Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Couldn't Work for Spurrier

According to Josh Kendall, a South Carolina sports writer, Steve Spurrier made some olff the cuff comments about his unwritten criteria for members of his coaching staff. Kendall released some of the key criteria in a series of tweets today and after reading them, I realized Steve Spurrier would never hire me.

"Asked Steve Spurrier criteria for hiring asst. coach. Second on list: "non-smokers" Why? "Because it's stupid. Smoking is stupid."

"In addition to looking for non-smokers, Steve Spurrier says he doesn't want "fat, sloppy guys" as assistant coaches."

"Sorry no link yet but Spurrier story also details why he likes married coaches more than single ones. You'll like that one, too."
Well, that knocks a fat, unmarried smoke like me right out of the running. He may as well throw-in "unmotivated" and "binge drinking" as detractors, too. And before you start telling me that my actual football knowledge and experience would have washed me out way sooner than my personal characteristics,  I'll direct you to the on-field success of one Ace Journeyman. Your loss, Steve.

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  1. You also forgot to mention "Georgia Football Fan."