Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally! Tuesday Night Football!

That means I gotta make my picks tonight. Sweet!

There is football every night of the week. It's fantastic. I don't care who's playing, I'm watching. Between High School, Pros and College, I'm never more than a few hours away from football. Let's do this all the time, always, forever. A couple of beers, a Sunbelt showdown, and a football blog make everything alright.

So, to commemorate the weeknight buffet of pigskin delights, I'm picking 15 games this week.

Last Week: 6-4
Season: 23-9


Tuesday: MidTennSt. 37, Florida Atl. 30 - Blue Raiders outlast the Owls

Wednesday: Boise St. 31, LA Tech 21 - Overconfident Broncos fall behind early, rally late past Lil' Dooley's dawgs.

Soup and Salad:


SoFla 24, Pitt 20 - Selvie-less Bulls struggle with McCoy, Grothe leads late TD charge.

Utah 27, Org St. 20 - Which game is the Beavers' fluke? USC or Penn St.? I'm taking the former and the Utes to restore order out west.


BYU 42, Utah State 10 - 'Cougs roll, wonder why UCLA and Wash both had to suck this year.



Penn St. 44, Purdue 27 - I'm picking the Lions to keep piling up points and not get caught overlooking the opportunistic Boilers.

Auburn 13, Vandy 7 - Vandy's 7 points? 1 FG and 2 safeties.

USC 34, Oregon 21 - Trojans bounce back. Even without Maualuga, the D should slow the Ducks ground game.

Texas 41, Colorado 17 - Colt McCoy plays ridiculous football. And there's other people on his team, too.

Missouri 38, Nebraska 24 - The Huskers were exposed last week. They've got no chance to slow down Daniel and the Tigers.

Side Dishes:

Kansas St. 38, Texas Tech 37 - Red Raiders lose. Maybe.

Oklahoma St. 29, TexAM 21 - Pokes stay unbeaten. Maybe.

Florida 42, Arkansas 19 - Gators get back on track.

Chef's Special:

Ohio State 21, Wisconsin 20 - The Badgers lose second in a row, Beanie fights for a hundred against tough Wisky D.


Kentucky 31, Bama 30 - Only because Bama looked so good. Of course they'll emotionally implode. Or, they could win by 20.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Tuesday Top-25 (early edition)

It was a wild weekend that saw 3 of the top 5 teams fall. USC to lowly Oregon State, but on the road; Georgia thumped at home, but by a top-10 team that now sits at #2; Florida at home, and to an upstart, un-ranked Ole Miss. So, they should all drop, but maybe some more than others. I was pretty hard on the SEC this morning, UGA especially, but have settled down a bit before putting together my top-25. I still don't have faith in TexTech, I think Ball State could be another BCS buster, and UConn will lose a few without Lorenzen. Don't be surprised, if the teams at the top play comparatively as well as they did this week, next week, to see the Longhorns or Tide at #1.

With all respects to the PAC-10, here's the new top-25:

1. Oklahoma
2. Alabama
3. Texas
4. Penn State
5. Missouri
6. LSU
7. BYU
8. South Florida
9. Georgia
10. USC
11. Florida
12. Auburn
13. Utah
14. Ohio State
15. Boise State
16. Wisconsin
17. Kansas
18. Vanderbilt
19. Virginia Tech
20. Texas Tech
21. Ball State
22. Oklahoma State
23. Michigan State
24. UConn
25. Northwestern

Heisman Bonus-

They're all QB's right now:

1. Colt McCoy
2. Chase Daniel
3. Sam Bradford
4. Max Hall
5. Nate Davis

Monday Night QB

Oklahoma is number one. For now. Maybe they can hold it longer than the last 2 teams.

Missouri and Texas are top-5 teams. But, what order should they go in? I think I might slide Texas up to the 3 spot and Missouri down to 5. I'm still not sold on the Tiger's D.

