Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


1. Jahvid Best - Holy smokes, this kid's a BEAST! Too bad the Heisman has become a QB only award the last few years. While he's by far the best back in the country, he won't generate enough hype to break the McCoy-Tebow stranglehold. Maybe if he played down in LA...

2. Rainy Autumn weekends - It was nice to just hang around the house, drink beer, watch football and sleep-in. No need to get out and about too much; no tailgating, downtown, parties, etc. Very relaxing.

3. Guns N' Fucking Roses!

4. Florida State - Thank You, Seminoles, for ending the hype that was BYU!

5. Joe Cox/Ryan Mallet: In a game bereft of defense, these QB's had field days. They combined for 800 pass yards and each threw 5 TD's. Cox tied for a school record and Mallet took Arkansas' outright. Now, this production seemed to have more to do with poor defensive play, but you work with what you're given. If I wasn't Georgia fan on the verge of a conniption fit, this game would have been fun to watch - like one of these newly fashionable Big-12 games.

6. Sunday Afternoon Naps - Moving up the poll...I'm nodding off as I type this.

7. Washington/Sarkisian/Jake Locker - I was happy to see the Huskies kock off USC. Not out of any hatred for USC, but it would be nice to see Washington rebuild. In fact, I hate the general anti-USC malaise that seems to linger around ignorant SEC fans like a bad fart - but more on that later. Congrats to a good young coach and his gutsy and athletic QB.

8. The Atlanta Falcons Old-School Unis - It's just half-time in the ATL-CAR game, so there won't be any NFL stuff in the polls today, but man, I do love the old uniforms!

9. Waffle House - Every few months or so I like to take a solo trip to Waffle House, in the middle of the day, drink coffee, grab an All-Star breakfast, and enjoy the leisurely environment. Now, this only works at a few key locations, as most of the ones in town are busier than others, or serving college kids and hipsters; that won't work. It has to have a more rural clientele for it to work for me. I don't know what it is...just an earthy, back to my roots thing: the smells and sounds; coffee, syrup, hot griddles and bacon, the clink of coffee spoons, waitress speak and old men complaining. It's a peaceful respite from more hectic times.

10. Jacory Harris - The Freshman phenom from Miami. He plays poised and collected, yet still somehow at light-speed. He's a key reason for Miami's 2-0 start, and fits into Whipple's system perfectly. Keep your eye on him...

The Aaron Giachetti "Not My First Choice" Honorable Mention:
Richard Samuels 80 yard TD run; WOW! Wingery; Del the Funky Homosapien; Carrabas for Sunday Lunch; Jittery Joe's Coffee

The Bad: People I'd Like to Punch in the Face

5. ESPN Family of Networks - Why are you bumping Georgia-Arizona State to ESPN U?

4. People who support Paul Broun - Fuck You. You know there are books in the world that don't have pictures and aren't the Bible. Go read one!

3. Paul Broun - He's getting dangerously close to the number one spot again. My problem? He refuses to meet with a group of his constituents and he is a racist, a hypocrite and an overall embarrassment.

2. Ignorant Football Fans - Do me a favor and just stay home, please. You ruin everyone's good time around you - but are to stupid or self absorbed to realize it. Great Example: Anti-USC sentiment in SEC country. I love my team, and by default, support their conference. But part of me wants USC to play, and crush, half the SEC just to shut-up the idiots. They are not overrated, jackhole, just rebuilding. Yes, I pulled for U-Dub this weekend, but for their benefit, not some childish, jealousy-fueled hatred of USC. Another good one: Florida vs. Tennessee. But, I'd rather not get started on that one...On the whole, these people know very little about football, or understand athletic competition. But, they speak up like they've been around since the days of Knute Rockne.

1. These People - Stop trying to dumb down the entire country. Get your head out of your Bibles, look beyond your petty racism and fear of change, get informed and make a real decision. You're being duped and taking us all down the toilet with your crack-pot, fuck-tard rhetoric. Thanks for the link, KTL.

The Ugly:

The Defensive Play in UGA/Arkansas.

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  1. I can't even begin to describe the things I saw on that video. It was a collage of bad.

    The one lady who mentioned John Wayne certainly didn't realize that JW never went to war. But, that's redundant. She probably doesn't realize a lot of things.