Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mainly on the Plains

Man, even with winning a BCS Title, Auburn can't seem to catch a break. The Newton scandal specter haunted the program all season, a few Tigers celebrated the off-season with an armed robbery that broke the Fulmer Cup, and now Real Sports is airing a special exposing some serious pay-to-play accusations. So, let's run down the standard defenses: nothing has been proven about Cam, everybody's got a few bad apples, and the p2p was so long ago, nobody cares anymore. Christ. You may as well throw in "Y'all just hatin'." As a amtter of fact, someone did; from an Auburn fan in the comments: “Why defend it or worry about. Statute of Limitations is 7 yrs, soo suck it you tree killing Updykes! Nothing can nor will be done about anything that happened all those years ago. Have fun choking out our National Championship that will not be vacated.” War Eagle, baby. There's also a nice "Auburn's not the only school doing this" comment that references Ohio State. Well, duh. We know it's probably happening everywhere, but it sure seems to happen more in some places...
UPDATE: After looking into this special a bit more, it seems that these former Auburn players are going to dime out a few more schools, too. They mention Michigan State and Ohio State in the linked transcript, but there apparently will be a few more mentioned in tonight's special. Part of me hopes Georgia gets mentioned, albeit a very small part. I mean, nobody wants their program to be in trouble, but it seems lately even our recruiting violations are boring. We landed Crowell, a highly touted, much sought recruit and everyone was thinking there had to be a violation somewhere. And there was. We had him line up in formation in the indoor arena. Yawn. We even break the rules Richt-like. And I know we won the Fulmer Cup last year, but it was steady, constant effort; petty crime after misdemeanor - you know, the fundamentals. We had none of the flash and flair of Auburn's 80-point armed-robbery extravaganza.

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