Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sign on the Line Which is Dotted.

Isaiah Crowell will be a Bulldog. Jeoffrey Pagan and Antonio Richardson will not. Kent Turene will. Johnathon Jenkins will let us know Saturday. Beyond these big names who were waiting to announce today, Georgia's class comes in as expected. No big verbals flip-flopped, no big names swung our way. I guess the closest call we had was Turene, who walked in to the gym in a Texas tech hat then switched out to a UGA one. But, our biggest signee put on the biggest show. Crowell, wearing a crimson tie to throw off the audience, brought out a live bulldog puppy after signing his LoI. Awesome. More later...


  1. and i like the shout out to glengarry.

    "what's your name?"
    "fuck you. that's my name."