Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dawgs - Wolverines: No Go

Aroo called me yesterday with the rumor that Georgia and Michigan were working towards setting up a home-and-home series starting at Ann Arbor in 2010. Apparently, the rumor started in an on-campus Michigan paper and spiraled out of control. This series would be awesome - and I've always had a soft spot for Big Blue - but it is VERY unlikely to happen. The first concern is that we're already going to Boulder that year. We have to play the return game with the Buffs in the series that started here in '06. Outside of that, with the neutral site Cocktail Party, UGA loses a home game opportunity every other year. That means we have to get all the home games we can and Damon Evans knows it. We will never - nor should we - play a mere five home games. Not only that, but the 2011 dance card is already full, so we'd have to do some serious finagling to work in this series.

Pretty much everybody, on both sides, is shooting this down now. Not because it wouldn't be awesome, but because it's just not going to happen...not that soon, anyway. Oh well, there's always a nice New Year's Day Florida Bowl Showdown possibility.

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