Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Signing Day's Eve

Tomorrow is singing day, ladies and gentlemen. Some of you will hit up Blind Pig or Buffalo's, maybe take the shuttles to Butts-Mehre, and generally revel in the celebration of glorifying teenagers' egos. But, most of us will just go to work and sneak peaks at cellphones or recruiting sites, hoping that our programs got who they were going after; actually, most will just wait and see when we get home later. See, despite what anyone tells you, tomorrow is more hype than anything - just ask a Georgia fan. We are a top-ten recruiting program over the last decade and what have we gotten out of it? Nothing. That said, I do hope we get our big targets. Isaiah Crowell and Kent Turene are the key guys to look for tomorrow and Johnathon Jenkins is waiting until Saturday. There's also still a very slim outside shot at getting Gabriel Wright, too, but it's doubtful. Honestly, if we land Crowell, we'll all feel better and think we've accomplished something. But will it matter? We need results on the field. Period.

Oh, well. Enjoy it, folks. It's Signing Day and then the Super Bowl and then that's it until the Draft. Honestly, I think Bulldog nation will be very disappointed tomorrow; I think Crowell signs with 'Bama, Turene balks, and Wright's a non-issue. Maybe we can wrap the class up with Jenkins on Saturday, but missing out on the over-hyped Crowell will certainly put a damper on all that 'Dream Team' drivel.
UPDATE: Here's the best announcement timeline I can give you right now:
Jeoffrey Pagan: 9:00
Antonio Richardson and Kent Turene: 10:00
Isaiah Crowell - 1:30 (I would assume Wright will announce then, too, but that will probably better news for Auburn fans)
Oh yeah, at least we got another spot open today. Logan Gray won't be here next season. Instead, he'll be transferring somewhere closer to his family after he graduates in May. He'll work on a Master's while he plays his final season of eligibility, likely at a small school in Missouri or Illinois.

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