Monday, June 6, 2011

BCS Strips USC of '04 Title

Cue the chorus of Auburn fans, demanding the title that they think is rightfully theirs. The Tigers went 14-0 in 2004, but were left out of the BCS title game in favor of Oklahoma and USC. The Trojans drilled the Sooners, and were crowned both AP and BCS champs, but many were left wondering 'what if' about a Auburn-USC match-up. Now we have to wonder who rightfully deserves the '04 crown, as today, the BCS decided to strip SoCal of the title. And wonder is all we can do, because they won't be awarding it to another program.

What's not in doubt: Oklahoma's ineptitude in that game.
UPDATE: It's not that big of a surprise, apparently. USC AD Pat Haden said, "This was not an  unexpected outcome."
This all stems from Reggie Bush being ineligible for receiving illegal/improper benefits during his playing career. USC will not have to return anything, however, as any payments received form the game would have been conference payouts and as such, un-returnable. The BCS can't repo the crystal football, since it's an award from the Coaches Poll association. So what's the point? Not sure. Obviously it's a symbolic gesture to chastise the program, but maybe it's also a warning to other schools. Oddly enough, in this age of heightened sensitivity to improper benefits, we might see Auburn at the center of another one of these storms in a few years. If more probing into Cam Newton reveals anything down the line, the Tigers could be facing a similar stripping. Then I guess TCU would be clamoring for re-consideration...

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