Thursday, December 9, 2010

Awards Night!

In what is the precursor to this weekend's Heisman ceremony, most of the awards went to the right people. Peterson for the Thorpe was a no brainier. Next, as questionably dirty as he is, Nick Fairley was a dominant DT and there's no foul in him winning the Lombardi. I'm mainly so laid back about Fairley's win because I'm so thrilled that Da'Quan Bowers won the Nagurski. I feel Bowers has been more dominant than Fairley, but Fairley benefited from the high profile of an undefeated season; in the end, the results are least for these defensive awards. I do think the Home Depot Coach of the Year Award should have gone to someone who actually succeeded this season with his coaching. Nothing against Gene Chizik as a coach - he's a capable guy - but we ALL know why Auburn's undefeated, and it ain't Chizik. Hell, it's not even all Malzahn*; it's Cam Newton. And while Newton deserves every award he got - and will hopefully get Saturday night - handing Chizik the COTY is a bad call. I'd give it to Kelly or Dantonio first. Offensively, beyond what Newton won (Camp, O'Brien) the right calls were made. LaMichael James (Walker), Justin Blackmon (Billetnikoff), and D.J. Williams (Mackey) were all deserving of their awards. Now it's just 'wait and see' until Saturday night, and I hope the voters do the right thing - regardless of whether or not they think Newton did.
* Make no mistake here, though: Guz Malzahn Deserved with a capital-D his Broyles Award.

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