Monday, March 21, 2011

Maybe It Shouldn't Happen.

I'm going to piggy-back off of the Senator's peice from today here:

I have gone back and forth on my support of mid majors over the years. I love a good upset or Cinderella story, pulling for Boise against Oklahoma in '07 and having to be the voice of inclusions in most debates I have on the subject. But, I think I'm done with it now - or at least ready for some new players. I'm tired of Boise State and TCU; I pulled for VA Tech to begin the season and Wisky to end it. I was thrilled when Nevada beat the Broncos....and, oddly enough, would have cheered for Nevada against a big boy. So, why the 'Pack but not Boise? I guess because Nevada's new. Give me somebody new to sheer for, please. We've been behind Boise for 5 or 6 years and gotten nowhere. Let the Pack give it a shot. TCU? Yesterday's news. It's like Fresno State: boring. Let's see Idaho or San Diego State make a run and knock ff a big boy - or a UAB or Troy. Hey, it could happen. Especially when we consider what it takes to get there.

If you get the a key player or two and a coach who can recruit and exploit three star talent, you only have two-maybe three-tough teams to beat in any given season. Last year, Boise had to beat Virginia Tech and then survive and they were considered in. Next year, Boise plays only one BCS team: Georgia. And while UGA is a solid program, they're certainly in a funk. TCU? They play Baylor...and that's it. Here are Five BCS Busters the Orlando Sentinel says to watch for: BS, TCU, BYU, Tulsa, and Nevada. They play 8 BCS teams...combined. BCS teams play 8 BCS opponents each. Let's say these teams are legit. Boise plays three of them. Add that to the date with Georgia and that's still only four high caliber games. Big whoop. As Blutarsky points out, "compared to the gauntlet that a school like Florida has to run (playing the other MNCs from the past five years back-to-back-to-back), that seems a little light." That's right, Florida plays Alabama, LSU, and Auburn all in a row. What do those teams have in common? They've all won BCS titles during the SEC's 5-year run. Who won the other two? Florida. But they still will get less consideration than any of the mid-majors listed above.Compare that to Boise State's murderers row of Toledo, Tulsa, and Nevada.

Of course we know why Florida won't get the consideration. Talent lost, new head coach, new offensive system, etc. But what if Muschamp got to lead the Gators against this schedule? Suddenly, Georgia becomes their hardest game and we know how that rivalry's played out in the last two decades. So, beat the Dawgs and ride out the cake walk all the way t the BCS title game. See? It's all schedule. And, if a mid-major can get to the big game with that salte, maybe it just shouldn't happen after all.

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  1. I am in full agreement. I love an upset but could use a few new upsetters. Also, you (and the Senator) bring some good scheduling points to that recently-born, seemingly eternal mid-major argument.