Sunday, December 26, 2010

"He hated all the religious and commercial aspects of Christmas."

I saw this clip on KTL yesterday, and it got me to thinking.

 FESTIVUS. The best of all of this season's holidays - yes, Fox News, there are other holidays this season - and the inspiration for my airing of 2010 grievances:

5. The NCAA: C'mon guys, let's codify some rules here. A.J. Green, 4 games. Marcell Dareus, 2 games, Cam Newton, nothing, T.Pry and the other Buckeyes, still get to play in the Sugar Bowl, etc. Now, I know the investigation came up clear on Newton and, honestly, they probably made the right call so as not to punish an innocent (relatively) program, but pay-for-play seems way more serious than college student selling their own possessions (Didn't Pony Exce$$ teach us anything?). And, sure Mark May sounded borderline crazy the other day when he tee'd off on the NCAA, but doesn't some small part of you think he's right? Or, rather, do you think some small part of his argument was right? You just don't feel like you've got your shit together, NCAA.

4. The Big East: Jesus, you're terrible. Your best team record was 9-3 and your champion is only 8-4. The fact you get an automatic bid to the BCS seems ridiculous. Good thing you drew "Big Game" Bob; if any coach can lose to UConn, it's him.

3. OK, one non-football one: The right wing: Seriously, fuck you guys. Tax cuts for the wealthy are more important than health care for 9/11 responders? Fox News, the "War on Christmas"conspiracy, the ground-zero "mosque" "controversy", fear-mongering, racism, ignorance, Sarah Palin, Gretchen and her moron friends, etc. All idiots, dangerous idiots. And that's just the tip of the ice berg, but this isn't the place.

2. Georgia's O-line: A combined 155 starts coming into this season. You were supposed to be the rock, the dependable unit, the thing we could rely while Aaron Murray found his footing. Instead, you blocked like a sieve and made sure we could never establish a running game. Individually, you're extremely talented, as a whole, you were extremely disappointing. You know what happens when the line plays down? RB's feel like they have to do it all, which results in turnovers - sound familiar (SoCar, MissSt., Colorado)? Or, your QB takes big hits, cheap shots, and cannot establish a rhythm.

1. The ugliness of the sport we love: Forty-something Todd Grantham making choking motions at a 19 year old kid; Cecil Newton; agents swimming around these athletes like blood-frenzied sharks; college football players demanding that they need more to live on than other college students/athletes; fanbases detached from reality, SEC schools in-particular; reporters releasing confidential information about a player just to get a story; the gang-style beat downs surrounding USC-UCLA; the fact Mike Leach will have another job soon; underhanded boosters; academic cheating for pampered players; dirt-road alum stirring the pot with stupidity; Ralph Friedgen being forced out; the Kyle Brotzman Sucks FB page; firing reporters over hats; cheap hits and no-calls; the BYU alum fixing the Cougars' game against San Diego State; the list goes on and on. It's almost enough to force the conscientious side of me to leave the sport behind forever...almost.

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