Monday, June 27, 2011

CFB-themed Beers - Yes, Please.

I've seen links to Sweetwater's new Dank Tank at GTP and EDSBS the past couple days and figured, 'what the hell,' and decided to share it here as well. Overall, I'm not a big fan of Sweetwater and I think Terrapin s THE Georgia brewery, but this is still funny. And I'm glad to see them breaking out beyond middle-school sex jokes for their beer names.

While we're on the topic, let's not forget Battlin' Bulldog Beer.

This is from an eBay listing.
Let's see, what other cfb-themed beverage should be made?

Nick Saban's Napleon's Imperial Stout

JoePa's Miracle Cure, Cocoa Extract, and Olde-Timey Tincture

Les Miles Clock Management Turf Ale

Dana Holgo's Five-Alarm Watermelon and Bourbon Energy Drink, now with more Bourbon!

Mark Richt's Unsweet Iced Tea (with Splenda, but not too much, thank you. Be Blessed)

Chip Kelly's Pale Ale. The 47 different bottle/label combos really make it special. The problem is it's 2 years old and costs $25,000.


  1. That was awesome! How about Trooper Taylor's: Helicopter Helles lager.

  2. Nice beers. Paul Johnson's India Pale Imperial Stout Lager is hard to categorize.