Monday, October 31, 2011

It's the Little Things, Sometimes.

Confession: I'm notoriously bad at college football pick 'em and that hasn't changed much this season. In fact, one week, my confidence points went completely unsaved in all three pick 'em leagues in which I participate. That's the last time I try that 'import picks' trick, since all three leagues have different games slated for us to pick. Anyway, apparently, the stars aligned just the right way this weekend and I actually took first place for the week in TeamSpeedKills' league. For my impressive - and very, very lucky - performance, I've won a gift certificate to This really isn't that impressive, but I've felt like I was sleep walking on another continent all day today and this little shot of good news has helped brighten things up a little bit. Now for some cold beer and a scary movie...Happy Halloween, everybody!

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