, Florida 20

Hawaii 44, Nevada 37

Tuesday Top-25

Here's the weekly FTS top-25. Man, oh man, did the SEC's weekend shake out oddly in the poll. I did not want to drop 'Bama out of the top-10, but I needed South Carolina ahead of them, which bumped Utah further down the line. I had three different teams at number one, but eventually settled on Oregon...for now. Ohio State seems like they're hiding a secret somewhere that will result in 2-losses and Oregon's suddenly allowing a lot of points. Also, I finally faced the music and ranked LSU in the top-10. And it hurt to do so.

  1. Oregon
  2. Boise State
  3. Ohio State
  4. Auburn
  5. TCU
  6. Nebraska
  7. LSU
  8. Oklahoma
  9. South Carolina
  10. Alabama
  11. Utah
  12. Iowa
  13. Arkansas
  14. Michigan State
  15. Stanford
  16. Florida
  17. Florida State
  18. Missouri
  19. Nevada
  20. Wisconsin
  21. Oklahoma State
  22. Arizona
  23. Air Force
  24. West Virginia
  25. NC State

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dynasty Update: Snikt! Snikt!

Well, it's official: Ace Journeyman has left Nevada and signed a three-year deal as the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines. Though many are surprised, it makes sense; he has connections in Ann Arbor. When he coached at Eastern Michigan, he technically lived in Ann Arbor, having done some grad assisting there earlier in his career. And, while not necessarily a "Michigan Man," it's the closest place to home he has in the FBS outside of Athens. Prestige-wise, Michigan is a huge step up from either EMU or Nevada, but the expectations are higher here than Reno or Ypsilanti. The last coach was ousted after an 8-5 season, so Journeyman better be ready to win, early and often.

Monday Night-QB

Denard Robinson is human. He threw three picks as the Wolverines lost to the amped up Spartans on Saturday. Also, he only rushed for 84 yards on top of his 215 passing. What a loser, not even topping 300 yards of offense. Maybe if he had a defense. Or a running back. Or...well, you get the idea.

Alabama lost. And that's really about it. They were on the road in a tough league carrying a win-streak that had to end sometime. I'd still take the Tide 2 out of 3. But, cfb's not about series, but one time games. So how will the Tide dropping a decision to the Gamecocks affect how the season shakes out?

Alshon Jeffrey is fun to watch and good at football.

Auburn is still undefeated and Cam Newton is a great player. If you can stuff the Tiger run, though, and force him to throw, you have a chance to beat them. That is, if you have a good defense. Especially a good secondary. Because you'll need all the linemen and linebackers you've got to make that run stuffing thing happen and you need corners who can operate on islands. In other words, Auburn 34, Georgia 14.

Someone else gets the real-life Heisman photo nod this week.

Does anything else in the SEC West matter this season with Les Miles at the helm in Baton Rouge? When will they lose? That fake FG was an insane call. Not the fake itself, but the particular one they used. And the way it played out? Jesus.

Ohio State won; big surprise. Pryor looked good doing it, too, so I guess the Buckeyes are the default number one now. And, I'm OK with that. Oregon's personnel losses and Boise State's non-schedule make it easier for me to see the Bucks at the top...for now.

John Brantley played with cracked ribs against LSU. Julio Jones played with a broken hand against South Carolina. While these things are tough, gritty, and impressive, they pale in comparison to Greg Nosal, who played with a SEVERED FINGER. Jesus Christ, son, even Chuck Bednarik thinks you're crazy.

Tennessee had just 10 players on the field to try and block a Georgia field goal in the second quarter. If Georgia needs a traffic-law coordinator, then UT needs a counting specialist.

Andrew Luck is a tough football player. Harbaugh's whole program seems tough, what with hard hitting QB's and a true iron man in Owen Marecic.

I'm getting to my top-25  later tonight. I think it's only fair to have SoCar higher than 'Bama for now. But I think I finally have to acknowledge LSU's record and the aura of dark insanity that protects Les Miles.Beyond that, I think Auburn has to be the highest ranked SEC team. What does that mean for the mid-majors? Well, I'm going to have to bump some. And, while it never seems fair to drop spots when you win - especially by 40 or 50 points - it's obviously not fair to keep an AQ, BCS team suppressed in light of their success against superior competition.

