Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Dynasty is a Multiverse.

It is almost time reboot the Ace Journeyman saga for the 2012 edition of EA Sports' NCAA Football video game. The digital dynasty has been scrapped, rebooted, retcon'd, and redone more than the X-Men universe, with a new edition for every game, but one things has remained the same: Journeyman has built his career from the ground up. He's began his career at Western Kentucky, Idaho, and Eastern Michigan (truly painful), and now we have a good indicator where the next one will begin. Behold: The complete 120 team rankings from NCAA '12. Coming at 120 and likely new home for the Ace? Akron. That's right, Zips, get ready for a turn around!

Alabama and Oklahoma are the only overall A+ teams. Michigan and Miami are rated A's overall, but come in ranked 33 and 34, respectively. Auburn is the highest rated B+ at #12. Interestingly enough, Ohio State is an 'A' overall and ranked 6th...maybe we can get a network patch for that a week after game release. Or maybe EA thinks very highly of Bauserman. Georgia comes in as a B+ and ranked 27th; their week one opponent, Boise State, is an overall A ranked 8th. How many UGA fans are going to take out their 6-7 frustration and fight for some non-existent electronic redemption by pounding the Broncos in the few weeks between the game's release and the actual game in the dome? I know of at least one.

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