Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Catching Up

Well, things have been pretty dead around here the last few months, but now I've got some extra time on my hands, summer workouts are starting, and we're about to go full-tilt preseason. Before we get into any camp reports, conference blasts, or preseason picks, though, I'd like to catch up on a few things.

1. Tressel Out. This has been everywhere the last two days. I wanted to wait until the SI piece hit to do anything with it, but I don't feel there's enough substantiated in the article to really hit the program. 28 players received free tattoos since 2002, a few cars may or may not have been made a little too easily available, weed, and a tattoo parlor owner who just got charged with money laundering and drug trafficking. Oh, and Tyrelle Pryor is the subject of as second, independent NCAA investigation. If any of the big stuff gets confirmed, the program could be hit USC-style, but for now, it might just be the Buckeyes vacating some wins. If anything, the piece was an indictment of Tressel's character. Time and time again, he used ignorance as a defense to avoid any wrong doing in his program, stretching back to his Youngstown State days.
UPDATE: Apparently, none of this swirling maelstrom of scandal and rumor has hit home with TP, yet. How else do you explain him showing up to a team meeting last night in another new car? Even if it's legit (which, judging by past reports, it's not) why even take the chance and stir the pot even more.
2. Garcia Back In. I, for one, am shocked by this. /sarcasm.

3. That coach in GA who went 6-7. Paul Johnson has made it clear he does not support oversigning.And why would he? I imagine it's hard to hit that total with quality recruits when you're in direct competition with the SEC. That said, last season's win total isn't the only thing he and Richt have in common. Richt's been cast opposite Nick Saban in the SEC blogosphere lately as an opponent of over signing. But both GA coaches still support gray shirting. 

4. Party in the WVU. Dana Holgorsen likes to party. Everyone thought the drunken casino ejection was bad, but forgivable; especially after the contrition he showed. But now at least six more incidents have been made public. From casinos to golf courses and race tracks, Holgorsen has made the rounds of the wild and wonderful rec spots WV has to offer - and been tossed from all of them. Maybe WVU shouldn't start selling alcohol in the stadium just yet...

5. Academic Progress Rate. This is not quite the same as taking a four year average, instead using year-by-year numbers. But, Richt's numbers for 2009-10 are impressive:

This, and the fact he sold a $2 million lake house so he could donate more to charity really makes you want to pull for the guy.

6. Phil Steele. This year's Phil Steele will be out soon, and rumor is he's picked Auburn last in the SEC West. That seems a bit surprising to me. They did lose the Battering Cam, but does that mean the Tigers should drop from National Champs to last in their own division? I mean, c'mon, they can at least beat Ole Miss...can't they?

7. CWS. Georgia earned an invitation to the Corvallis, OR regional.  They'll be in the pool with Oregon State, Creighton, and Ark-Pine Bluff. The 2,000 mile trip is not the best hand dealt out by the seedings, but Georgia's record isn't exactly great.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ja'Juan Story likes to, um, loosen up before a big game.

My new favorite Florida Gator, Ja'Juan Story, was interviewed today by the Gator Country fanblog. When asked about pre-game rituals, he gave a very honest answer: "Well, I take a doodoo." That's the first time I remember actually reading the word "doodoo" on a cfb blog. It does get a little better.

Q: That’s your FAVORITE pregame ritual?

A: Well, that’s the only thing I do. That’s one thing I have to do before every game, or I won’t feel energy, and I’ll just feel slow. When I do I just feel light on my feet and everything, and I feel faster, so that’s what I do.

Q: You know I’m going to write this in a story right?

A: Well, I mean, that’s what it is.
I doodoo and then listen to Katy Perry.
Katy Perry? Man, this shit just gets better and better.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dynasty Update: The Book

We all enjoyed tracking the glorious career of the man who is arguably the greatest man to coach the game of college football, Ace Journeyman. The details got a little hazy after that second Georgia national title, but there was certainly glory between the hedges after the updates died...including the legendary back-to-back-to-back BCS titles in the 2040's. He won over 300 games, approached double digit national titles, helmed fifteen perfect seasons, and owned every conference in which he coached. He's a legend, a born-winner, a fighter, and a champion...but he's also a man. And now, it's time for the man to write his memoirs.And the first step? The title, of course. So, inspired by this EDSBS post, here are some possible titles for Ace Journeyman's biography.

You're suggestions are welcome in the comments.

1. The Journey - it's a play on the subject's name and it's succinct...too succinct, so it probably needs a long, bogged down sub title, like "one man's lifelong passion for a game and glory" or some thing lame like that.Too bad Ace is a secular humanist; there won't be enough Bible-beating to really live up to suck a vague title.

2. Once and Future Bulldog - This one plays to the home crowd. Focusing mainly on the Ace's playing days in Athens and his triumphant return as head coach, this book would fly off the shelves in Georgia and lend itself to lackluster appearances at Touchdown Clubs, Barnes and Nobles, and Borders across the southeast.

3. Bourbon and Bulldogs - This would have to be a tell all, including the rough and rowdy personal life of everybody's favorite football coach. Included would be the three-day bender Journeyman took before coaching against his beloved Bulldogs back in his Michigan days.

4. Win Forever...But for Real, Because I Didn't Fuck Over My Program and Escape to a Shitty NFL Job in Seattle - Because fuck Pete Carroll, that's why.

5. I Won at EASTERN MICHIGAN. You're Point is Invalid - Because, seriously, winning at E. Michigan was probably the hardest thing Ace did.

6. Seriously, Eastern Michigan - Seriously, have you ever actually seen how bad that program is?

7. Better than Bo - This one focuses on the days in Ann Arbor and really pissing on a legend. Sure, you can argue Bo would still be the best coach in Michigan history, but he doesn't hold a career candle to the man, Ace J.

8. All I Do Is Win - With help from D.J. Khaled. Forward by Charlie Sheen.

9. Fuck You. - This book is one page. It lists Ace's career record and includes a killer daiquiri recipe. It flies off the shelves.

10. Bear Who?

Honorable Mention: Ace in the Hole: The Sexual Conquests of the World's Greatest Coach.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ealey to Transfer.

I really hope Isaiah Crowell lives up to the hype. Not that Washaun Ealey ever lived up to his  hype, but at least he had experience. But, with Ealey being granted a transfer this afternoon, that already questionable running back corp gets shakier. The perfect things for us would be if Crowell comes in and rips it up as a freshman, puts all this weak RB play in the rear-view, and churns turf all the way to double digit wins. But, I remember our last great hope from Carver, Columbus - maybe you've heard of him, Japser Sanks? So, don't color me confident that we won't feel Washaun's loss this season. As for Ealey, where will he go? Message boards are lighting up with Georgia Southern rumors. But, with a granted transfer, he can play FBS ball, so why drop down? To be close to home? If that's the answer, then good riddance - if you never outgrew middle-GA, then you should've never came to play in the classic city. Oh well, if he does head to Statesboro, I guess we'll see him in 2012.

It Doesn't Take a Barnhart

Thanks, Tony, for the update: Apparently, South Carolina is close to reinstating Stephen Garcia. Can you blame them? Well, yes, actually, you can easily criticize the decision - but I can see why they'd feel better about their chances with super surf brah in the garnet and black than playing somewhere else.