Alabama is number 2 after looking like Mike Vick in the Sanford dawg house. Stafford, Moreno and company were drowned, body-slammed and electrocuted all over the field. Just look at the post-game injury report for proof of the physical dominance. My only suspicion about Bama now, is maybe Georgia wasn't a very good football team after all. No top-5 team this side of Columbus has folded like that in a top-10 showdown recently. It's also Georgia's second blow-out loss in two years (14-35 Tenn in 07). Dawgs, don't mention being champions of anything until you clean up your over-penalized, sloppy, soft, inconsistent style of play. I'm not as sympathetic as Orson Swindle.

Tennessee will probably beat us by 14 points.

I defended Auburn last week, wondering why they were dropped so far after losing to LSU. Now, after Tenn., I'd say that spot is fair. Florida should be close behind. Georgia should be sub-15.

Penn State is rolling. They look like the best team in the Big-10 and could possibly hang with some of the better teams around the nation. Or, win out and flop in big-game, bowl season, Buckeye-fashion.

BYU, Utah, and Boise State are all still in it. East Carolina is officially out. Fresno State's lurking in the bushes with one loss.

Virginia Tech is on the way back up after knocking off Nebraska. Wake and Clemson lost, opening the top spot back up for the Hokies. But, beware the Terps!

Despite TCU's loss at OU, I'd still rank the MWC ahead of the Big East. Probably the ACC, too. And, maybe, the bottom nine of the PAC-10.

I'm really fighting giving respect to Texas Tech. They'd be such an easy space filler between the easily chosen top-6 and the bulk of the one-loss, small-potatoes, has-beens and knuckle draggers that flush out the rest of the top-25. The Red Raiders are undefeated, but don't we know they're going to lose 3-4 games down the line? Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, and Kansas all still lurk on the schedule. And, if we know they'll be 8-4 in two months, why waste our time ranking them 7 or 8, now? Not me. I'll put the less risky (but just as easily criticized) Bulls of SoFla and the BCS Busters from BYU ahead of Leach's Leeches.

Over and out-

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bama, Sooners roll

Wow - exciting weeekend.

Rough call right now:

1. Oklahoma
2. Alabama
3. Missouri
4. LSU
5. Texas
6. Penn State

Friday, September 26, 2008


Texas 41, Arkansas 13 – Horns roll and I hope Petrino rots in Hell.

UCLA 21, Fresno St. 20 – Bruins get some respect back in a close one.

Oklahoma 38, TCU 20 – Respectable. The MWC is the fourth-best conference.

Penn St. 38, Illinois 30 – Fireworks! The Spread HD edges out the Juice.

Ohio St. 29, Minnestoa 17 – Beanie’s back, but the Gophs are good.

Auburn 23, Tennessee 19 – The Vols should norm out here, but Auburn’s too much.

Wisconsin 23, Michigan 20 – Badgers roll on, RichRod looks ahead to the recruiting trail.

Clemson 31, Maryland 14 – Who knows which Tiger team will show up and which Terp team they’ll have to play against. Inconsistency thy name is ACC.

Florida 27, Ole Miss 20 – Nutt’s McCluster-fuck will keep the Gators busy till the 4th quarter.

Georgia 26, ‘Bama 20 – BLACKOUT!

Losing The Little One

Over the last 3 years,it's become en vogue to criticize Ohio State for losing the "big one." When are we going to start criticizing USC for losing the "little one?" Oregon State twice and Stanford. Those are the giant killers that have slowed the Trojan War Machine. Kind of a shame when compared to Florida, LSU and that same USC team, huh? Carrol's a great coach, but maybe he's too laid back. They have more talent than anyone, but they don't get pumped to play unless it's a big time game. That's coaching. And, it's indicitive of a weak conference. There's a distinct difference in being so worn out and beat up, an Oklahoma State or Arkansas can jump up and knock you in the mouth and being so lackadaisical, you can't get up for your in-league games because it's a ten-team suck fest. So, be wary, those who would too easily and too harshly bash on Jim Tressel. Ol' beefcake Pete has some flaws of his own.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Night QB

Georgia has been fortunate to be one of the few programs in all of sports that gets blessed with a great play-by-play announcer. Larry Munson has been legendary, calling some of Dawg fans most memorable plays and heroic feats. Nothing against Scott Howard and Eric Zeier, but Georgia's games casts will be missing something from now on. They will become the average, bland, run of the mill productions that most other schools have. And that's OK. We had our time with a legend and now it's time for him to enjoy some repose. Larry, you will be missed.

