Thursday, September 3, 2009

The First Five Minutes

Here's what's jumped out at me the first few minutes of SoCar-NCSU:

1. Oh my god, it's finally time for college football! I cannot wait for the first home game here in ATH. The sights, sounds, smells; I'm jealous of the 'Pack faithful in Raliegh right now.

2. Jesse Palmer actually looks like an adult this season.

3. Good point, JP: Spurrier has won more in his first few seasons than any other coach at SoCar. To say the OBC has lost his touch seems like an extreme when you consider where he is and the shadows he lives in...including one particular giant shadow that he created down in Gainesville.

4. This Kenny Chesney song SUCKS. Who would've ever though I'd actually miss that lame Big&Rich shit.

5. Stephen Garcia's brothers played college Harvard?! Wow. If a friend of mine told me he saw or read this somewhere, I'd think he was lying, mistaken, or otherwise just full of shit. Seeing it on ESPN, though, makes it official. Talk about a black sheep. That kind of mediocre athleticism backed up with elitist, New England, party-boy antics might fly in the Ivy League, but here in the SEC...No wonder the boy lives with "a floating Matthew McConaughey on his shoulder at all times.".

6. Run-run-pass. Conservative, yet always in fashion; the little black dress of opening drives.

7. Fumble - not Garcia's fault. SoCar keeps. I'd love a few cold, mass-produced, shitty, lite beers right now. Now for the Richt-esque HB draw with a mile to go, and....punt.

8. FUMBLE LOST, NCSU. Let's see what the Cocks do here. Throw it?

9. Nope. Run-run-run, TD.

10. 7-0, SoCar. This first half is already higher scoring than last year's. I'm out, enjoy!

P.S. - This new song is awful. Yes, I know the old one sucked, too, but in a different, more charming way. Like a kid's artwork. Sure the drawing sucks, but they're kids. That, and the "coming to your city" hook was stuck in my head non-stop. This lame, time of your life crap Chesney's peddling will not the echoes wake on a hung over Saturday morning.


UPDATE: Erin Andrews is still hot. That is all.


UPDATE 2: 7-3. This game had some big defensive plays, and a TON of offensive ugliness. What does it mean? Not much, honestly. I've pegged both of these teams for improved seasons. Once they clean up a bit, they'll be fine. Hell, SoCar's next game is at Georgia and they always play the Dawgs close; that might be enough to push start them. As for the Pack, look for them to compete in the Atlantic Division.

Now, time for the Ducks on the Blue Turf of Boise!

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