Monday, December 6, 2010

Really Early Leans

The BCS Rankings have been released, the bowls have made their picks, and the schedule is set for holiday-season football. Here are a few early leans on some of the key match-ups, taking into account lopsided match-ups or who is let-down or disappointed by their slot and thus likely to play terribly.

First up, the awful Big-XII-PAC-10 match-ups. Two top-tier, ten-win B12 teams have been match against mid-tier PAC-10 teams with 7- and 6-wins respectively. With Stanford getting an at-large bid, the Pac-pool is fairly shallow, which equals unbalanced games against better teams:

Alamo: OK State 31, Arizona 17
Holiday: Nebraska 41, Washington 20

Out of loyalty, let's take a look at all the SEC match-ups:

Compass: Kentucky 31, Pitt 17
Liberty: Georgia 27, UCF 21
Chick-Fil-A: Depends on if Ponder plays or not.
Outback: Penn State 28, Florida 27
Capital One: Alabama 37, Michigan State 24
Gator: Mississippi State 41, Michigan 34

Cotton: LSU 31, Texas A&M 30

The BCS Bowls:

Rose: Wisconsin 31, TCU 21
Fiesta: Oklahoma 41, UConn 17
Orange: Stanford 27, VA Tech 24
Sugar: Ohio State 24, Arkansas 23
BCS Title: Auburn 48, Oregon 36

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