Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Signing Day's Eve

Tomorrow is the first signing day under the new cap for the SEC...but it hasn't really seemed to hurt the most serious violators Saban has talked solid recruits from out of state to ostensibly gray shirt and sit out a year waiting to play in T-town. While not a technical, official signing letter gray shirt, it'll have the same effect if the kid sits out and refuses to play anywhere else.  LSU - not a serial cap hog, but always a recruiting powerhouse - has seemed unfazed, winning recruiting battles against everyone around them. Who's hurting as we look ahead to tomorrow? Who do you think? Georgia. The Dawgs' haul is average at best and we don't look to be on the cusp of any upsets tomorrow. Remember when we won ten games in a row? Well, so do a handful of two and three star recruits. Remember losing to Boise, SoCar, LSU, and Michigan State? Well, so do a bunch of four and five star players. There's still hope for a couple big fish, though. Jaquay Williams from Sandy Creek will announce around 8:30 am and there's still an outside shot he'll pick the in-state Dawgs. And, we still have hope for the state's best recruit, Josh Harvey-Clemons. Rumors out of Valdosta today are that the Clemons family was spotted buying red and black streamers at Party City this afternoon...that could be very good news. He'll make his announcement at 9:15 and could really help move this class up to the next level. There's also time to flip the commitment of Josh Dawson from Nashville to Athens, but don't hold your breath.

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