Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nicely Put.

If you don't read EDSBS's Spencer Hall's weekly 'The Alphabetical' over at SBNation, then you're an idiot. Sorry to be so blunt, but if you love cfb, then you should also love EDSBS and Spencer/Orson. Anyway, while lamenting the final chapter of what we know will likely unfold this season, Spencer summed up the last five years thus:
"E is for Endpoint. So where, if anywhere, is this leading? The same place we usually end up in college football: nowhere. Consider, if you will, how carefully we edit endings to make them anything like sense.
  • 2005: Two undefeateds! And one dead Sooners team in the swamps of Miami.
  • 2006: Florida sneaks in to be walloped by an undefeated Ohio State! And the Big Ten's been cringing ever since.
  • 2007: A two-loss LSU team wins. We're still not really sure how this happened besides saying "Les Miles," and then making laser noises while waving our hands like a magician.
  • 2008: Another Oklahoma'ing, this time by Florida.
  • 2009: Alabama just sort of sits on Texas until they cough up a piece of Colt McCoy's shoulder and a win. Hey, remember Garrett Gilbert playing really well in relief? Neither do we, but it happened.
  • 2010: Oregon quits on a victory by one unpursued tackle on Auburn's Michael Dyer. TO THE WHISTLE, BOYS. ALWAYS TO THE WHISTLE."
Fantastic. Sometimes we forget how easily some of these BCS title games could have turned. And sometimes we forget that Florida wasn't "supposed" to be in that '06 game and Michigan "was." Then the Gators blasted the Bucks 41-14....while Big Blue got rolled by USC. I love that BCS title game; it was the dawning of the era of the SEC. And, if my Bulldogs play their cards (and dice, and battleship pieces, and brass knuckles) right, they could be the champions of a league that will claim six BCS champs in-a-row.

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