Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Top-25

A firm grasp on the number one ranking is at stake in Tuscaloosa this Saturday when LSU and Alabama finally face-off. Beyond that, everything else is still a bit of a mess, though it's a contained clutter through the top-7 or so. Right now, Oklahoma State gets the nod over Stanford for the three spot, but it's a razor thin margin. Next, it my be sacrilege to some, but I do have a handful of one-lossers ahead of undefeated Boise State. Those one-lossers are ranked by this logic: I think Oregon could beat Oklahoma and Oklahoma could beat Clemson. I'm sorry, Broncos, but you get less and less impressive with your late season cavalcade of cheese-dick opponents. Two SEC teams with a big date of their own this weekend round out the top-10. Note: I am NOT comfortable with having either of these teams this high.

After that, it's just a Jackson Pollack-esque splattering of chaos. Yes, that is Nebraska ranked so high. Yes, I do remember them getting blasted by Wisky, but that was before the Badgers got double Hail Mary'd. Michigan State retains an inflated spot, mainly by necessity. Arizona State refuses to go away and Penn State is slowly creeping up the poll, one 3-point win at a time. Kansas State plummets after finally being exposed, but with their resume, they're still a top-20 team. Texas Tech is gone, baby, gone after that shit show at Iowa State, though - big win over OU or not. Undefeated Houston and Case Kennum's magic touchdown laser round out the top-20.

21-25 is just a holding ground. I'm still not ranking Cincy or So.Miss. I'm not that impressed with Georgia, even with the Cocktail Party win, though Auburn is slowly coming back around to my football consciousness. Like the Tigers, West Virginia re-emerges with a conference win. Georgia Tech gets back in it by knocking off a cocky Clemson team and Washington hangs around by virtue of their only two losses being to top-15 teams. Texas A&M has been knocked out for now, but remains on the cusp should any of these hangers-on topple off anytime soon.

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