Vanderbilt is the best football team in the state of Tennessee. Florida exposed that with ruthless efficiency on D and ST.

Auburn dropped out of the top-10. Why? They lost to LSU. But, LSU was ranked a few spots ahead of them and they only lost by 5 points. It seems we already had them ranked sufficiently. Why the overkill of dropping them 5-6 spots? Especially if LSU climbed. I know polls are flux, but this seems a bit much. I'd still have them ranked in the top-12.

PAC-10 sucks. The best team? USC. The second best team? USC's B-team. 3rd? Trojan scout team.

Is the Mountain West that good? TCU could go a long way to prove they are with their Oklahoma tussle this weekend. At least a respectable showing would go a long way. Utah's very good and BYU's playing like a top-10 team.

Wow, Florida State was overrated again. Shocker. Wake will be ACC Champion.

This past weekend, we had several reminders how dangerous this sport we all love can be. Good luck and God bless to the several players that had near misses and close calls. Dante Love and Brouce Mompremier especially.

Who can stop Missouri's offense? Probably Oklahoma, but we'll have to wait for the Big 12 Championship for that.

Knowshon's athletic. Peace.

Enjoy the fishing, Larry:

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Early NFL Top-10

Here's a look where I think the NFL is after a couple weeks.

joaj34's NFL Power Poll

1. Cowboys - Great Offense. The D should settle in and they won't see Philly again for a while.

2. Steelers - Good D, always solid, and I've learned to never pick against them.

3. Giants - Who knew? I figured with the D-Line losses, the Giants wouldn't make the playoffs.

4. Colts - Peyton and Co. need to shore up some loose ends and questionable play. They should be competing for the top spot.

5. Packers - Aaron's alright after all.

6. Eagles - They might have lost that game to Dallas, but it was still a good indicator of the bird's bright future this season; as long as they remember to cross the goaline with the ball.

7. Patriots - Brady-less in Boston, but still a damn tough team. Won't be undefeated, but should still win their division.

8. Panthers - Scrappy and tough, playing in the softest division, and able to compete with anyone anywhere.

9. Broncos - Watch Jay Cutler. The Broncs are on to something.

10. Bills - Who? You heard me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Top-25

1. USC
2. Oklahoma
3. Florida
4. Missouri
5. Texas
6. Georgia
7. LSU
8. Alabama
9. Penn State
10. Auburn
11. BYU
12. Wisconsin
13. Ohio State
14. South Florida
15. Oregon
16. Utah
17. Wake Forest
18. Texas Tech
19. East Carolina
20. Clemson
21. Vanderbilt
22. Kansas
23. OK State
24. Florida State
25. UNC

Who's Creeping? UConn; Boise St.; TCU; Tulsa; Ball St.

Who's still around (1-loss)? Arizona St.; Tennessee; Illinois; VA Tech; West Virginia

Will Washington State or Syracuse win a game this season?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Night QB

USC looks like the best the team in the country again. They demolished Ohio State in a big non-conference match-up, but then again, who doesn't? Sanchez and company made the scoring look easy, McKnight looked greasy fast and cock strong and the D was smothering. This might be Carrol's best squad, but what does this win mean? We can't be sure yet. The called back TD in the 2nd turned the game and Maualuga's INT shut the door for good. But, the Bucks looked awful.

Maybe Ohio State's stage fright is this overwhelming. Or, maybe they suck that bad. The best thing they can do for the Big-10 is lose a couple more games and let someone else bear the standard into the BCS.

Like who, you ask? Wisconsin? It's possible with their dominant lines and tough RB's. Maybe Penn State. The Spread HD has been effective, albeit against inferior foes. But, right now, the Lions look like the best of the bunch. Wisconsin beating Fresno State doesn't prove much, in my eyes.

