Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Never Going Back Again"

Here are the latest ideas floating around in the coaching rumor-sphere:
  • James Franklin is going to Vanderbilt....or...James Franklin is going to Pitt. Either way, the "in-waiting" spot will be open in College Park.
  • Bill Stewart is retiring after the bowl game. That would leave both Backyard Brawl Rivals looking for head coaches.Update: Dana Holgorsen is going to Morgantown. Only, he's going to remain an OC and serve 2011 under Stewart who is now going to put off retirement until after next season. He turned down Pitt's HC to do this. Is this a good indicator of which job is better?
  • Major Applewhite is NOT headed to Florida. Kirby Smart still might be.Update: Smart would replace Teryl Austin, who is heading to Austin to replace whoever Texas' DC was.
  • Mike Leach wants a job.


  1. Do you think Leach deserves another job?

  2. I'm not sure. He's talented, in that gimmick-y offense that can win 9-10 games a season way, but if he;s installed with a great deal of fan fare and support for his other "methods" than he'll never learn his lesson. I'd especially want to stay away from him right now since he's in the middle of a protracted lawsuit against EPSN.

  3. I assume he has no chance of a job until the suit is settled. I think he should coach again & he will probably get a crack at a smaller school.

    He needs to stop wasting his money trying to take down the giants and work on trying to save his career.