Monday, December 5, 2011

Wrap-Up and Monday Night QB

There's not much to say about the SEC CG. The first half was great - unexpectedly so, with some great coaching calls - but the Dawgs still made their typical mistakes: dropped passes, poor blocking, missed field goals, and bad kick coverage. So, even with the defense holding the mighty Tigers to 30 yards and no first downs, Georgia only led 10-7 at the half. I didn't get to watch the second half - can you believe there are some people for whom college football is not the center of the universe? - but did listen to it on the way out of town to dinner. And, honestly, I'm glad I didn't see it fall apart. LSU is so ruthlessly efficient when it comes to finishing a team off and I probably would have burned my friends' house down had I seen the pick-six coup de gras. Instead, I read it on gametrax while stuffing my face with fired catfish. That certainly helped some. It's hard to be too upset, though, and we saw a lot to make us feel good for next year. Now it's time to focus on getting ready for Sparty down in Tampa on Jan. 2.

As for the rest of the games, my attention was pretty hit or miss (seriously, who are these people who plan social outings during BIG GAMES?!). I was too drunk Friday night to really remember much of the second half of the PAC-12 game. Then I was hungover for the early games Saturday and gone for most of the first half of the night games. So, while I could write you a review of Bonner's Triple B Restaurant, I'll just re-visit my weekly picks and look to see just where I went wrong...

1. Prediction: West Virginia 30, SoFla 23; Actual score: 30-27. Not too bad here. It was a pretty tough game to really get into, especially considering it was competing with Community, Parks and Rec, The Office, It's Always Sunny, and The League.

2. Prediction: Northern Illinois 38, Ohio 34; Actual score: 23-20. I remeber not one minute of this game.

3. Prediction: Oregon 49, UCLA 10; Actual score: 49-31. I at least got the Ducks' score right. After the impotent showing the Bruins gave against USC, I didn't see them scoring. Granted, one TD came very late and I was already very inebriated.
4. Prediction: Houston 31, So. Miss 21; Actual Score: SoMiss, 49-28. UPSET. And I must confess, i napped through most of it.

5. Prediction: Texas 29, Baylor 27; Actual score: Baylor, 48-24. Only saw a little of this before the SEC CG started. But I do think this game locked up my Heisman vote for RGIII.

6. Prediction: LSU 34, Georgia 17; Actual score: 42-10 - see above.
7. Prediction: Oklahoma 34, OK State 26; Actual score: OK State, 44-10. In my fucking face. I saw the second half and was surprised to see the run game be the truly deciding factor for a team featuring Wheedon and Blackmon. The Sooners looked absolutely flat and pathetic and State took advantage of every careless moment. Too bad the Pokes couldn't keep that lead in Ames three weeks ago...

8. Prediction: VA Tech 27, Clemson 24; Actual score: Clemson, 38-10. - In my face, again. I didn't watch as much of this as I did Bedlam and the B1G CG. Too bad it didn't mean anything...the Hokies got a better bowl out of the ass-whooping. It's a fact: in the BCS era, Sugar>Orange.

9. Wisconsin 34, Michigan State 20; Actual score: 42-29 - I Gametrax'd the first half at dinner because there was a Michigan State fan out with us (Once again, who are these people? A Georgia fan and a Sparty fan missing conference championship games? For dinner? People eat dinner every day, for christ's sake). It looked bad early, but State turned some things around in the second corner and missed most of it on the road back home. The second half was good, but I'm now I'm a little scared of Michigan State heading into the Outback Bowl and I wonder if Oregon has a plan to keep Montee Ball out of the endzone.

So, I predicted terribly, coming in at 4-5. Too bad there's only one game to pick for this weekend...the season flies by so quickly. On a more serious note, I was happy to miss a little football and celebrate with an old friend - had a great time, too!

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