By the way, Jaypa, I was running the Spread HD on the xbox long before you showed up.

The SEC:

Still the best conference. You take a win on the road in this league any way you can get it. Georgia scraped out a 14-7 win over the plucky 'Cocks and Auburn torched Miss St. for a 3-2 win. This says a lot about the Defense in this league. But, it says almost as much about the lacking offenses. Stafford was hassled all day long, Knowshon was contained and receivers dropped passes. That all equals suspect O-Line play and brutal D. A QB can't throw on target when he's running for his life and even the most elusive RB needs a hole to hit. Look for these struggles to continue and cost the Dawgs games later in the season. Auburn? Who knows. Where's the spread, Franklin? Is fumbling part of the grand-scheme? How pissed is the D that the O-line blew their shut-out? These are still very good teams; very dangerous teams. But, they have issues.

Vanderbilt? Really? Yes. Really.

They said LSU doesn't have a QB. Well, maybe they don't need one. Trinton Holiday could just explode the Bayou Bengals to ATL in December.

Is BYU for real? Or is UCLA that bad? And, by extension, is Tennessee that bad? The Cougs blew up the Bruins and looked like a top-10 team with no tough opponents left on the slate. Except for maybe Utah. I'm still holding out for the Utes to beat BYU, but realistically...

Tulane might just be a scrappy little underdog. Or Bama and EaCar could be overrated.

Oklahoma looks like the 2nd best team in the country, easy. Texas isn't too far behind and I am rescinding my 'slightly overrated' tag from Missouri. Daniel and Co are lights out nasty. There will be some fun football in this league.

Notre Dame's 2-0. I'd rank 'em in my top-10. The tradition's back, baby!

USC-Ohio State was the biggest game of the season.

What do I think is second? Georgia-Florida.

3rd? Oklahoma-Texas.

What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pittbull? Fanatical, right-wing nut-job, religious zealotry of course!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget.

I wasn't going to dwell on this today, because I honestly think moving forward is the best medicine. But, even after making all my picks and savoring every tid-bit of college football I could find, the pit was still there. So, I have to say something:

I'm a history person, so I believe we can learn form our mistakes. I'm an American, so the events of 9/11 are personal and painful. On this, the seventh anniversary of those attacks, I hope that we are learning, but I feel that we are lost. I do not want to belabor or belittle anything or anyone, but that spot still stands empty and two wrongs do not make a right. Do not ask me if 'I have forgotten' because I've learned from those events. We know pain, vulnerability, fear, and anger because of that day, but we are not alone. I will not be cajoled by war mongers, and it infuriates when they use our real hurt to whip up their frenzy, or ignore the human experience in another land to justify their means. A nationless war of false retribution and point proving has cost us our economy, our foreign standing, our confidence as a nation, and too many American lives. Please, let us learn. Let us progress. Let us not be doomed to repeat the fallacies of our past while we still have the fresh scars to remind us who we are and where we come from. We're better than that. God Bless America.


Thursday Night Game: UNC 22, Rutgers 20

Thursday Night Picks!

Last Week: 7-3

SoFlorida 21, Kansas 19 - The Bulls D will contain Reesing and the 'hawks in a nice, respectable, Friday night, non-conference gem.

Oregon 42, Purdue 20 - The Ducks look good so far and the Boilermakers are sub-par at best, but Oregon could stub their toe here if they're not careful.

UCLA 21, BYU 20 - Look for another close affair as the 'Cougs tangle with their second straight PAC-10 team. This time Larry and the zebras won't give it away late.

Oklahoma 42, Washington 17 - The Huskies got close, but couldn't overcome BYU and the officials. That'll wipe out any remaining emotion a team has. Sooners roll.

Penn St. 40, Syracuse 7 - Wow 'Cuse sucks. This game used to be important, like, a hundred years ago or something.

Wisconsin 28, Fresno St. 26 - A close one, but the Badgers squeak one from the over-achieving 'Dogs. Maybe. Wisconsin plays like a single-A high school team on the road.

