Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From All Over: Tweeting a Jamocha Shake

1. Dan Mullen just tweeted this: "Arbys on the way home. What a day." Here's my question: Would anyone working at an Arby's drive through in B-Ham recognize him? I'm guessing no.

Dan Mullen, perhaps the least recognized coach in the SEC.

2. The Mountain West is also having their media days this week. Who knew? But, they might be looking to expand to 10 teams, including a maneuver to cat-burglar Boise State out of the WAC.

3. Speaking of Boise State, the Broncos are looking to beef up their non-conference slate by agreeing to play Virginia Tech in DC to open the 2010 season. Cheers to both teams involved for creating fun match-ups.

4. The McCluster-Fuck charms the ladies down in Ole Mississip (h/t Doc Sat.):

This clip's creepy in a VERY exploitative way. He's a football player, not a stripper, ladies. See those old women jumping at the chance to undress him? That's somebody's mom. Possibly yours. Loser.

5. I wonder if Paul Finebaum will finally describe what Nick Saban's junk tastes like at this year's media days...

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