Sunday, August 30, 2009

Personal Polls, Week 2

Punch In the Face Poll: Who's cruising for a bruising this week?

5. The Black Eyed Peas - My anger has subsided a bit. I was going to leave them out altogether this week, but then I heard the "I Gotta Feeling" song (btw that's, like, half the fucking song's lyrics right there) and felt the urge to keep them around.

4. HBO - I'm new to the show, but last week's barley 40 minute True Blood was a rip-off. That, and stop filling airtime with shitty movies and dare to show more reruns of your best shows. Cycle through seasons of Six Feet Under, Oz, The Sopranos, etc. Will that many people be upset that they didn't get to see Maniac Cop 3 six times in one week?

3. Wachovia - They received a list of debit cards that had possibly been compromised in June and my card was on it. To protect me, Wachovia mailed me a letter and a new debit card, then deactivated the possibly compromised, older card. Nice, huh? Well, card security/ delivery and billing have separate records. So, while my statements come to my address, my letter and card went to a place I lived 3 fucking years ago. What does that mean? They left me a month and a half window to transition into the new card that I didn't have before closing it down, so I spent a night having my card denied everywhere I went, unable to order online and then rejected from the ATM before I could get someone on the phone to explain what happened. Now I have a instant issue card that's only good for ATM"s while I wait on another new card to come to my correct address. Fuck them.

2. Myself - I still haven't seen Inglourious Basterds. What a douche...

1. Sarah Palin - I was going to forgive and forget and move onto more contemporary things, but she deserves my hate for one more least until football starts. I hate this woman and what she represents and people who think she's a quality candidate. So, I guess this is a punch by proxy to half the faces in the country...sorry, guys.

Didn't quite make the card: Charter Communications (your day's coming); People who embrace "free choice" when it come to denying public health care, but ignore free choice when it comes to sex, marriage, drugs, abortion or even buying alcohol on certain days - fucking hypocrites; Teenagers (I guess I'm officially old); People telling me where I should have ranked things on these lists (fuck you; This is my poll, make your own.)


THE POWER POLL: Things putting Pep in my Step this week.

1. Football Season! -
We're sooo close...'Pack and 'Cocks (sounds like a gay bar) Thursday night!

2. Last Week's No Reservations -
Jim Harrison and Bourdain...good times. Not to mention that this allows me to include JH twice, because number 3 is...

3. Jim Harrison -
I just finished his Memoir, Off to the Side, and it's convinced me that if you haven't read any of his work, than you deserve sincere consideration for the Punch in the Face list. I can't say enough about him or his work. If you appreciate the quaintness of the country or the bustle of the city, if you're drawn to great literature or simply good stories, if you're sure of who are or are still finding yourself, if you drink, eat, and be merry or melancholy, are seeking an answer or a time killer, if you like Tom Mcguane or Jack Nicholson you need to read Harrison.

4. R&R -
I didn't do much this weekend, but I feel well rested for the first time in weeks. I should honestly do it more often, but I have a weakness for binge drinking.

5. Bill Moyer -
We need more like him.

6. Genghis Khan - No particular reason and how are you going to argue about the man who conquered more of the world than even Alexander?

7. My Job - Even with all the extra shit we're being forced to do right now, not to mention the pay cuts, things are going smoothly and I'm...dare I say it?...enjoying it!

8. Hypocritical Pick of the Week: HBO - I know I put them on the punch list above, but I have to admit that I'm enjoying Sunday night television again. Usually the time between Big Love is crap, but I'm converted to True Blood, digging Hung, and Entourage is back. Not to mention Curb is right around the corner...

9. Publix - I popped in here after my drama filled trip to the bank Saturday, and MAN! is it nicer than Kroger. Samples, courtesy, no college students, cleanliness...everything but self checkout. Honestly, Publix, get some self-checkout. It's not the cashier's business how much fried chicken I'm about to inhale.

10. Football Season - 2X, mofos!

ALMOST: The Pogues' The Body of an American; The Falcons' late TD last night; A true frosh QB at USC; Mediocre cop movies;

I honestly don't know if these rankings will be back next week with football finally coming back. So, if not, thanks for coming along on this ride!

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  1. I miss the east side Publix in Athens and its wonderful self-checkout. Neither Publix in Conyers has self-checkout, and they're modeled after old Winn-Dixies, I think (blech).