Sunday, August 23, 2009

Polls and Rankings

The AP poll came out this weekend, the coaches poll hit two weeks ago and we've seen preseason top-25's all summer long. It's easy to burn out on all these polls, so I figured I'd mix it up a bit and write 2 lists to cap the week. One's a top-5 people I'd like to punch, man or woman (we're equal opp here at FTS), and the other list is a Power Poll of random things I'm really digging right now. Enjoy...

First, people I'd like to punch right in the face:

5. Nancy Grace - She hasn't done anything recently, but I saw an old highlight of her attacking a lawyer in the Duke rape case. She had those guys guilty and strung up before any evidence was presented and lambasted the defense attorney for defending his clients. Turns out there was NO evidence and the case was dropped. It's called justice, Nancy. How do you still have a show?

4. Any Birther - God, some of us are SO fucking stupid.

3. Glenn Beck - At least he's finally paying a small price for his right-wing douchebaggery.

2. The Black-Eyed Peas - How is that music? You're just saying the same thing over and over again.

And, who's number one in the face-punching poll?

1. Sarah Palin - Death Panels? Christ she's awful. She's an irresponsible leader and citizen, a hypocrite, and needs to actually look up the definition of the word "quit."

Others considered: Hipsters, Michael Moore, UGA students downtown for the first weekend of the school year

The Power Poll

So, we've covered the bad, but what's good? Here are the things that are high on my list after this week.

1. Megan Fox - Duh.

2. Preseason Football - We're getting very close...

3. That dog that saved that dude's life - She's like Lassie.

4. The bartenders at Allgood/Yassin the cab driver - Thanks for the weekend drinks and rides!

5. This Movie Idea - SWEET!

6. Bacardi Dragonberry - Do something with it!

7. EA Sports' Madden 10 - The online franchise is moving right along.

8. Curb Your Enthusiasm reruns - HBO Comedy everyday at 7:30.

9. Taquiera Del Sol - Skip the line, sit at the bar, and use the rear exit.

10. Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations is cruising through a new season, and I'm hooked.

Others considered: My Subway renaissance, EDSBS, So I Married an Axe-Murderer, Jim Harrison


  1. hope all is well in athens. i like your "people i'd like to punch" list. also, if you ever get back up here, i have a buddy who works with Bourdain.

  2. AWESOME post! I, too, have had a Subway Renaissance lately. I actually had an Italian BMT for the first time in a decade the other day. Woot!

  3. You're also dead-on with regard to the face-punching. Some of the nonsense and foolishness is getting out of hand.

    I'd add to that list FOX Television. How do they STILL not know how to market great shows, for which an extensive list could be produced?

    Just a great post. Good job.

  4. I think that numbers 9 and 10 need to move closer to the top of the list. Also, Anthony Bourdain's wife reads my blog.