Defensive Duels Down South:

Auburn 21, Miss. St. 12 - It'll be ugly, but un-offensive. Will there be 20 punts in this game?

Georgia 19, SoCar 16 - Same thing as above. The Cocks have a solid D and Georgia never seems able to do anything against them.

Futility Bowl:

Michigan 19, Notre Dame 17 - Someone will win this game. They have to, right?

***Game of the Week:

Utah 34, Utah Sta...Just kidding...

USC 38, Ohio State16 - This will be close early, but the Trojans will pull away. The Bucks are not as useless as folks (including me) make them out to be.

Sooners Rolling On:

Ace Journeyman put together a top-10 recruiting class and the Sooners earned a #11 preseason ranking on their way to the start of the 2015 season. Oklahoma rolled over Chattanooga and Idaho, the school where Journeyman began his career. In an early season, big-time match-up, Ace's Sooners edged out a feisty Wisconsin team, 30-28. this could be a very good season for OU, who's picked to win the Big-12 South for the second year in a row.

2014 At a Glance...

Ace Journeyman had a great season his first go round in Oklahoma. The Sooners finished with a 11-3 record, notching an impressive 7-2 mark in-conference and winning the Big-12 South. The season was capped with a Cotton Bowl win over South Carolina.

2014 Schedule:
11-3 (7-2)

E. Washington W 100-0
at Tulsa W 41-9
Tennessee L 24-32
at #23 Wisconsin W 52-14
Texas Tech W 59-14
#2 Texas W 13-10 (OT)
at Kansas St. W 42-3
Kansas W 31-21
at OK St. W 14-9
#10 Texas A&M W 31-28
#9 Nebraska L 21-28
at Baylor W 34-24

Big 12 Championship
#2 Missouri L 13-38

Cotton Bowl
#16 South Carolina W 31-21

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday Top-25

I technically went a respectable 7-3 in my picks last week - at least when you just look at wins and losses. But, I had some blowouts picked close and vice-versa. And, one of those three misses was way off(Hello, ECU). But, none of that will stop me from keepin' on with my faux-punditry on all things college football. So, tonight I will post my new top-25 for the week, along with some other things, football and otherwise.

1. USC
2. Oklahoma
3. Georgia
4. Florida
5. Ohio State
6. LSU
7. Auburn
8. Texas
9. Oregon
10. Penn State
11. Wisconsin
12. Missouri
13. Alabama
14. Arizona State
15. Wake Forest
16. Utah
17. South Florida
18. Cal
19. East Carolina
20. BYU
21. Texas Tech
22. Fresno St.
23. Clemson
24. Kansas
25. Vanderbilt

Number 25's just kinda for fun. I really couldn't decide between the 'Dores, SoCar, WVU, OK St., Boise St., or Rice. That whole back 5 could come off, honestly.

Somebody said Vandy would win 8 games. I say let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. They'll scrap their way to 6-6. And, South Carolina will recover. Georgia better watch out for a pissed-off, OBC with 2 QB's and a nasty D.

Lay-off of Urban Meyer. He kicked a FG with 25 seconds left. Big fucking deal. It's not like he sent his entire team out to dance in the end zone...oh, wait...shit...

In an unrelated note, I keep waiting for John McCain to tell the country that his veep pick is just a big fucking joke. We should all be ashamed of ourselves if he wins now. I used to like John McCain and respect him. I voted for him in 2000. But, this trophy-vice (thanks, Maureen Dowd) pick is embarrassing. Not because she's a woman, but because she's a borderline fascist hypocrite. She's a possible secessionist who didn't even understand everything the VP did. Do I understand it all? No. But, I'm not fucking running for the office! I could go on, but just read JINX's blog - he's better at political rants than I am.

On with football:

Teams that have to lose soon:

East Carolina - I mean, come on. What the fuck? Remember when I had them picked in my top-10 way back in July? No. Oh, you must not have been reading the blog back then...

Arizona - Stoops will run the score up on anything that stands still long enough, but the luck's going to run out and I hope USC drops a hundred on them. Nothing against the 'Cats, just Stoops.

Vandy - self-explanatory. next.

