Monday, February 28, 2011

It Could Be Another LOOOONG Season

Georgia has a strong baseball program, among the most stable in the SEC, but there have certainly been some down stretches. And, judging by the Diamond Dawgs 2012 so far, we're in the middle of another one. Last season, Georgia only won 16 games. Sixteen! That's awful, especially for a team only 2 years removed from the CWS finals. Well, this season's not looking any better, folks. The Dawgs are 2-5, which includes being swept by Stetson and a mess of errors and unearned runs against Baylor. Let's hope we can take the game with Furman Wednesday, because the looming weekend home stand with Florida State does not look good...

Oh, well. I did a good job of keeping up with basketball this season, Dawgs and Hawks both, and hope to do the same with baseball. Granted, it's way harder for me to keep up with baseball once we hit game 700, but I'm gonna try. I'm even hoping to get to a Braves game or three this summer, and of course, there's no excuse not to see the Diamond Dawgs; I live five blocks from Foley Field.

And, just to keep the mood alive, here's a video someone made of John Fogerty's "Centerfield" playing over clips from baseball movies:

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