Sunday, December 12, 2010

Malzahn to Vandy and Golden to Miami.

UPDATE: Malzahn has turned down Vanderbilt.

Guz Malzahn has decided to take the Vanderbilt job...and I'm not really sure why. I mean, I know why - the supposed $3 million offer. But, beyond that, there's no other reward for being the head man in Nashville. Maybe his gimmicky offense can do more with the talent the 'Dores have in stock, but that seems like a stretch. Also, it looks like Miami is ready to make an official announcement naming Al Golden as their new boss-man. I think Golden is a great coach, but I'm not sure he can do what the folks in Coral Gables want. And that's aimed more at the expectations of the Hurricanes' fan base than Golden's shortcomings.

So, what do we have so far? Let's take a look:
  • Texas DC Will Muschamp replaces retiring Urban Meyer at Florida. In tow is another former 'Horn, Major Applewhite, to act as OC. No real word on who will lead the D back in Austin. One rumor I saw today is Randy Shannon.
  • Guz Malzahn has (edit: most likely - update: scratch all this) left stayed at Auburn for the Vandy job vacated by Cladwell two weeks ago. We don't know when he's going, and an early departure could cost the Tigers in the BCS Title game. Since this isn't official, there's not been much in the way of new OC rumors on the Plains.
  • Al Golden is leaving Temple to replace Randy Shannon in Miami. Shannon has no new job yet - but rumors abound. As far as who will take the Temple job, nobody really cares. Just kidding, a few people care. But let's face it, it won't be a big name or a guy from a big program, and that's who steals the headlines during the peak hours of coaching carousel operation.
  •  Oh yeah, Jerry Kill's the new man at Minnesota. But, we knew that last week and it doesn't really affect anything...unless somebody flips the fuck out and give Tim Brewster a big time job.

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  1. If Malzahn stays (as ESPN is reporting), why doesn't Vandy look at Mike Leach? Do they not think they can land him? IF (big if) they can offer Malzahn $3 mill, they could certainly put together enough booty for the Pirate King.