Sunday, January 22, 2012

R.I.P Joe Paterno

I'm not sure what to even say. Paterno is an icon; a symbol of everything that college football was and is. But now, his entire image is tainted. Anyone discerning person with a conscience will forever affix a figurative asterisk to everything the man ever did, and, in the end, that will be JoePa's legacy. Did he have an amazing career and almost single-handedly bring Penn State - not just the football program but the entire university - to prominence? Yes. Will we ever forget the Sandusky scandal and what someone we once thought a great man did? Absolutely not. Either way, the black shoes are finally hung-up forever and college football has lost one of its most dominant presences. So, rest in peace, Joe; my thoughts are with your family and I hope the university you loved so much recovers, as does this whole sport, of which you were such an important part.


  1. I love the pic that accompanies your post. Goes very well with what you had to say. And I couldn't have said it better.

  2. We do not know what was said to Joe Pa behind closed doors! So anyone who states he should have done more needs to speak to his bosses before they say ill things about Joe! We may never know what Joe was told but I stand by him-he is still one of my heros!