Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thoughts on the Coaches Poll

Oregon and Oregon State...but no Arizona schools? I think this reeks of shallow thought and lack of analysis. They just looked at the Pac-10 and picked a couple regulars to fill out their forms. And who all do they see Cal losing to?

Bama, LSU and Ole Miss all in the top-10: I'll give you 2, but 3 teams from the same division, in the toughest conference, is just not going to happen. They drank the Kool-Aid on Ole Miss but not enough to pick them first or second in their own division? Well played, guys.

Mtn. West Love - It's a bit out of hand, now isn't it? 3 teams form a non-BCS conference? While Utah, BYU and TCU are all very good teams, they won't all finish ranked. Last year was a fluke with the Utes perfect run. In fact, looking ahead, I see Utah losing to both BYU and TCU, most likely resulting in their ejection from the rankings.

Speaking of...the MWC. So, we have 3 teams from the MWC and none from the Big East? Are the coaches promising that when Rutgers is 11-1 after their mighty schedule, they'll refuse to rank them? I'd be fine with that, but we all know that's not happening. Does this also mean that the coaches are supporting the inclusion of the MWC over the Big East in the BCS formula? It certainly looks like it here.

23? Who are they kidding with Notre Dame this low? The Irish play a Rutgers-esque schedule and will go 9-3 or 10-2. No way the coaches don't have the Irish in the top-10 with that record, touting them for a BCS berth.

Others receiving votes - Someone had Troy at 25 and Larry Blakeney isn't a voter. Strong.

And lastly, who filled out Spurrier's ballot?

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  1. Well said my friend! GD ND, I hope they lose to Army. You are dead on with the observations, nothing much to add. Oh wait, go Dawgs...GT can suck it.