Lastly, because the season's pretty much half-way done and I haven't pointed it out yet: FUCK PAUL FINEBAUM. Richt won and Saban lost...I hope he sucked down the barrel of a shotgun dealing with that reality.

More Off-Field Issues for Georgia

UPDATE 2: It is a traffic issue, an unpaid speeding ticket in Walton County to be exact. He has nothing to do with the stolen items, according to ACCPD rep Jimmy Williamson. Still though, this shit's getting old. There should be a traffic-law coordinator on this coaching staff.

UPDATE: So far, there's no real revelation here. Early reports are that he was arrested for an unpaid speeding ticket. However, the police were at his residence last week looking for stolen electronics. The theft of the goods apparently did not involve any student athletes, though, according to the ACCPD. He was cleared on Friday so this morning's incident is most likely an extension of the investigation, not necessarily a true legal issue for King. His brother is also being held and all early reports indicate that it's one of his friends that's involved with the shadier shit.

Caleb King is in right now, as we speak, behind bars. The only info available is that he's being held for "another agency." Man, I'm getting so tired of this shit. I mean, we don't know what happened, but I'm guessing whatever it is, it's not good; the Citizen of the Year Committee doesn't require you to sit in lock-up before they give you your prize.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dynasty Update: Big Decisions

I know there hasn't been an update in a while, but that's because of where I am in the Dynasty. This off season is a crucial time. The last two seasons in Reno have been great, with the close wins of '16 setting up the legendary Rose Bowl run of this season. With the personnel losses about to hit the Wolfpack, Journeyman knows he either needs to commit to Nevada and sign an extension or move on to a new program and possibly greener pastures - or at least fertile soil ready to be tilled by his talented hand. This is not an easy choice to make. Big programs have come calling, mainly form the Big Ten, and their offers are overshadowing the idea of staying out west. The decision could be made simpler if Journeyman's alma mater would extend an offer, but the Bulldogs haven't called, making the choice a harder one:

6-Year Extension with Nevada


Move onto either: Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Penn State, Michigan, or Ohio State

Honestly, I'm tired of not being able to play, so look for a decision to be made by the end of the week.

Holy shit, I cannot believe I covered Journeyman's entire stint with the Wolfpack without ever using Courage Wolf, which might be my favorite of last year's memes. So, here you go:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

LSU's still undefeated.

Because of, or despite, his best efforts. It's still unclear.

1 Point.

FTS called Oregon State's upset...and was one point away from hitting the nail on the head. Ugh.

Aaron Murray

Murray had a great game, but there was so much more to today than that. The defense was solid (UT had 9 rushing yards), the receivers made plays, the Dawgs felt like they were playing determined ad focused football...and Tennessee gave the ball up three times early. I''ll take it, Dawgs win, 41-14.

Friday, October 8, 2010


What Kansas State feels like right now.
Who does Taylor Martinez think he is? Denard Robinson? Sure he only had 128 yards and one TD passing, but he racked up 241 yards and four TD's on the ground. And he did it on fifteen carries. That's over 16 ypc. The Kansas State defense looked confused for three quarters and defeated for the fourth. I will give Wildcat (the team, not the formation) QB Carson Coffman credit, it seemed like he never stopped fighting, especially that late drive for the last TD right into the teeth of a jacked up Blackshirt defense who had been trying to murder people all night long. In the end though, it wasn't anywhere near enough: Nebraska 48, K-State 13.

By the way, after last night, your two leading rushers in college football are both quarterbacks.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Weekly Picks

Last Week: 6-4  
Season: 13-8

Nebraska 27, Kansas State 16 - I've gone back and given the Huskers a little more credit. While I have enjoyed the 'Cats scrappiness, I don't see it making it through 4 quarters with Big Red off a bye. Of course, if the Nebraska team that barely beat an FCS school shows up...

Alabama 24, South Carolina 16 - Unchanged. With the Tide coming off that big win over Florida, I see them running a bit looser this weekend. Look for it close early, but 'Bama sealing it off late.

Arkansas 34, Texas A&M 30 - I was going to open it up for the Hawgs a bit, but in the end, I kept the same score. Johnson will throw as many picks as TD's and that will be the deciding factor in this showdown in Dallas.