Arkansas - ...and it will be nice. I want to taste the tears on Petrino's face when it happens. What a douche. But, he's got a bunch of freshmen in the 2-deep. In the next year or two, the Hogs will be good.

BYU, TCU, Utah, Rice, etc. - All the non-BCS conferences should band together into a Highlander league, because 'there can only be one' BCS-crasher. There's a single slot reserved for the small fries. If two finish undefeated and ranked in the top-12, one of 'em's going to the Las Vegas or Emerald bowl. No way any of them will provide enough enticement in the at-large pool to edge out a big boy. That said, I think all of them but Utah will lose. Most sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned for the Thursday night predictions!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Evening QB

Wow. We'll come back to this. But first:

Don't be fooled by Ohio State's lazy performance Saturday. The Buckeyes treated the Bobcats like a scrimmage in preparation for their GOTY showdown with USC. That's all. Even without Wells, the Bucks could have dropped a hundred on Ohio if every player wasn't distracted by the showdown in LA.

Same for Alabama. I'm not ready to anoint them the kings of the SEC West like some of the pollsters, but they're better than that game against Tulane. They won big, heard all the hype, and then realized they actually had to play the rest of their games. It caused a deep south snooze fest, one that the emotionally drained Green Wave probably appreciated.

Who should be judged by their performances this week?

Notre Dame. Wow. Chuck Long says the Irish are comparable to Cal Poly San Louis Abispo. That's not good.

Michigan. Give it a year or two; then RichRod's system will be running wild in the Big-10. But right now, yeesh...

At least these two get to play each other. Somebody has to win that, right?

Who was surprising?

Georgia was a lot more dominant than I though they would be. When Knowshon hurdled that guy? Forget it about it! There's still a real test coming at SoCar, no matter what Vandy did last week. The meat grinder is officially switched on. But, that was still pretty sweet.

East Carolina. I believe some tacky bastard compared the Pirates to a Cinderella that would be ruffied and raped. Wow, was that jackass wrong. ECU is better than I thought. But, apparently, West Virginia is a lot worse. Should Holtz's gang be ranked? Yes. 14th? No.

Cal looks nasty. Add them to that 3-way tie for 2nd in the PAC-10.

Speaking of the PAC-10, get some new officials. Remember a few years ago when Oklahoma got ripped off in Autzen? I guess we know now that it wasn't favoritism, it was just shoddy officiating and shitty calls. Way to take the Huskies out of the game, Larry. Douche.

I'm with Fowler, this celebration crack-down's ridiculous. Old, lame-ass, un-athletic white people can sit around and complain about the "showboating" all they want. What they'll never realize is that there's more emotion in a sport like football than there is in anything they'll ever do. Trying to contain that is almost impossible. Fans, those of SEC teams especially, should understand that there's enough time, effort, money and pressure put into these programs and on these kids to actually justify a little outburst every now and then. And, as long it's not blatantly offensive or derogatory, we should accept it as part of the game.

Moving on.

Lingering Questions:

Auburn's defense looks lights-out powerful. But, the offense needs to click with Franklin's schemes. Fast. LSU and Tennessee are coming down the pike.

I thought Florida was going to have RB's this year? What happened? Oh well, they still have Tebow. Thank him for the 4th quarter explosion on Saturday night. Oh yeah, and the defense. They're nasty good.

Georgia Tech's offense might work in the ACC...but why? Is it really that effective? Or is the conference that shitty?

Fuck You, Bobby Petrino. You should be 0-2, you slimy fuck. I have nothing against Arkansas, but I hope you learn a whole new level of pain and embarrassment as you progress through the SEC this year.

South Carolina. The OBC's boys might've lost to Vandy, but don't think they're not ready to beat Georgia. Spurrier hates the Dawgs and always takes them to the wire. Look out.

If I was building a team, I would be happy with a QB like Riley Skinner. He's what a QB is supposed to be. He's intelligent, he protects the football, he moves the chains and his team listens to him.

