Thursday, December 23, 2010

Saturnalia is Over. Merry Christmas!

 Well, the first holiday of my holiday "season" is over. And I don't really celebrate Saturnalia, but it always falls during the first week of my break from work, so it's a convenient excuse for all the drinking, over-eating, and general laying-about I do between the 17th and 23rd. By the way, despite what the pesky Bible-beaters tell you, Saturnalia is the real reason for the season; Jesus would have actually been born closer to April, but the Christians co-opted all the fun, old-school Roman celebrations. Not that I don't celebrate Christmas, too. Fuck, if their was good food and booze, I'd celebrate anything. The only problem with Christmas is now it feels like work; driving and socializing with people I have nothing in common with, forced get-togethers, etc. I think that's why I love the first week of winter break so much. Oh well, Io Saturnalia, bitches! I celebrated by blowing it out downtown Friday night, recovering through Sunday, using Bulldawg Delivery almost every day, finally hitting up The Beer Growler, and enjoying some choice brews. Now, on to the next holiday!

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