Michigan State 34, Michigan 31 - Switcheroo - I'm taking an inspired Sparty over a defenseless Denard.

Auburn 30, Kentucky 20 - This will look like an ugly Auburn win early, then the Cats will close ever so much, all before Cam Newton pulls away.

Florida 29, LSU 17 - It HAS to end here. It HAS TO.

USC 27, Stanford 24 - Wouldn't this just be the way? The Trojans are desperate and with no preseason to play for, they'll leave it all on the field, stealing one from the Cardinal.

Oregon State 30, Arizona 27 - UPSET ALERT.I'd love to see Arizona run the table, but I know it won't happen.

Georgia 19, Tennessee 17- I added a FG for Georgia which changed the outcome. I don't know how Vegas has the Dawgs as double digit favorites.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Weeknight Football!

Are you ready for this exciting match-up?! UAB at Central Florida.

The most exciting image associated with either school.
Wow. On the heels of that Sunbelt Showdown last night, this might enough excitement to kill Mark Dantonio (too soon?). I'll take the Knights by 9 tonight, UCF 30, UAB 21...but I won't watch a ton of it, that's for sure. However, tomorrow night's match-up will certainly draw my attention. Nebraska is heavily favored over K-State in Manhattan, but the Wildcats have been scrappy this year. It'll be a nice Thursday-night proving ground for the Huskers. Stay tuned for final picks.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Holding out for Akbar

Ole Miss has released preliminary designs for their new mascot choices - the land shark, the black bear, and Hotty Toddy. They look fine in a generic sort of way, but they missed the boat in Oxford by not choosing Admiral Akbar. Also, instead of two amorphous muppet-type mascots named "Hotty" and "Toddy," the council has chosen to present one, faceless green-man meets body builder persona named "Hotty Toddy." Meh. And yes, the new mascot will have proper Grove Attire for pre-gaming.

Tuesday Night Football

UPDATE 2:Dasher returned late in the second, but it really didn't matter: Troy 41, MTSU 13.
UPDATE: Barely 6 minutes in and Dasher's out of the game.This could change things.
If you're hard up, or just really love football, check out Troy at Middle Tennessee State tonight. With Dasher back, the Raiders offense should be hitting on all cylinders, so you could be in for a shootout in Murfeesboro. I'll throw out a bonus pick: Troy 32, MTSU 27.

Tuesday Top-25

  1. Alabama
  2. Oregon
  3. Ohio State
  4. Auburn
  5. Boise State
  6. Utah
  7. Nebraska
  8. Oklahoma
  9. TCU
  10. Arizona
  11. Arkansas
  12. Florida
  13. Iowa
  14. South Carolina
  15. Stanford
  16. Miami
  17. LSU
  18. Michigan State
  19. Michigan
  20. Missouri
  21. Nevada
  22. Wisconsin
  23. Northwestern
  24. Kansas State
  25. Oklahoma State
Alabama looks like the best team in the country right now, hands down. A trip to Columbus this weekend could expose a flaw or two, but I doubt it. Because of their ability to hang with the Tide, Arkansas hangs close to the top-10.

Oregon moves to number 2, which means Ohio State falls to the third spot after their lackluster performance.

Auburn gets the biggest boost this week, cracking the top-5. They'll stay here until they're beaten, or seriously tested by a underdog. 

Nebraska and Oklahoma are still in the top-10, but they've both had iffy performances and their schedules are looking easier and easier with each passing week.

I like Utah. I do not trust TCU's last couple of performances. Boise State has returned to the highest ranking of the non-AQ's.

I don't trust Arizona to hold this spot for the next few weeks, but right now, they're undefeated against a decent schedule.

12-16 are the one-loss'ers. They've got a 1 in the loss column, but could still hang with almost anyone else in the country.

Yes, undefeated LSU is #17. If you've watched their games, you know why. But, something close wins do is build confidence, so I won't be surprised if they start creeping up the polls...but they've got to beat Florida first.

Denard Robinson is ranked #19. Everything else is jumble of teams I knew needed to be included, but am really just guessing at the appropriate order. In the end, OK State got the nod over a slipping Texas team.

    Monday, October 4, 2010

    Weekly Picks - Early Leans

    Here are the games I think I'm picking this week and my early leans on the outcomes. Adjusted prediction, breakdowns, and reasonings to come later this week.

