Monday, January 31, 2011

Isaiah Crowell = Jasper Sanks?

I think we all remember Jasper Sanks...though most of us wish we didn't. Fewer of us probably remember that Georgia passed up on a soon-to-be great player in order to court Sanks during the recruiting season: Jamal Lewis. Ever heard of him? Yeah, I thought so - the All-America Team, the National Title, the great NFL career, etc. Anyway, I'm going to be very honest here - and maybe even burst a few bubbles - Crowell is probably not going to sign with Georgia. Why should he?* And, once that happens, what's our backup plan? We haven't made a push for any other top-5 in-state back:
"The next best backs in the state are generally thought to be Marcus Caffey of Grady and Josh Clemons of Whitewater. Both are currently committed to Kentucky. Many have wondered if one or the other may represent a backup plan for the Dogs."
Pushing for Crowell while ignoring other guys could come back to bite us, much like eschewing Lewis for Sanks did. Said Caffey's coach at Grady, Ronnie Millen:

“As far as I know — and I’ve talked to Georgia and Mark Richt extensively — they haven’t even discussed Caffey. I think they may have talked to  Damian about him a little. But as far as I’m concerned he’s never really been on their radar...I haven’t seen Crowell play but I don’t know how anybody could be much better than my guy. It may be one of those Jasper Sanks-Jamal Lewis things.”
God, I hope not. Insult to injury.
* Reverse psychology here. I hope he sings and I think will...might...maybe...probably not. BTW, did a similar piece on why Crowell should pick UGA.

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  1. I had a class w/ Jasper Sanks. He came in late every day and went to sleep...but it was still kind of awesome.