Monday, March 7, 2011

Tressel Knew?

According to a breaking report, yes. Supposedly, Tressell knew about his players selling memorabelia way back in April...a full eight months before suspensions were levied. Remember when AD Gene Smith said  everybody just found out about the illegal sales in December? Well, that might all be bullshit. And, if it's true that Tressel did know and didn't do anything about it then, it could mean a whole mess of problems for the vest:
"If Tressel failed to inform Smith or the Ohio State compliance department about the players’ dealings with Rife, he could be charged with multiple NCAA violations including unethical conduct, failure to monitor and a failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance. In general, a coach is required to act on, or pass along reasonable information about possible rule violations for further investigation.
Section 4.1(d) of Tressel’s contract with Ohio State stipulates that he “supervise and take appropriate steps to ensure … members of the Team know, recognize and comply with any such laws, University Rules and Governing Athletic Rules and immediately report to the (Athletic) Director and to the (Athletic) Department’s Office of Compliance Services in writing if any person or entity, including without limitation, representatives of Ohio State’s athletic interests, has violated or is likely to violate any such laws, University Rules and Governing Athletic Rules.”

Section 5.1 (m) of his contract also states that failure to promptly report “any violations” could lead to “termination by Ohio State for cause.”

Ohio State itself could be cited with playing ineligible players and forced to vacate its 2010 season, when it won a share of the Big Ten championship and finished 12-1. It could also face further sanctions for major infractions."
Throw this in with all the suspicion surrounding the cars Terrelle Pryor's been driving, and this could be a rough off-season in Columbus. Well, at least he finally beat an SEC school.
Saw this nugget quoted from an Ohio State message board: "Jim Tressel should just say they informed his DAD but he never knew anything about it." Awesome. (h/t smartfootball)

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