Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Doldrums of Summer Camp and ESPN's New Plan

Soooo...what are we going to talk about for the next 30 days? Football's so close, yet so SUPER far away, I haven't read any blog-worthy books lately, and The Hangover is still the best movie I've seen this summer. Work has started back full-time, so now I'm all real-world, workin' man Jones, molding the future and such, leaving little time for anything else. Politics and religion are pretty much off limits, so, I've got nothin'.

Oh well, until I think of anything to write here, you should go to ESPN and check out the new-Gordon Gekko Division mock draft and conference realignment. It's not a bad idea: scale the bowl subdivision down to 40 teams split into 4 super conferences with the winners seeded into a playoff. The other 80 teams in the FBS drop into a new, lower subdivision, The Tom Joad league. After each season, the 5 worst of the Gekko teams get demoted and the best of the Joads get to play with the big boys. Yesterday, Maisel, Forde and Schlabach drafted the top-40 in a mock draft and today the conferences were unveiled. It's a lot of fun and a great way to kill time until the real season starts.

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