Thursday, June 2, 2011

On Strange Ground

This was announced way back on April 1st, but I had honestly forgotten about it. But now, it's actually being done, like, in real life. Hey man, do what you gotta do, go Bears.

The concept:

What's been seen so far:

A lot of folks have been bashing this - WL even called it a "300-foot awful looking polo shirt." But it's the same way they bashed Eastern Washington and have been bitchin' about Boise State for years. I say go for it. I mean, I don't want Georgia to try it - or anyone in the SEC for that matter (OK, maybe Vandy could get a pass) - but if it creates some attention for small schools, more power to them.

UPDATE: Here's one the gets the black endzone:

And, for the sticklers, here's some info on the NCAA's rules about turf.* Apparently, there's been some flack/myths/lies/complaints brewing since Boise did it back in the day.
"The most prevalent myth is that the NCAA subsequently banned playing surface colors other than green, but allowed Bronco Stadium's field to remain blue under a grandfather clause. In reality, the NCAA has never adopted such a rule. Any school may color its playing surface (or any part, mainly the end zones) any color it wishes. Indeed, other schools have non-green football fields including the University of New Haven (blue) and Eastern Washington (red)."
Here's New Haven:

* and if you don't like/don't trust/think you're too good for Wikipedia, than this is certainly not the site for you.

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