Wednesday, February 15, 2012

With a name like Tanner Brock... know he's: a) Texan b) a football player c) specifically, a linebacker or quarterback and d) on or selling drugs (link form edsbs). The star Horned Frog was just one of four TCU players netted in an anti-drug sting operation that led to 17 overall arrests. From Doc Saturday:
"The arrests were the result of a six-month investigation by the Fort Worth police department and campus police after students and several parents had called into the authorities with tips.
According to TCU Chief of Police Steve McGee, the drugs being sold were marijuana, cocaine, the club drug "molly" (some in powder form, some in pill form), acid and prescription drugs including Xanex, hydrocodone and others similar to OxyContin. They were sold to undercover officers, among others, during hand-to-hand transactions."
 Well done, Tanner. See, this is how you celebrate stepping up to the big time; as soon as your new BCS conference schedule's announced, you lose four players to drug charges. We call it the Miami dichotomy. I can't wait to see how the Frogs blow up the Fulmer Cup standings.

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