Friday, June 24, 2011

Craig James: Conservative Douche*

Craig James obviously wants a political career, judging by the video below. Now, my values are no where near in line with those touted as "true Texas values." /begin rant: As a matter of fact, the whole video uses all the conservative cover words that have been around for generations to hold corporations less accountable, push banks and interests over the people, war monger, dismiss basic civil liberties to minorities and women, deny science, push religion on everyone, and generally run the country down. Fuck all that noise. it's 2011, let's act like it. And since I disagree, of course I'll be more likely to resent this. I also don't care for Texas/Texans in the general sense. I mean, individuals shouldn't be judged by their origins, but the pervasive mind set out of the lone star state is a little ridiculous. I mean, their sitting governor is a secessionist who now wants to President of the country he wanted to secede from. That's fucking dumb. /end rant.

BTW, I thought James was a douche long before his political stripes were made so clear. Side-note: I wonder how many votes he'll get out of Lubbock?

A Vision Unveiled from Texans for a Better America on Vimeo.


* And, yes, I understand that I am a liberal douche for this post.