Thursday, July 30, 2009

Preseason Top-25

1. Florida - While I think the Gators are easily the most talented team, I could see them stumbling somewhere in the SEC and being left out while 2 undefeated teams play for the BCS Title. But, we must have faith, and who better to have faith in than Tebow-christ?

2. Texas - I like the 'Horns to run the table, despite the challenges (RRR) or traps (A&M).

3. Ohio State - I've already predicted them to beat both USC and Penn I guess that means that they'll be the ones left out. But after '06-'07, will anyone be surprised?

4. Oklahoma - Oklahoma is a top-5 team, no doubt. Too bad for them Texas is in the top-2.

5. USC - Even with a loss in Columbus, the Trojans will be competing for the national title. The question is, will they keep the ship right in the conference?

6. Penn State - If they beat Ohio State, the Lions could be playing for a a national title...which seems unfair given their schedule.

7. Alabama - Remember, I audibled on the SEC West yesterday and changed to Bama to win. Behind that great D, the Tide should get 10 wins and a division title.

8. Cal - Here it is, the first real sketch call. Can any other team start, play through, and finish strong in the PAC-10 besides USC? If any team can, it's the Bears.

9. Rutgers - With a schedule easier than some 5-A Texas High schools, the Knights have only themselves to watch out for as the season wears on. DO NOT BE SURPRISED if Rutgers is undefeated at season's end...then they'll lose to VA Tech in another boring installment of the Orange Bowl.

10.Boise State - If they beat Oregon they could be higher and playing after New Year's in Tempe. If they lose to Oregon, they'll have one-loss and be relegated to Hawai'i, but keep a top-10 ranking.

11.VA Tech - 10-3, ACC Champs, Orange Bowl...once the bowls are over people will forget the turd the Hokies lay in ATL to start the season.

12.Notre Dame - I HATE this. The Irish barely have top-25 talent, but if they get to 9-3 - which they will - the voters will keep them in the top-12 and ND will get to be outmatched by yet another BCS bowl opponent.

13.LSU - The key to success here? Jordan Jefferson. If he clicks, than the Tigers will roll and mark my words: They will beat Bama, Georgia or Florida.

14.TCU - By far the most talented non-BCS team. If they get through at least 1 of their BCS foes (most likely Virginia), they cruise to a MWC title and a top-15 ranking.

15.Georgia - I see 9-3 and a bowl win either in the CFA or a New year's Day bowl. I'll go ahead and say they beat both Oklahoma State and GA Tech...maybe.

16.Oklahoma State - Who can compete with Texas and Oklahoma right now? No the Pokes, for sure. They'll lose those 2 games, UGA and have another slip-up somewhere.

17.Ole Miss - Just you watch. Snead I'll give you, but are Nutt and the McCluster-Fuck offense enough to compete realistically for a BCS Title? Or, even an SEC title? I mean, how much of that Florida game last year was Ole Miss' talent and how much was really just Florida laying an egg? The Gators won the National Title and Ole Miss notched losses against Vandy and Wake Forrest. You tell me.

18.Georgia Tech - I know this seems very low, but follow me here. Can Tech compete for the ACC Title? Absolutely. But, it's still GA Tech, so they probably won't. I can see losses coming against Virginia Tech, at Virginia, a split with Miami and UNC and then a season-ender against Georgia. Even if they get the monkey off their back and win at UVA, that would still be a 9-3 season with a late loss that voters will remember. Add that in with Tech's recent bowl streak and, voila!, you get number 18.

19.Nebraska - Winning the North - yes. Winning the B-12? Not yet.

20. Michigan State - Don't sleep on Dantonio. Sparty's gotten better under his watch and I like his chances here. If the in-state sleeping giant keeps snoozing, then they could become a powerful program.

21. Florida State - The Seminoles still have everything they need to be a just never seems falls into place quite right anymore. Recruiting, QB play, coaching and the reemergence of Florida have all been bad, but the door's still ajar. With the right chemistry and, for lack of a better word, focus, FSU can get back to where they were. This could be just the year they need...

22. Illinois - Zook + scrambling QB = 8-4.

23. Pitt - Why not?

24. Miami - Ditto + athletic players and solid D.

25. Clemson - obligatory.


  1. I like it. Trying to find anything that I would do differently and I am stumped. Good job Mr. Prognosticater.

  2. Thanks...I figured I catch flak mainly from Ole Miss/GA Tech supporters.

  3. Awesome. I do think Cal may be a questionable pick, but we'll see.

  4. It sickens me to think that Notre Dame is going to be in a BCS bowl again. Look at their schedule. It is terrible.