Sunday, November 6, 2011

Everybody Scores!


Smith, Harton, Bennett, Boykin, Conley, Charles, White, Karempelis, and McGowan. All nine of these guys scored a TD yesterday against New Mexico State. There's really not much more to say about Georgia's win. Overall, I'm pleased with the way we dispatched an outmatched foe in a money game, even with a completely depleted running back corps. We were able to establish our backups' backups in the running game and had two quarterbacks find rhythms against the Aggie D (Murray tossed five TD's, Mason one). Defensively, we did give up almost 100 yards to Kenny Turner, but most of those came in the second half. Sure, there were some sloppy moments, but not enough to draw any honest complaints.

More importantly, South Carolina came up short on the road against Arkansas, putting us alone on top of the SEC East. I'm realistic to know that this is like winning a competition to get kicked in the balls - especially after watching the LSU-Bama game last night - but true competitors want a chance at the best and we might get it. We just have to take care of Auburn and Kentucky first. The Wildcats seem manageable, but I have no clue about this Auburn match-up.

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