By the way, Ray Mauluga had two sacks just sitting in his living room on Saturday.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Funny Stuff

Bama over Clemson, alternate covers: Thank you, gump4heisman!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thusrday Night - Time for Picks and Predictions

Not a great slate this week, but here are some picks in key games. Will the pollsters make 'Bama number 2 if they beat Tulane by 14 points?

SoCar 20, Vandy 16 - The Cocks nip the 'Dores in a sluggish, boring Thrusday night game.

Ole Miss 27, Wake 20 - I'd like to take the Deacs here, but the ACC is just so awful I'm scared they're gonna blow it. Look for the McCluster-Fuck Offense to open up late.

BYU 38, Washington 20 - Cougs romp; Willingham gets closer to his job as an NFL assistant next year.

West Virginia 40, East Carolina 16 - Cinderella get's ruffied and raped early, but Holtz has done a good job here.

Oklahoma 46, Cincy 17 - Close early, but the Stoops(es) love to run up the score.

Penn St. 34, Oregon State 24 - Closer than most think. The crimin...er, uh, distractions at PSU will have an impact, but the Beavers won't beat Beaver Stadium.

Florida 38, Miami 17 - Gators should roll; but a couple key mistakes could trigger Miami's killer instinct (remember Texas A&M last year?).

AZ State 42, Stanford 21 - The Cardinal might've beat the Beavs, but the Devils are a whole different story.

Georgia 38, Central Michigan 27 - LeFevour and the Chips are explosive and we don't do well with that (see: Troy St.), but the Offfense should score enough points and the D should make enough key stops to fight off the late surge.

Texas Tech 52, Nevada 40 - Why do the Raiders even recruit Defensive players?

Boston College 24, GA Tech 13 - The new Tech off...ah, who gives a shit. It'll be boring.

USC 101, Bye-Week 2 - Men of Troy roll on

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday Evening QB...

Even as a Georgia fan, I'm glad USC is now #1. They looked murderously dominant on Staurday and the best team should be on top. Now, should ESPN have put Ohio State above us...?

Oh well, at least USC will solve this problem. After a week of resting, they'll be ready to defeat their enemies, see them driven before them, ride the gelding and rape the women of Ohio State.

As for Georgia, if we keep losing starters none of this will matter. We'll obviously need good lines to beat Bama and SoCar, Tennessee always wakes up against us, and then there's the rest of the SEC (like F'n UF). Not to mention how easy it would be for Georgia to go out west, pull a Tennessee and drop one to the Devils. We need to get our shit straight, quick.

Tennessee will recover like they always do. Maybe. I just can't figure out why they didn't run the ball more, instead opting for 'straight outa Crompton' to pass the ball on every fucking down. Poor coordinating. Don't blame the kicker when the coach puts him in that spot.

Alabama will cool off around mid-season. SI's ready to crown them now, but after they lose to LSU and Ole Miss, they'll fall back down the polls. Only to slide back up after they finally beat Auburn.

Clemson will bounce back. They can't look that bad all season and the schedule only gets easier. I see an 8-9 win season.

Warning: Utah better focus. They might have beaten Michigan, but UNLV will upset them if they stay on cloud 9 too long.

BYU better not let lowly Washington stay close. If they're going to be BCS-busters, they need to beat BCS teams; especially shitty ones, like the Huskies.

Speaking of the MWC, are they better than the ACC? I think so. I'd even probably think about sliding the WAC past them.

Ole Miss will beat eventual ACC champ Wake Forest this week.

On that note, we now have the "Wild Rebel" offense in Oxford. I think I'd prefer to call it the "McCluster-Fuck" Offense after the pure athleticism of Dexter McCluster. Thanks to DeepSouthSports for that one!

LSU will have their hurricane-soaked hands full with Troy for the better part of the game Saturday. That 24-point spread's a bit large for my taste.

Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas will roll.

Bonus: South Carolina fans are REAL classy.

P.S. - Let's hope all the parachutists get their directions right next week. If those guys had landed at a sold out SEC game, we would have had a thousand self appointed "anti-terrorism deputies" pulling out their throw downs and conceal-and-carries, blasting into the autumn sky.