    Nebraska 23, Kansas State 17

    Alabama 24, South Carolina 16

    Arkansas 34, Texas A&M 30

    Michigan 34, Michigan State 31

    Auburn 30, Kentucky 20

    Florida 29, LSU 17

    USC 27, Stanford 24

    Oregon State 30, Arizona 27

    Tennessee 17, Georgia 16

    The Ryder Cup

    The Ryder Cup is wrapping up this week (The US is currently down 9.5-6.5), but look who was there this weekend. No, not Tiger Woods. This guy:

    Fuck yeah!

    Also there was this child, who, I can only assume, snuck out of a 19th century chimney and past his black-lunged boss to attend:

    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Sunday Night QB

    I don't care if Michigan loses all their remaining games, if Robinson stays healthy and racks up the numbers he's done so far, he deserves the Heisman. See the previous post for more Shoelace Love.

    Mark it down: Virginia Tech's going to win their division. Why? Just to fuck with us.

    Ohio State is an injury to Terrelle Pryor away from a very disappointing season.

    Cam Newton is fun to watch, and is probably the SEC's best bet at a Heisman representative in 2010. But, he's still a laptop thief that even Florida booted, which makes it difficult to really get behind him. I'm all for second chances, but I feel dirty watching him play and enjoying his athleticism. 

    Ole Miss defeated Kentucky this week - and was up 22 points with just a few minutes left - and Vandy defeated Ole Miss earlier this year. What does that mean? Well, for me, it looks like Georgia is the WORST team in the SEC, something I never would have envisioned. But, there'll be more on that later.

    Michigan State handled a talented Wisconsin team without their headcoach present. It seems like the Spartans were the most overlooked preseason Big-10 team. Dantonio was going to be relegated to the booth on doctor's orders, but a late-discovered blood clot left the coach in the hospital, watching the game form the TV. The fact that the Spartans played well, let alone won, is a statement to their discipline and organization. And, if it wasn't for Shoelace's god-like athleticism, Sparty would be my soft-spot, cross-conference rooting interest.

    Two losses in a row for Texas is not what people were expecting. But, we have to realize that one was to undefeated Oklahoma, so it probably should not have resulted in the 'Horns being dropped form the rankings altogether.

    With Texas not being ranked, Nebraska's strength of schedule has taken a BIG hit. They very well might not play a ranked opponent all year. Seriously, their schedule is soft. Maybe Clay Travis was right when he said Nebraska had a weaker schedule than Boise State.

    How is Les Miles still undefeated? I've never seen anything like that. It was gut-wrenching seeing Dooley and the Vols celebrating their big win, only to have it called back on a counting error. What does Miles keep in that hat, anyway?

    Alabama is easily the best team in the country. The efficient brutality with which they dispatched Florida was scary, but mesmerizing at the same time. Like watching a big cat take down a gazelle in the wild; you don't want to see the gory carnage of the feast, but you cannot look away.

    That Stanford-Oregon game was awesome. I really wish I had just watched that directly instead of investing more emotion into the Bulldogs, while the Ducks and Cardinal had the point-a-palooza on the muted, smaller television.

    Southern Cal was just escorted out of the rankings by an old friend. It's Sark, baby. He will beat USC and no one else.Throw up the dub!

    Iowa exposed Penn State, just like pretty much everyone thought they would. But, there's a lot of potential in that true-frosh QB and we all know JoePa will coach another 50 years. Meanwhile, Ferentz is winning with bottled lightening and it might all be gone next year.

    Despite dropping their fourth loss in a row, Georgia actually looked much improved on Saturday night. Not enough to matter to the outcome, but enough to build on with a return home next weekend. It's difficult to right the ship on the road, but even more so against a desperate, and now angry, SEC-opponent. It's going to be a long season in Athens.

    Just take a look at this:

    1,008 Passing yards, 7 TD's, 1 INT, 70% completion

    905 Rushing yards, 8 TD's,9.2 ypc

    These are Denard Robinson's stats so far this season; that's fucking video game-style ridiculous. In his honor, I'm recycling his mid-stride Heisman move from the Notre Dame game.

    Saturday, October 2, 2010

    This happened

    And then:

    Like Doc Saturday says: "What's worse than Les Miles' clock management? Tennessee's math."