Monday, May 9, 2011

Ealey to Transfer.

I really hope Isaiah Crowell lives up to the hype. Not that Washaun Ealey ever lived up to his  hype, but at least he had experience. But, with Ealey being granted a transfer this afternoon, that already questionable running back corp gets shakier. The perfect things for us would be if Crowell comes in and rips it up as a freshman, puts all this weak RB play in the rear-view, and churns turf all the way to double digit wins. But, I remember our last great hope from Carver, Columbus - maybe you've heard of him, Japser Sanks? So, don't color me confident that we won't feel Washaun's loss this season. As for Ealey, where will he go? Message boards are lighting up with Georgia Southern rumors. But, with a granted transfer, he can play FBS ball, so why drop down? To be close to home? If that's the answer, then good riddance - if you never outgrew middle-GA, then you should've never came to play in the classic city. Oh well, if he does head to Statesboro, I guess we'll see him in 2012.

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