Wednesday, July 1, 2009

UPDATE - Defending Johnson's Modern Triple Option

I updated the GA-GA Tech piece from yesterday with some info I saw at a Navy blog (h/t Blutarsky). Check it out:

Here's the blog. So, Willie Martinez learned to defend the option attack from Dave Wannstedt, who coordinated the 'Canes D in blowout wins over Nebraska and Oklahoma 20 years ago. Here's the problem: Paul Johnson has thrown in more wrinkles and can match wits with any DC. Coach M. cannot rest on the ol' Backbone D of the eighties to stop Tech. He has to adapt and counter more effectively - and efficiently - to win. Another problem? (And this is a purely personal, gut-feeling): Playing in an offensive system like the flexbone/trip.ot. can be a bit boring at times. There's a lot of formulaic assignments to learn and execute, which can lead to unexcited players. Unexcited players lead to mediocre play and that's what we saw several times from GA Tech last season. What really sucks about this though is that they will ALWAYS be more excited to play us then we will be to play them. That's just how it is.

Oh yeah, and the bad tackling; It's being out-coached and arm tackling. This line sums it up best:
"The A-back blocking the safety, plus some bad tackling on Georgia’s part, also led to Tech’s last touchdown." True, true.


  1. Dude. "Sometimes boring to play in"...?

    That's all you've got? REALLY?!

    25 plus plays of over 20 yards? In the first year the offense is installed? Yeah. SUCKS to be them.

    Every player in every system has to learn to do the "boring" stuff. Receivers have to learn to block, running backs have to pick up the blitz and block... and so on. I think you're confusing the flexbone with the power running of the wishbone?


  2. M,

    I'm not confusing the two...but it looked like several DC's did this past season! But seriously, I've been in awe of Johnson's offense - I thought I made it clear in all the posts I've done on it - and don't mean the boring comment as an insult. It's just one way to describe some of the lackluster play we saw at times.

    And, yes, I understand the very basic concept of "Every player in every system has to learn to do the "boring" stuff." But players lose focus and sort of zone out. Everyone on every team is guilty of it. The main point there was the follow up comparing each team's "get up" for that particular game.