Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Running Backs Suspended

UPDATE: From Team Speed Kills: "ESPN is reporting that the actual cause of the suspension was the three of them failing a drug test last week. It doesn't say what kind of drug they tested positive for, not that it really matters, but a one-game suspension for a first failed test is the standard policy for UGA."

If it was a drug test, then maybe I was a little too harsh earlier; especially if it's an LSU-style synth-marijuana bust. I mean, I know rules are rules and these kids are dumbasses for breaking very clear-cut guidelines, but I find it hard to judge college aged kids for doing college-aged - and beyond - things. They should definitely sit out a game as per S.O.P, but I'll tone down my earlier judgement a bit...for now.


Three running backs - Isaiah Crowell, Carlton Thomas, and Ken Malcome - have all been suspended for this week's game against New Mexico State. When asked what the suspensions are being served for, Richt would only reply, "They didn't do things the Georgia way." I'm guessing they haven't been doing things the proper way for a while now, if that one quarter suspension Crowell served against Vandy is any indicator. But, you know what, though? If they fuck up, sit 'em, and if they keep fucking up, cut 'em. I can't stand to have shit heads on my team, period. Other teams can sign these guys and play out dream seasons admist the controversy, but I don't want any part of it. Would it hurt to lose these guys, Crowell, especially? Yes. Does that mean it's OK to do things in a shady way? Absolutely not. Of course, I'm definitely in the minority here, and I know it.

Specifically, I'm very concerned about Crowell, now. I've heard he's quite the prima donna; spending the summer showing up late for or missing whole practices, focusing on himself more than the team around him, and just generally being a douchebag. If one suspension didn't snap him out of it, chances are this one won't either. We might need to think of life without the talented freshman as a real possibility. But, for this week, with Thomas and Malcome out and Richard Samuels hurt, who's going to run the ball? My guess is we'll see a lot of Smith and Boykin on offense come Saturday, because I'm assuming we're not confident turning the entire workload to Brandon Harton. What I hope is that this little suspension is what these kids need to straighten up and fly right; what I know is, these kids better wake up, and soon, or they'll be gone.

Of course, I'm sure they can always find a home out in the SEC West.

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