Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekly Picks

8 games - here we go; The first week of FTS blog picks, accuracy not included:

Jean Short Jesus


(14) GA Tech at (20) Miami
- No clue. Fuck it, pass.


(10) Boise St. 41, Fresno St.13 - The Broncos roll. I almost picked them to pitch another shut out, because, caliber of competition aside, BSU looks like they're playing inspired football in '09. But, I figured why get greedy and spotted the left coast bulldogs a score or three.

(14) GA Tech at (20) Miami - Still Pass.


(8) Cal 34, Minnesota 26 - Jahvid Best and the Golden Bears will rack up yards and score points, but they better not snooze on the Golden Gophers. While Minnesota has not looked impressive against their less than quality opponents, a team like them can really do some damage when overlooked. Watch for the double G's to score early and often before Cal adjusts and pulls away.

Tennessee 19 at (1) Florida 49 - Do I take the points, or speculate on the wrath of Jean short Jesus dropping triple digits? Either way UF is winning...and in the end, I went out on a limb and picked Florida to cover...

(3) USC 37 at Washington 24 - Closer than the experts think. Remember, Sarkasian used to live in the belly of the beast. And, his Huskies took LSU to the wire (kinda, anyway). Look for some early upstart U-Dub scoring...and then the Trojan onslaught slamming the door shut.

(13) VA Tech 19, (19) Nebraska 17 - I like this being low scoring, close, and the home team winning. This is purely a gut reaction and no thought went into this, so, yeah, I'm probably way fucking off.

Oregon St. 27, (17) Cincy 23 - Will the Beavers end the Offensive Behemoth that is early '09 BearCat Ball? I'm saying yes...but I'm not sure why. Pike and Co. have looked great, and lord knows they'll score points. Not only that, but I think the Beavs are a bit untested and soft. But, I'm banking on a Big East team with a big head imploding in the face a BCS competition and a truly hostile crowd.

FSU 31, (7) BYU 20 - The 'Noles were looking ahead to this game last weekend and almost paid dearly to FCS Jax St. Not only that, but the Cougs looked unscathed by big-win hangovers, handling their business against Tulane. That could add up to big trouble in Provo for State. That said, I'm putting my faith in the bigger, better program to put the little guy back in his place. And god help us if the 'Noles fail...

(14) GA Tech at (20) Miami - Alright, FINE! I'll pick it. I'm holding out hope that this will continue the trend of exciting ACC games, and picking the 'Canes to pull it out, 31 - 27.

Those of you looking for me to pick UGA at Arkansas...look elsewhere. I have no educated guess and I'm scared to type what my gut's telling me. Let's leave it at that...


  1. Trivia question of the day: Of the 65 schools that play in the 6 BCS conferences, over the past 8 seasons 63 have beaten a top 20 team. Name the two who have not. One should be easy, the other will surprise you.

  2. come one joaj, we need to hear the news good or bad. that's why we come here. give us the prediction! your readers demand it!